Here's the deal. If you want to do drugs, go ahead, but remember, they're bad for you, so in order to protect you from your own stupidity, we're ordering you not to do them. If you still do them, we're gonna have to "protect" you by throwing you in prison, and maybe you'll thank us for this some day, and maybe if you do, we'll take your name off our list of bad people that shouldn't get jobs. We wouldn't want any of this stuff to happen to you, and I'm sure you wouldn't either, see?




J-PEG 5 years 20 weeks ago

How about a "War on Prescription Drugs". I have 4 in-laws so whacked on anti-depressant,anti-psycotic pharmaceuticuls that they can't even function.Now they are awaiting disability payments from tthe state for their "doctor prescribed" drug addiction.And it should be labled doctor induced,Pharma instigated.I know hundreds of "POT SMOKERS" who work everyday and pay taxes! End the war on marijuana.Start the war on PHARMACUTICAL DRUGS.Big Pharma doesn't pay taxes and smokers pay "court costs and fines." Tax the damn drug companies and leave the working class alone!

The Poor Poet's picture
The Poor Poet 5 years 17 weeks ago

India has known about the medicinal benefits of MJ for thousands of years and it's even in the Hindu scriptures, the Ayurveda. Now that's the kind of Bible I can use!

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