I watched the interview he did on Rachel Maddow, it was pretty unbelievable. However, I have to admit the topic was sort of interesting (in a freakish way), but I also see his candidacy as an excellent opportunity for us!

Something I wish Rachel had addressed was how Rand conflating this issue with freedom of speech plays right into this increasing trend towards empowering corporate personhood. He was essentially saying that private business' "abhorrent behavior" should be a free speech right, just as we protect the rights of white supremacists as a matter of not curbing free speech.

In another interview, I believe it was on NPR, he suggested that requiring private business to accommodate for wheelchair access for an employee could be better addressed by just putting the person's office on the 1st floor - as opposed to forcing a business to pay for elevators or whatever. Again, all about the "right" of private business to be unfettered by government.

What I'm trying to say is I think the press isn't getting at the root of his positions; in my opinion, all of his issues point to his being a giant mouthpiece for corporate personhood.ALL of his various issues are based on this increasing trend towards corporate personhood and his belief that the "rights" of private industry should trump the rights of individuals. As usual, the press is largely focused on the smaller more sensational or hot-button aspects instead, and he's pretty slick about the way he dances around his core too. I personally believe that due to the Citizens United ruling being disagreeable to over 75% of BOTH the Left & Right, if this was better exposed he wouldn't be gaining so much momentum - and obviously this could easily be a successful tactic employed by the Democrat running against him too.

So as disgusting as Rand is, I believe it is actually a timely discussion that we need to have nationally right now, as a means to stem this horrendous tide! We Progressives could seriously use this as an opportunity to expose the dangers of corporate personhood, IF we resolve to frame it that way and only point tothe more contencious aspects as a result of this horrendous root problem..


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