Let's just call it the way it is. The Republicans in Congress just want to repeal and ruin health insurance for the American people.


Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 25 weeks 3 days ago

It was ruined a long time ago by Wash DC politicians. Made worse by Obamacare.


CampsieNP's picture
CampsieNP 25 weeks 3 days ago

ACK....I went to that AMAC website to see what Thoms guest was talking about regarding the AMAC actions on destroying our health care. Now EVERY site I go to is plastered with banners trying to get me to join the right-wing AMAC. Uh, no.

jason13's picture
jason13 25 weeks 1 day ago

Liberals care so much that they're willing to put a gun to everyone's head and force them to buy. I guess love hurts.

humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 25 weeks 9 hours ago

They never did as its a "survival of the fittest mentality" . The world has to write a new cultural story ....nothing is seperate !! We Are All One .

The fit are only fit when the all are fit.

jason13's picture
jason13 24 weeks 6 days ago

If it was such a good thing then you wouldn't need force to inact it.

meemee's picture
meemee 24 weeks 5 days ago

Liberals, or the "We, the People" folks (that is, All are Equally Valued), recognize that there IS room for ALL of us to have legitimate, full healthcare that's already paid for by ALL of us, Minus the theft and graft of the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and their crony, fake politicians. WE even have healthcare for Y-O-U. Read the print: "for ALL." Yes, We Can.

jason13's picture
jason13 24 weeks 4 days ago

It amazes me how liberals justify force. There's no difference between them and religious right anymore... they both believe their cause it so just that it should trample over everyone else's rights. I will agree that the healthcare system has been broken for decades but this isn't the way to fix it.

rs allen 24 weeks 4 days ago

And....and....and what jason?

If everyone had the same rights to let's say dental care or to eye glasses if needed or perhaps even to just a general psychical exam yearly whose rights are lost? If we provide free health clinics for fully half of our population (women) then who is losing?

So jason where are all these rights being trampled if everyone has the same rights?

jason13's picture
jason13 24 weeks 1 day ago

Allen, when you force others to buy something against their will...you are trampling on their rights. I understand the liberal mentality that it's okay has long as it's for " the greater good" but, like it or not, you are only in charge of one life. Christians believe they are doing the greater good by opposing gay marriage.

rs allen 24 weeks 5 hours ago

You think I'm arguing for ACA?

And wth does christains have to do with it? No one is going to force them to marry anyone they don't want to.

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