The following I sent to Senator McCain. Can youtell me where are the real Christian Republicans? Jesus said "I'm my brothers keeper" not my brothers "Master". As a U.S. Senator you are the "keepers of the people of America", so why is it that the Conservatives of the Republican party besy kissing the boots of the "money changers"? Why is it that the Conservative Republicans choose to take away Grand Ma's retirement funds and medical coverage in order to give Billionaires more gold and silver? Remember Jesus is watching. As a "keeper of the American people" your actions should reflect those of someone who makes sure that the least among us have enough to live, stay healthy and do not have to beg for the basic's in life.


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Calperson 8 years 7 weeks ago

Whatever happened to the seperation of church and state. Does jesus really set National policy?

My representative is just that, he is not and never will be my "keeper".

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scriber1 8 years 7 weeks ago

Calperson, you are missing the point. Most Republicans, like McCain, rail against the right to a legal, safe abortion and gay marriage on religious grounds. The principal thesis here is that Republicans should be consistent. Jesus speaks to being your brother’s or fellow human being’s keeper. He speaks of feeding the poor and taking care of the least of us as how our worth is measured, not how well we can look out for “number one”

The purpose of “we the people” forming a society is so that we can pool our resources for the common good essentially being "our brother's keepers". In the earliest societies it was for protection against the unknown. We were our brother’s keepers. But let’s look at the argument of going it alone. You’re a rugged individualist right? So you don’t need the police or fire department to protect your person and property. You can load up that gun and put barbed wire around your house and keep it safe. How about for fires? Make sure you keep that bucket of water handy. How about drinking water? We have the EPA, paid for by our taxes to keep our drinking water safe and air a minimum of quality. But you can just fetch that water from the creek and boil it right? Don’t worry about feces and sediment. How about electricity? Those electric lines are maintained by taxes. But you can opt out. You can use candles. How about roads? You don’t need no stinking roads built and maintained by taxes, because if dirt trails and wagon trails were good enough in the 1800’s, they are good enough now right?

Look, we require vaccinations in this country to minimize and control the upsurge of disease. That is part of being our “brother’s keeper.” There are other things I could list but the point is we are a society. The brother’s keeper idea isn’t even necessarily a religious concept. It is what we, in this country, have lived by, that has kept us a modern and safe society; an icon of what developing nations aspire to. That was the point.

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