Republicans and Elites stand a WINDFALL in so many ways if illegal immigrant situation remains as is. As a former California resident for the past thirty years I’ve watched Community Hospitals close, Emergency Rooms shut down and the pods of hardworking Brown Men awaiting a job offer outside Home Depot grow to hundrede from tens. The Drywaller Union was busted using ‘scab’ labor (illegal aliens from Mexico and parts South) trucked up by the big builders of ugly Cul-De-Sac homes in the deserts. Republicans LOVE the second-class status they can use to debase salaries and displace United States workers. You cannot even get a job in California unless you are bi-lingual (Sp-Eng). I am bi-lingual but I took four years of French. Pick up the LA Times or go there on the web to the classifieds…no middle class jobs exist without Spanish in your back pocket and I am sorry, but this country has a history of English as it’s language. The Constitution of the U.S., Bill of Rights, State Constitutions and laws across the board are written in English (Americanized).

How do the Republicans and Elites Gain?

  1. Union Busting
  2. Illegals are afraid to file taxes so they get no tax returns – filling the coffers in D.C.
  3. Disposition of the middle and lower middle classes by language discrimination.
  4. DIVIDE and CONQUOR (while we are angry at the ‘illegals’ they slip crap like War Chests and $ Appropriations for never ending WAR).
  5. Cheap Nannies and Cheap Housekeepers
  6. Cheap labor i.e.…EXPLOITATION

I suggest we turn from Peach, White, Yellow and Black against Brown folks; and embrace them as Brothers and Sisters asking only that they try to learn English so we can all communicate. Then we can RAGE against Metropolis (see the movie).

STAND against a Government and news media that lies to us, twisting words and making for miss-perceptions of TRUTH. To fight for rights is a hard road made FAR more difficult when you cannot speak the language that is being used against us – the middle class. I invite all my Brown brothers and sisters to JOIN us. Learn American English so we can communicate and work TOGETHER to take back our Democracy here in the U.S.A. and maybe enough of us together can make your homes in the South safer for you by removing U.S. ‘hand-picked’ Presidents in Mexico who steal you blind – and poor while the U.S.A. blames you - the People.

Let’s all share in the dream that was once The United States of America.


Rodger97321's picture
Rodger97321 9 years 25 weeks ago

Yes, and more immediately, the increased commerce from all the people they've tricked into coming to their State to protest and/or cover their conveniently manufactured controversy.

It looks like a disingenunuous position, taken to shore up the food and motel/hotel service etc. industries. They don't really care if theier new law stands, they just want to use proponents from both sides to help with their economy - remember.

Look to other states to adopt a similar strategy to help with the bumps and slumps in their economy.

Quoth_The_Raven's picture
Quoth_The_Raven 7 years 22 weeks ago

I LOVE the intellect of all fellow Thom site progrssives. While it lasts I am SO thankful for so many bright minds in one place :)

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