I used to play against that Butt-Nuggett Ben Stein on the show, "Who's Smarter Than Ben Stein" and my answers came faster than his. I now question my intelligence for ever thinking he was smart. I have moved in the circles of both the fabulously wealthy as well as working down on Hill and 4th in Los Angeles trying to assist my less fortunate comrades. I was alone raising three children in the 1980's and I had to dumpster dive the Albertsons Grocery Store for bread and sweetrolls in good tight packaging in order to feed my children with 'extras' like bread and stale donuts. This generation (1960) got royally screwed. We suffered with hunger in the lower middle class ketchup sandwiches - watching the Viet Nam War on T.V. as we grew up. While Nixon and the Republicans SMEARED Jimmy Carter - a man truly before his time they played for time holding the U.S. Hostages just long enough to ensure Carter's defeat to Gerald Ford. Meanwhile the middle class suffered. The 1980s saw the loss of homes due to 'Creative Financing' - luckily I had a flat rate mortgage. I had a good Union Job ($7.25hr) so although I had little - my children and I shared what we DID have downtown. Repeat to 2007 another housing bubble created by bankers for the benefit of Wall Street (just like before) and another untold millions are heading for homelessness.

When I have spoken with well-to-do Republicans where I now live in Rural PA/MD line - they SHARE the same Ben Stein attitude. Yet when I enlighten them on what their friends did with the Patriot Act during Bush II (including Posse Comma Tatus)(sp) they are appalled. When I remind my progressive friends with references to both the Constitution and the Freedom Act(2/10 Obama) - I must also remind them that the knee-jerk reaction of Congress has turned us into a militarized monopolistic corporate state they are shocked. Wealthy to Poor most of the middle class knows little about what is going on.

The only persons who realize what is happening besides renegade 'fringe groups' like this audience are educated middle classers who watch C-Span and see how even there we are blocked from pertinent data and laws ; Most of my old friends L.C.S.W.s and M.S.W.s see what's happening over and over - the theft of our wages in spending power and the politics surrounding this repeating pattern. And the other groups are educated friends I have who are Gay, for their fight places then in a political arena. Most of the RICH like the Medical Doctors and the Hollywood Star Crowd of 1990-2000 TALK like they know the plight of the middle class - yet will intereupt a visit to call their broker to place a Hedge Buy. They think we would all be driving BMWs IF we were smart and have NO CLUE what the real world is like. They are SO far removed - like the Congress...they cannot see what is happening.

We MUST pull groups together and do a National STRIKE against the rich of all kinds. Everyone is entitled to eat, see a Doctor, electricity, heat. This IS a class war.


Quoth_The_Raven's picture
Quoth_The_Raven 9 years 26 weeks ago

Please excuse sp errors - thinking faster than I can type

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Larry Burl Dunn 9 years 26 weeks ago

Yep, it's a class war all right. The "loyal opposition" was too loyal. There was not enough opposition. As Thom points the loss of the "fairness doctrine" and the corporatization of the media have left no real source of truth for the masses. It's all brainwashing and Big Lies. First the money must come out of politics. The media, especially radio and TV should NOT make a dime from elections. There must be a system of debates aired to the nation. It must be illegal to lie about what was said in those debates- I mean the outright Orwellian lies. Until then all the change is wallpaper over rotten wood.

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