I recently alluded to utilizing this forum and, thusly, all of you as a laboratory in which I conducted an experiment, several in fact. Frankly, this upset several people as they (apparently) felt like unsuspecting guinea pigs and that I was being intellectually pompous. Though I did not immediately understand their righteous indignation (and it wasn’t many, just a few), I do understand it now, and they are rational in their feelings though that was not my intent in making the statement. I apologize, very sincerely, to anyone that felt offended by that particular fact, and statement. This would be a good time to segue into why I conducted these “experiments” and what I was attempting to validate, or invalidate.

I was successful in doing quite a lot of both.

I chose the Hartmann forum because of my deep respect for Thom Hartmann’s intellect and intellectual courage; the two don’t always go together. Predicated upon those facts, I surmised that there would be very intelligent folks in his forum (which there have been many, the developmentally challenged were nullified). I wanted to see if “intelligence” led to “intellect” or vice-versa, specifically as it pertains to black Americans and matters that affect them. In other words, I knew that if certain mindsets prevailed among allegedly smart people (especially “liberal” white ones) that was indicative of a predominant social algorithm. Such an algorithm was, indeed, validated.

Vituperativeness, vitriol and rancor notwithstanding, the essential questions that I have posed have yet to be answered by white folks. I have made the inquiries in several different ways; but not once has any white American had the intellectual courage to answer them. Here is one of those inquiries: “tell me, white man/woman what other group of people, in modern World history (let alone American history) have undergone the maladies of black Americans (“involuntary immigrants”) for hundreds of years and how well adjusted they are?” Who else came to this country “involuntarily” for the specific purpose of enslavement? Who else did you designate as, legally, “property” and, thusly non-human? Who else did you rape wholesale? Who else did you lynch and have parties while doing so? Who else did you, systematically, deny education for hundreds of years? Who else did you patent products under that stocked your grocery shelves, with grotesque caricaturizations and a racial slur “nigger” as the product name? Who else’s children do you, to this very day, murder in the streets because of a toy? You and I both know the answer, no one.

So, if you cannot (and you cannot) provide me with an example of some other group of people to whom the aforementioned was done, and how well they have “overcome”, you have zero credibility in telling those people how to proceed. You are not only intellectually dishonest, you are an arrogant, racist, denialist anal orifice. Your intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, apathy, arrogance and denialism is further exacerbated when you have the audacity to tell those afflicted people that they dare not stand up to you and protect themselves.

In a word, you are an idiot. Validated.

Another of the queries I have made, to which no answer has ever been proffered is: “why, exclusively, do your bombs, drones, missiles (including the world’s only use of nuclear weapons) always fall on people of color; people with Melanin in their skin, Melanicpeople? Why? It is a straightforward question. Additionally, to expand that to which I refer to supra, why is it that though you are greatly outnumbered globally, only people of color live without roads, water, sewage, electricity, food, shelter, drainage; man’s most basic needs? Where are the whitey kids that come on the television commercials late at night with the sad music that “you can help for just a dollar a day”? What…you are the “chosen ones”? Or, is it that you are just smarter than everybody else? Fact of the matter is, everything, including this stolen nation, that you “have” you have because of Melanicpeople. Your entire existence is dependent upon those people. Take Africa, the Middle East, Central America, South America and Asia off of the map and your ass is grass. Hell, you can’t even entertain yourselves on Sunday without the helmeted Nubian gladiators, a la Rome, in your coliseums. Other than insults and, sometimes, equivocation, you cannot provide a single intelligent dissent to anything I have said here. That is what you do when the debate is predicated upon facts that you find unattractive.

"Niente paura Roma, le bugie serpente attorcigliato a Napoli"

I am the nigger your mother warned you about.

During these “experiments” I have gone to great pains to dispel stereotypes; which I know white folks keep at the ready when it comes to black males. I have, quite purposefully and at considerable risk, shared personal details of my life to make it more difficult for white Americans to pigeon-hole me. I have watched Trayvon Martin trashed in this forum, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, even the little twelve year old boy, Tamir Rice, stereotyped. Black man: no job, no education, uses dope, illiterate, poorly spoken (deese, dis and dat), doesn’t take care of his children, etc. It is abundantly clear that I am well educated. I could not be a crack head and write what I write because I would have sold the fucking computer by now. I have several jobs, the biggest of which (and most demanding) is that of a single parent. My child, a female, has been honored by United States Presidents for her academic acumen. I speak the kings English. I have never, in my life, received welfare, food stamps, or even an unemployment check.

I wanted to shatter the stereotypes; especially that of the proverbial “angry black man”. That statement is made, by white folks, to put blacks on the defensive and state: “I’m not angry!” Tactical error on their part. For blacks, given history, to not be angry would be irrational, dubious, unrealistic and psychotic. Yet, many of you white folks, are so arrogant and anal retentive that you actually have a superiority complex that tells you that a black person has no right to be “angry”. Astounding.

The hunter is always the victor…until the Lion tells the tale.

Ergo, all of that ingratiating bullshit that you feed yourselves is just that. If a man like me, who attended school with Mike Lookinland and Christpher Knight (Bobby and Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch), dated O.C. Smith’s daughter in High School, knew Dorothy Stratton, been in the home of Joan Rivers and Edgar Rosenberg, worked for Gavin DeBecker, was the first (and youngest) black executive in the Mattel Toy Company, graduated from High School at 15, played in the High School Jazz Band with Richard Elliot, Lorenzo Sanford and Jay Esposito and took down and entire city government singlehandedly can be “angry”…you’d better rethink your thoughts.

Stereotypes invalidated.

I own my anger, for I know that the white man is no better than I. Contraire, contraire. And, I’ll be damned if he/she or it will dictate to me how I am to channel said anger. I am attempting to do so constructively; however, equality and self-preservation of the black man must be achieved by any means necessary.

I believe in speaking to a man in a language that he understands; and so do a whole lot of brothers. In the words of Malcolm X: "you treat that man like he treats you."

Thank all of you for your input, honesty and thoughts.


mlk.silenceisnotanoption (not verified) 4 years 13 weeks ago

Reply to Mr.R.Kenyatta.

Brilliant non-apology. You are a conceited, arrogant phony "intellectual" and shameless manipulator. You have purposely caused many people mental pain and suffering, and apparently will continue to attempt to so so, all to fulfill your narcissism by manipulating the audience with some bogus "blackism" agenda. You are an opprtunist and a fraud.


Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 13 weeks ago

Well sir, there is one more validation for you. Heh, heh.

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

What I found most interesting was the howls of protest and postulating before the image of Rev. King now nearly 50 years past. 50 years past they have only not acted in accordance with his words or mission but either actively worked to roll back the marginal gains from those hard days of sacrifice or sat on their hands while watching all the signs go back up because all was well in their back yard.

But nooooo! As soon as any Black man or woman starts making any noises it's Martin L. King this, Martin L. King that. Yeah yeah, we've heard loud and clear what you think about Rev. King. We've noticed for the last 50 years.

Sign me off as,

Pan African

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 13 weeks ago

Mr. Allen, that government led conspiracy that resulted in an assassin's bullet to the brain probably did not help.

area51sea's picture
area51sea 4 years 13 weeks ago

I don't now the whole back story , but what the fuck are you talkin bout, i smell a Hillary plant. If all those thing you claim are true. You must of grown up very rich ,you went to school with the Brady bunch.

Its funny how this shit coincides with all the blm plants at Bernie events and this narrative that white liberals are really deep down racist,

Yes there are racist white liberals, yes there are ignorant white liberals that look at poor minorities communities and feel sorry for them and say why cant we just solve these problems with love and cannot conceptually understand why or where the anger comes from, because they grew up in a safe but boring suburban home. There are white liberal that will jump behind you and say we need to kill the white devil.

There will be white liberal that boo if you high jack an event where people came to watch some one speak. There would be blacks that booed these same bitches if the jumped on stage at drake concert and high jacked the mic and started yelling at the crowd.

So if you got to any board on the internet you will find trolls, But it seems like your are trying to say since you found a few trolls on the Thom Hartman board, that also means the intelligent white Liberals are also racist. Ill be honest most white people are not my type of people, Not that there bad or evil, but you just get in were you fit in. But just because a white liberal cant fully understand where a black mans anger is coming from or they disagree with your tactics don't make them a racist. Because there are a whole lot of people on the right that would stand by or be would willful participants and go back to the past ways of how blacks and other minorities were treated.

So i have only read two of your blogs and don't know all of the back story, but whats the motivation of your so called experiment on the white liberal.

So you seem to have money and know people that have money and power, Does that money and power get you any connection or affiliation with people in corporate democrat party?

NScott1989's picture
NScott1989 4 years 13 weeks ago

Sir, your lack of intelligence and wisdom should really encourage you to learn about history. Democrats are some of the biggest hypocrites in America, they are not for the people they claim to be for. Open up your eyes and speak less. Especially with your profanity, I know many places you wouldn't last one hour with that mouth of yours. Don't ever ever bring up drake and black people. We don't give a damn about these fake rappers. Drake doesn't represent Melanic Nation sir, so get to know some real radical African Americans. Stop going by what you see on tv because that's not real. Most people with that kind of money are sellouts, have sold their soul to the white record label owners and to satan.

We stand for equality, drake stands for nonsense just like 95% of those rappers. I'm 26 years old and I can see past that crap. Open up your eyes pal. Next time you want to comment go read some more of these articles. They are not stories. Mommy and daddy have taught you little about respect; it shows.

I will go with one quote from Dr. MLK Jr. " A man who won't die for something, is not fit to live." By any means necessary we must stand up for what's right. We will not die on our knees in this country. Dr. King was not extremely powerfull and had very little money, so we know that is not the concern here. He was given the ability, like Mr. Kenyatta(that is how you shall address him) to expose the truth. If you are to blind or ignorant to see it, then you are with the majority of the country.

NScott1989's picture
NScott1989 4 years 13 weeks ago

Stupid is as stupid says. Manipulation is what the white man has built this country upon. I pity the fool. To mlk..silence is no option.

area51sea's picture
area51sea 4 years 13 weeks ago

I m talking about drake or any rapper out there, If the fans that came to see the show, saw these women jump on stage because they wanted to get blm message out or any audiunce of any race the crowd would booed them. But yeah i get drake is rapping to the masses and is a sell out.

i have all been a fan of cube

so when talking about the 5 % that are not sell outs, your talking bout rappers like cube and not that hippie rap.







Im hopin when you talkin about radical blacks, your not talking about the hippy ones in college auguing with their teachers.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 4 years 13 weeks ago

I've brought a couple of my comments from another thread. I'll add a sentence or two. There are black millionaires, even a black billionaire. Could they band together, finance community centers in targeted areas that allow young people to learn and to work together toward some common goal, however seemingly small - painting the community center, planting and tending a community garden for instance? People, children and young people especially, learn best when physically active. I'm sure others here can think of several projects that wealthy blacks could initiate and sponsor, in concert. White dollars would also be welcome but the leadership, the control would have to be black. Now...

It begins with education. First of all the education - or lack of it - that parents have acquired. Then the education (good or bad) that parents give their children. Followed by the education that children receive from other children. And last of all, the education that children and young people receive from teachers.

How can single parents, scrambling for enough money to put food on the table - often with two jobs -- find time to educate their children even if they were capable?

The whole of society - secular and sectarian - must shoulder resposibility for the general failure of education. All of society including TV, entertainers, politicians, adults in general must make it clear to young people - girls especially - what it means to be a teen or even sub-teen with a child or children to support.

Free, widely available condoms, the pill and abortion ought to be provided with no stigma or moralizing attached. I would like to see churches directly involved in making these birth control measures readily available, in teaching - not moralizing - young people.

Well, this would only be a first step. There would have to be dedicated, intelligent effort. There is no quick fix. Where does it all start? With you, with me.

I'm talking about education that prepares people - everyone - to live with heads high, to know that their lives do matter because they have something to give. Education that allows each and every one to lead a decent, productive life. Education that says no young person has to steal cigars. Preparation for a decent job, a job with income sufficient for the education of their children. that would provide enough money to buy them books, to send them to college or to train them for a respectable job, one that would lead to self-esteem, to a sense of belonging to society as a contributing member not as a person on the fringes, a discard.

I listed the avenues that lead to education. The school room is the last on the list. What was the first?

A final comment. We, each and every one of us, are descended from Black Africa. The differences in external features that have all too often led to murderous prejudice are adaptations to external conditions. We are, literally, brothers and sisters under the skin.

There are “good” and “bad” people of all colors. As you probably know, both black and white practiced slavery and both were directly involved in the slave trade. There are a good many sources that confirm this, for example:


Education, enlightenment that teaches us to focus on our common hopes, fears and desires rather than our superficial, accidental differences is the only lasting solution to the problem of prejudice due to color..

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

Ah, I think we've finally gotten to the hidden trip wire of all who reject out of hand the Pan African ideal. Guilt.

It is the fear born from the guilt of the centuries in the exploiting, in the subjugation of a majority, in the usurping of lands and being the beneficiaries if not the out right propagators by their own hand. All of a sudden who's afraid of being excluded? Too funny.

I can not nor will I try to speak for brother R Kenyatta but I think he is speaking to the Pan African philosophical vision. Which from my perspective is an all inclusive philosophy. As you say Alberto, we are all out of Africa.

More on some thoughts of schooling later when I have more time.

mlk.silenceisnotanoption (not verified) 4 years 13 weeks ago

reply to #5

Agreed area51, I too smell a rat, not sure which type. Perhaps a Rasputin. Dunno, but this is bogus bull puckey. Either Mr.Thom hartmann has been duped, or he is complicit. I hope it's #1, still disapointing, but better than #2.

Mr R.Kenyatta's outrageously unethical use of an uninformed and thus unwilling population to conduct his own personal "experiments" is inexcusable. Mr R.Kenyatta then writes an analysis and conclusion of his unethically produced" experiments" and fills it with condencention, insults, and borderline threats toward his (supra???) subjects. This behaviour is beyond egregious. There is no legitimacy here. This is amoral bunk.

red flags, anyone?.Rasputin comes to mind..............................mlk

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 4 years 13 weeks ago

Mr. Scott I agree completely. Like you, I know Brother Kenyatta and have been reading this stuff for a while. It never ceases to amaze me at how unglued these white people get when any black man talks about self-protection and preservation. First thing they attempt is to discredit, then when that does not work they resort to name calling. The fact that a black man has the nerve to stand up to them and their response proves the brother's point. They have called this man a terrorist, a troll, a democrat party plant, all kinds of hateful terms. He has even received death threats, but that brother is aware of the peril he faces. Your post was excellent, Mr. Kenyatta has mentioned you to me and spoke highly of "the young brother who is well spoken and smart". I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming MN gathering.

Brother Allen, you are on target when you speak of Mr. Kenyatta's "Pan-Africanism". But we are not talking about just Africa, we are talking about all Melanic persons as well as our enlightened white brothers and sisters. This movement has no ties to religion or politics other than the politics of black, brown, red and yellow equality...in every possible sense and by any means necessary. MN is a place for Melanic intellect; Mr. Kenyatta is not interested in appeasing white people any more than the are in appeasing him. Last evening he and I were discussing this very issue and marveled at how unification of people of color "spooks" (forgive the pun) these white people, but their "European Union" is hokey dorey. It's actually funny in a way. Like I said, I know the brother and you are on target.

As for the disrespectful, racist white girl mlksilence talking about "red flags". That may be menopause or that "red Jeep" that you carry such a grudge over. I read that excrement that you wrote, the sob story about your poor Jeep and how "Lil John" mistreated you (you could not even use a dog whistle racial inference sucessfully for it's" Lil Wayne" and Patriot called you on that racist remark). And in all of your glorious whiteness you resisted the exhortations of your redneck family not to act like the redneck you are. Then I had to grab an air sickness bag as I was on my way back to Los Angeles from New Orleans. You sit your sorry butt on line making all these racist statements and conjecture, none of which you have provided a scintilla of substantiation for. The only person "psychologically hurt" by this movement is Y-O-U. Mr. Kenyatta has ignored you and that makes you angry. He will not respond to you...why should he? Like a typical white person that feels entitled, you are horrified that a black man leaves you pining for his attention. I wouldn't give a damn if you were married to Sammy Davis Jr you are a racist white girl and intelligent black men anger you because they are an amplification of your failures. I've always said that the most pathetic creature in the universe is an underachieveing white person. If you are an underachiever as a white person you'd be really screwed if you were black and did not have the advantages of non colorization. You should join us this weekend where you can meet a whole room full of intelligent, well spoken brothers (that will not hesitate to defend themselves)...and sisters, too. I'd like to know the other side of that Jeep story; obviously that little brother came back on your ass for a reason. I'd love to know what it was but I can guess.

You know what I think? I think you have had some Melanic people hand your ass to you in the past. I think that Mr. Kenyatta's lack of acknowledging you, along with your so-called (alleged) "melanic" husband dissing you has you jacked up. You are clearly resentful of colored people; que sera, sera white girl. I have seen Brother Kenyatta address and entire city goverment, chamber full, and you could hear an ant piss on cotton while he was speaking. When he left the podium every person there (and they were all white) was slack-jawed and silent.

Speaking of "fraud". You have, again allegedly, an Eastern European last name; yet married to a so-called (alleged) "melanic" man. To boot, you are "Irish". That dog don't hunt, so go on the defensive and explain that.

You are way out of your element (and league). The cadre of brothers and sisters that refuse to "stay in their place" is growing. Time for those absent of color to stay in theirs; for "white" is not a color, it is an absence of color.

Oh yeah, when are one of you white people going to directly answer the brother's questions? The Master Race could not possibly be stifled by this black thug of a terrorist, Mr. Kenyatta...now could it? Happy trails.

mlk.silenceisnotanoption (not verified) 4 years 13 weeks ago

to Nat Turners Ghost

............ my most beloved friend, my human brother, I hope you find some peace and joy in your life........be well, ............mlk

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 13 weeks ago

How trite mlk. You talked all that trash and got called on it! Now you are a peacenik therapist... hilarious! GHOST, I am contributing as an associate editor to MN and am in another State, but you can count me into the "colorless" minority...not only white but a German Jew. Here, here! to you! Well stated. I hope to meet you someday.

area51sea's picture
area51sea 4 years 13 weeks ago

I wanna to know how you guys feel about bill and hillary clinton are they racists?

The Clinton team used those two situations to basically embarrass Jackson at his own convention. During his speech Clinton remarked; “If you took the words ‘white’ and ‘black,’ and you reversed them, you might think David Duke was giving that speech,” referring to Sista Souljah..

This set off a fire storm and angered Jesse who tried to come back at Clinton by explaining that Souljah was misquoted and her overall sentiments represent the feeling of an entire generation of people, many who feel alienated, but damage was already done. Jackson was rebuffed and Clinton sent a strong message to his centrist voters that he was capable and more than willing to put Black folks in their place.. This soon became known as the Sista Souljah moment and political pundits look for those opportunities where a politicians takes a bold stance against his party..

Wasn't bill Clinton doing what your accusing the board members of doing when sista souljaha made the comments If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?"

Hillary Clinton

Clinton cited an Associated Press poll "that found how Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."

What was Hillary implying when she made these comments?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her silence on Senator Barack Obama’s pastor on Tuesday, sharply criticizing Mr. Obama for not leaving the Chicago church where the pastor made inflammatory remarks about the United States, spread conspiracy theories about the government and made sensational comments about Mrs. Clinton.

“Given all that we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor,” Mrs. Clinton, of New York, said on Tuesday of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., at a news conference in Greensburg, Pa

How do you feel about Clinton critiquing Obama for not leaving his church of 20 years who's reverend was being accused of being the angry black guy that hates white people by the corporate media?

NScott1989's picture
NScott1989 4 years 13 weeks ago

All I see from area 51 is nonsense. Making little points valid to what we are discussing. We are not here to argue with you. Do you know what cost more than knowledge???? Ignorance! Yes, sir you pockets must be full of lint. Goodnight!

NScott1989's picture
NScott1989 4 years 13 weeks ago

Area 51 one more thing before I rest peacefully next to my nubian queen . Bilderberg. That's how I feel about bill and Hilary clinton. More sellouts.....Obama goes with that too. Some people will do anything to live lavishly.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 13 weeks ago

All right, Rohn, I’ll be that first white person to answer your question. Incredibly, it can be answered in just two words: NO ONE. You’ve said it already, and I concur. The black experience in this grrrrreat country is unique unto itself. It is the direct consequence of literally centuries of white-on-black tyranny.

Gee that wasn’t so hard. I wonder what all the fuss is about. And like our friend Patriot, I refuse to join the ranks of whiners, deniers, bullies and cowards that distinguish Anglo Cognitive Dissonants from the rest of us.

You guys (mlk, area51sea, NScott, camel man and TIN man) need to get a grip on reality here. I guarantee, it won’t kill you. To admit that we, as white people, have inherited the pigment of the oppressor is an important first step towards eradicating this scourge from our lives. We didn’t ask for it, yet here it is! And it comes with a crapload of karmic baggage. Why? Because in this toxic, deadly game, even the privileged don’t get out of it unscathed. How we choose to address that karmic baggage says a lot about us. And whether we deal with it or deny its legitimacy, it’s not going to go away. So why don’t you just let go your fear, your pride, your ego, or whatever obstructs your objectivity, and get real with yourselves, and face the fact that Apartheid America is the creation of white people; specifically, our white ancestors! And once that sinks in, it's time to examine race-based policies of the past 150 years that have essentially chosen who gets a shot at a decent life and who doesn't. Is that so hard to do?

Having done this literally decades ago, I can tell y’all from direct experience what a relief it is to come clean. We don’t have to flog ourselves or each other, or eat dirty worms, or walk on hot coals or shave our heads or give away everything we own. We don’t even have to pay retribution to these folks for the sins of our ancestors. All we have to do is get real, quit whining, and listen to what black folks have to say. Because we need to hear it, and come clean about it. Why is that so much to ask?

Levelling the socioeconomic playing field via legislation, and creating a more just, inclusive society, would improve the quality of life for everyone including white folks. Because racism creates a hostile environment for everyone, one way or another. It poisons the air we breathe. And we all have to breathe it. We're all in this together whether we realize it or not.

Denying it only makes it worse, my friends. By villifying the messenger, we diminish ourselves. We are better off knowing the truth even when it hurts. And we can do way better than this.

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

My ideas of why mlk and her car was or may have been targeted. Somewhat less race based she seems to take it as, mmmm rather as she presented it as. I can't remember what year the vehicle was or she ever said, but where were the keys? After all it's not like you can just pull a couple of wires out of the harness, twist them together and drive the car away in any car made in the last 15 or 20 years. I don't care what you see in the movies, yes it can be done in certain cars but even then you have to know exactly what your doing, you have to know the color codes of the wiring and which wires to cross otherwise the car will either disable itself through anti-theft software or you'll cook a computer. It is no simple thing. While I don't know about Jeeps but the cars I'm more familiar with also have computer chips in the key and with radio rings in the onboard system that communicate so starting the car without the key is close to impossible. Oh yeah, then theres the small matter of locking steering wheels. So where were the keys for this infamous Jeep? Let me venture a guess. If indeed mlk was targeted, it's because she left her keys in the vehicle where they could be found and not just once but twice!

mlk.silenceisnotanoption (not verified) 4 years 13 weeks ago

no the keys weren't left in, windows smashed, lock punched out.

I have not denied that black people have been systematically abused, defined as less than human (3/5), have suffered unspeakable misery. Where have I said so? Where have I denied the horrors of slavery or the humiliation of Jim Crow? I haven't. What I have said is that I do not support restoration, equality, justice "by any means necessary", if "by any means" is defined as the use of violence. That simple.

I do think Mr.R.Kenyatta is disingenuous.

I cannot spend another night worried about the nature of some of the language used against me here. You've distoterted much of what I had to say, and used threatening language. You all win, I quit. Bully to you.TH has lost a listener as well.

peace all, mlk

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

Someone is disingenuous that IS for sure.

Screw this I want to talk with someone willing to share ideas and thoughts instead of this continuely playing the you are a racist card or alternately crying in the hanky I'm so put down on and I'm so misunderstood self pity BS.

Typical whiny white bullshit. It's disgusting, and you wonder why you're looked down on.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 4 years 13 weeks ago

Is there no one else interested in searching for solutions? Why all this petty and pointless - and, yes, disgusting - bickering, name calling, profanity? The solution to the problem - the mistreatment of minorities by majority whites - isn't advanced one iota by this vulgar name calling and trash talking. Focus on the problem and possible solutions.

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

And yet again you've touched on another issue Alberto. Why is it always demanded that the black, brown, red and yellow nations has to equivocate in their language of despair while the white colonial nation carries on in the only language they have ever used?

It's not mere name calling Alberto, it's a fundamental difference in vision of what the order of life has been and what needs to change for tomorrow if not today.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 4 years 13 weeks ago

Have it your way, rs allen. You have not advanced understanding or comity nor offered anything remotely resembling possible solutions. Instead of bringing people together you, and almost everyone commenting here, are widening the gulf.

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

Au contraire Alberto, I've offered just as many solutions as you have. Solutions that are more achievable and definitive than the continuation of the same lame 'oh, we only need to work together', or the 'we need more education' mantra we've been hearing for the last 50 years. That ain't nutt'n new Alberto, we've been listening to and trying to follow that pap for 50 years now.

You think building our own communities up ourselves is a good idea? Yes, I'll go along with the seperate but equal ideal, but the trouble with that is it's been done and every time the vision becomes real what has happened? And still happening.

Try peddling the let's work together and we only need education lines in Israeli occupied territories because minus the rockets and bombs the ghettos of America are about as bad, maybe it'll work over there. I for one have heard enough of it here.

So the question remains on the table just who is it that you think needs the education in America? Who is it that's not learning? Who is it that needs to listen up? Who is it that needs to get a grip on reality? Who Alberto who?

area51sea's picture
area51sea 4 years 13 weeks ago

You didn't answer my question, i didn't ask if bill and Hillary were sellouts, i asked if they were racists, they drop bombs on brown people.

And to alice my white side understands the oppression put on the native and black side of me and have seen the effects and having many friends and family killed and locked up due to the effects of gang violence. I wasn't privilege enough to grow up with the Brady bunch.

Violence sounds nice, but the reality ain't, Saying we should resort to violence just because the color of someone skin and not because what they are doing to you is as stupid as jumping or killing someone because of the color their wearing.

But there was a time when that made perfect sense to me and others around me. Luckily for me my moms was able to reach me enough that i didn't go to far down that road. And in hindsight i realize how stupid that shit was and how easily it could of turned out way different for me. And some on here may not not see the importance of sports but i think that had alot to do with me staying out of trouble.

i made it out, not dead or in jail, And because of Obama running for president i started listening to democratic radio and stumbled on Thom Hartman and he really opened my eyes to what is really going on out there and i can say every time i listen to the show i learn something new. And at a time like this when we have a candidate willing to do what right for America and has given me hope that i can make it to the middle class from the working poor.

And the same for a lot of people out there and this is a time when we need to get together and not fight over what one dead white man did to a dead black man. and believe me i understand the lasting effects it had on future generation, So right now instead of focusing on the differences, we got to focus on the what we need to do to get America right.

It seems lately they got divide and conquer shit going on right now.

mrs.vonderhoffholz's picture
mrs.vonderhoffholz 4 years 13 weeks ago

from Mrs Vonderhoffholz, especially to to my international friend Alberto, "GOOGLE" R Kenyatta Punter Inc, real estate mogul of USA's NYC. I think you have your answeres.

mrs.vonderhoffholz's picture
mrs.vonderhoffholz 4 years 13 weeks ago


You are clearly a very wise man. What can I say, pearls are foend in the most unlikely of clams, the man wo probably doesn't say much but when he speaks he shouts the truth.

Mr.Area51is a deep thinking man, a European at heart, he has an ancient soul. Prost! Mr.Area51, I admire your courage to speak your mind and stay your place in spite of affrontery. It is a sad that mlk.silenceisnotanoption stopped posting, but fear os a powerful motivator. Much of what has been written here has been to terrorize, to frighten to stop dialog. It is the modern way of communicating evrywhere, but the more gentle and empathic souls end up discarded, the souls this World needs most.

aufwiedersehen, Mrs.Vonderhoffholz

mrs.vonderhoffholz's picture
mrs.vonderhoffholz 4 years 13 weeks ago

and yes, Mrs Silenceisnotanoption is a very close friend of mine, and I speak not only for myself but for her. The level of rancor, dehumanization my friend has endured for none other than shallow political points, is shameful. I will speak for her, as her heart is too hurt to go on. She took me in, a lost soul myself, but you vilify her as some kind of inhuman racist monster. You should be ashamed to so condem a pesrson who practices the peace she endorses.

For those of you confused, btw, of a Slavic last name, while married to a "melanic" and has Irish heritage:

She kept her maiden name!!!! Thus no "married" or "Melanic" name, common enough among older or millenial brides

her paternal granmother was Irish, Fitzgerald, through Paternal Catholic tradition, the name was lost to the husband's. So do the logic, idiots, or that dog doesn't hunt?????

or perhaps she is a cousin of Shaquill O'neil. Man, as she says, you all are geniouses and snuffed out the deception, whhoo hoo

and btw those who claim to not know the workings of cars are at least true to their ignorance. Jeeps from 1994-2000 took only sticking a screwdriver in the ignition switch to start the engine and drive it away Jeeps from that time period are the most stolen cars by make of this time, google it, locked steering wheels did nothing, nor did the rudimentary computer to stop the prob. Bravo. No"hot wiring" movie-star thing needed! what idiots

(she says don't day idiots)

and the ultimate, R Kenyatta is a real Estate Mogul in NYC....................wow, a mouthpiece for the underprvilaedged black man. What a scam.

Or as she tells me to quote Bugs Bunny, "What a Maroon", no pun intended, get it maroon is a Melanic color?????

R Kenyatta is a scam fest. The rest of you are typical gulible Americans, she agrees, and idiots.

She and me say "peace"


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 4 years 13 weeks ago

mrs.vonderhoffholz: I totally agree with you except that you have the wrong guy. He doesn't live in NY and he is not part of that particular real estate firm. There are a lot of people, both men and women, that have that name, first or last. I'm not going to put any more information about him on here, except to say that he has given his real general location and real first and last name.

By the way, if you do go to his new web site, use TOR (download the free TAILS Live* iso program and copy it to a USB Thumb drive or a CDRom and then boot up your computer with that--if you don't know about it, you will have to read up on it).... so they can't get your real IP number and possibly your real identity. It is better to be safe than sorry...especially when they talk violence like that. I suspect, if he ever took that Mosaic test, something he should surely know about because the company he claims he worked for puts it out, on detecting how likely someone is to be violent, he'd score pretty darn high. I wonder if that's why he is no longer with that company?

At that site, you'll see the names of at least two of the other people who have posted here under other names. The first one lives in Oregon. And, the second one lives in NY (or possibly Baltimore) and his name is pretty common as well. The third one, I believe, lives not far from where he lives in California. And hint: anyone who registers a web site, usually gives other information as well (but he's being a little deceptive on the name of his street because that street doesn't exist...close... though). That is public information that is available on-line if you do a search.


As for me, I think I will just not respond to anything someone like this says anymore. I only made this one exception to tell you that you have found the wrong guy.

mrs.vonderhoffholz's picture
mrs.vonderhoffholz 4 years 13 weeks ago

Ty Palindromedry, I (we ) are gratefil that you recognize the violence thing. If we have the wrong , I most sincerely apologize, But geez, that guy oughts to know that someone with the sme name is advocating violence, a race war.

I still don't get the TH angle, is he a dupe or a complicit?

I recommend NICOLE FOSS- google her. She predicts all of thiss, not in specifics, but why simultaneaously Trump and a Kenyatta could could find traction, are syptoms of a world headed toeard "apocalypse", meaning the "unfolding".

We suck, and mlk will never come back, I mighte, I'm outside the slavery/Americanthing. She is my host and a good friend, and these postings have caused her much pain, I just trying to be helpful, but maybe my European perspective is not so much to be considered, wtf..........................

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 4 years 13 weeks ago

Brother Allen, your post #25 are words that require no further comment. Alberto seems to be some kind of holier than thou individual that attempts to present an "i'm above it all" personage. However Brother Allen in your post (21), I will call them as I see them and if you are a racist (as Brother Kenyatta puts it "Blackist") I reserve the right to label you as what you are. I am not sure if that comment was directed towards me or not given the fact that you are a brother that appears to share Mr. Kenyatta's basic philosophy.

Area51, yes I believe Hillary and Bill Clinton are racists. Like Mr. Kenyatta I think all white people are racists to a more or lesser degree, the only difference is that there are some who are aware of it and some who are not. A great example of this is the fact that they think themselves qualified to say whether they are or are not. Ridiculous.

I spoke to Brother Kenyatta last night about this thread. He was unaware of some of the stuff posted here (I would not trade my life for his for all the Tea in China); but he may or may not address some of it at some time in the very near future. Who knows,

mlksilence, so damned what, you are taking your marbles and going home. Thom has "lost a listener". Well I guess that is offsetting because I now listen and watch whenever I can. Like I said before: Que, sera, sera racist white girl. You make a lot of broad, vile statements like "disingenuous" and "terrorist" but offer no substantiation or clarification of what you mean. But that is white privelege I suppose, you can just say whatever and it has "credibility" just because your colorless ass said it. Happy Trails.

AIW, I have heard about you. I now see what Mr. Kenyatta raves about. You are strong and impressive. In all this white defensiveness you are the only person that had the courage to answer the man's questions and directly respond to the article' and you did so in a matter of fact, non apologist way. By the way, thank you for the compliment as I know that you spoke to Mr. Kenyatta yesterday and he expressed to me that you two had discussed me because he was concerned that he may have divulged some things he maybe should not have. No worries there. I look forward to meeting you, very much so.

rs allen 4 years 13 weeks ago

Nah Brother Turner, I'm no racist. My #21 post was a kiss off to mlk. Whom I've tried to baby along over several wide ranging threads.

I'm not saying I'm a word smith, but I've tried numerous times to get through to her on one point or another as have others on this site and I may say on other various topics, so it's not just this thread and it's all been to no avail. So that was only my little dear jane letter to her. Whether anyone else follows suit is not my business. How'd we used to term her issues? 'It all sounds like a personal problem to me'. As I remember the kiss off going.

Which brings me to mrs. v. or whatever name she's going by now. Thanks for setting me straight on the piece of junk jeep that I'd never look twice at anyways, you only supported my contention mlk was not targeted but only the vehicle. But in the larger context who knows why kids do what they end up doing? Myself I never could see and never partook in senseless destruction.....never in my life. But it does happen all too often because kids are kids and sometimes aimlessly lash out even if they don't know why or at whom. That isn't to excuse the behavior because there is no excuses for mindless destruction as just an end of it own. However, how has that small childish action of a joy ride turned wanton destruction become an act of racial recompensation? Only in her own words and mind is how. So your holier than thou words will fall on deaf ears here. Further mrs. v.........

Why don't you post under just one name? Your syntax, wording and meanings reminds me very of another poster a few months back. I won't look up the name you were using then but mrs. v or whatever name you're going by now dosen't ring any bells. The only bell it rings for me is troll.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

Area51sea, I owe you an apology. For some reason I misunderstood that first post of yours (#5); otherwise I’d not have listed you among those my #18 post was addressing.

NatTurnerGhost, thank you for your kind words. And I like your blog name. Just know the feeling is mutual. I’m enjoying your input as well. We need more black voices in these forums to counter all the white wash… heh-heh. - AIW

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 12 weeks ago

Alice you seriously crack me up, and I agree! It is time for the inmates to stop running the asylum. GHOST, yeah we had that same conversation (myself and Mr. Kenyatta). I think he wants to say something about a few things but everybody is scrambling right now and his youngster just started school. So I think between ramping up MN and everything else he is a bit overwhelmed. The guy hardly ever sleeps. I told him he needs to address this mess, I sure hope he does.

MrsVandersloot (or whatever) I smell the stench of Eau De Troll perfume; funny mlksilence had that same smell. Hey, didn't your son have something to do with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Oh...my bad, different name. Hey AIW, did you know that Mr. Kenyatta was a real estate mogul in New York? Yep, this individual proclaimed it so, and we know how these pasty faced racists are "credible".

Don't we.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

NScott, I read you wrong too, so that's two apologies I've now owed fellow bloggers! Your name didn't belong on my list either (post #18, third paragraph). I read you wrong at first, thinking your #6 post was directed at Mr. Kenyatta.

It would sure help if you, and others, would specify who you're responding to, and the post numbers.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

Reply to #35: Yeah Patriot, I know what you mean. I won’t name names but one of the regulars here (for example) recently accused me of “bigotry” because I’m intolerant of his opinion… an opinion I perceive to be xenophobic and flat-out paranoid. And to black folks in general I would imagine this person’s redundant screeds would come across ignorant, presumptuous, condescending, and arrogant, let alone patently racist. I’m embarrassed, as a white gal, to be reading the pathetic drivel some of my white comrades have been posting, on anything regarding "race" or race-related issues. Not only on Thom's website but elsewhere. It truly is sad.

And yeah, we’ve seen particularly looney tunes of late, from another newcomer who presumes to know the scoop around here. Again, I won’t identify the guilty (You know who you are!). But anyone who'd mention Mr. Kenyatta’s name in the same sentence as Donald Trump’s would have to be a wackadoodle. Mr. Kenyatta, a “scam”? A “NY real estate mogul”? That crosses the line, from adversarial to delusional.

Oh dear, I guess Mr. Kenyatta’s cover is blown. Sorry Mr. K, game over. Heh-heh.

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

To #36, yep Alice, I should have learned from the last time I had to run through about 4 different posts to straighten out which one went to where and whom. Why can't this site get this (THEIR) business up to date? Seems to me someone is taking advantage of a lot of good will around here and at least for the moment skating on that good will. Fix and update this site somebody damn it, in this day and age there's no excuse for how this site operates or rather doesn't operate.

To the point of the thread, I believe brother Kenyatta has only (and by my gauge, gently) poked his finger into the soft belly of the do nothing class of America. They know this wrong, they know that is abhorrent but it don't happen in my neighborhood and I ain't got nothing to do with disliking 'them', after all I know one or two and they seem okay to me.

Despite all those that came out as asserting brother Kenyatta's message was a violent message I think his little series on this site demonstrates the wisdom as voiced by Rev. King so many years ago,

“I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: ‘I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action’; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a ‘more convenient season.’ Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

So brother Kenyatta does some gently poking and at various times in this series has been accused of all manner of crimes or trespasses just as have been any others here that have aligned themselves with JUSTICE over 'order'.

Some of the responses I've noted in this series of brother Kenyatta's is only the same whiny white bull shit I've witnessed and experienced for the last 70 years of my life. And I'll be the first to admit I have little patience with that kind of drivel. So for those of you with hurt feelings. Tough shit, grow up this is the real world. This is the world where you best have an id on you even in your own house, this is the world where getting stopped for driving too nice of a car is normal, this is the world where walking out of a store is a major gig what with getting patted down and all, this is the world where you need to teach the young folk about laying prone on the sidewalk, this is the world that gapes as america shrugs at civilians shoot down our young just trying to get home or the police shooting them for playing with toys. Don't give me your hurt feelings bs, either step up or do what you've done for the last 50 years and shut up because by any means necessary something is going to change.

I am a peaceful person, but don't mistake me for a pacifist.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

rs, I don’t mistake you for anything but an intelligent man who leaves thoughtful posts well worth a read. And I loved that quote from Dr. King. Really rings true for me, because moderates drive me crazy. They’re all milque toast.

I also enjoyed your metaphor about Mr. K “gently poking his finger into the soft belly of the do-nothing class of America”. Yeah, and letting out all that hot air; i.e. whiny white bull shit.

Funny… I thought you were much younger, in your forties. Can’t remember how I got that impression, not that it matters…. anyway have a great week.

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

Thank-you Alice, but me thinks you're too gracious. I know I'm limited in what I can express, and even when at my best I leave a lot (too much) on the table. Though you are much better with words than I, will take humbly take your yeah yeahs to heart. Thank-you for the nod.

Hmmm, don't know if I'd like to be 40 again.........only if it could be different in time. Ahem if that makes any sense.

Nah, in real time I've run my race and while I can't see the tree line I know it's not that many more strides before I have to cross that same savana all of us have to venture onto in the end.

Good god! What was all that? Should I now say goodnight Gracie?

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 12 weeks ago

Mr. Allen, like AIW I took you for a considerably younger person due to the progressiveness of your thinking. In hindsight, that is s bit oxymoronic. You aren't even close to saying "goodnight". This discussion is one that has to be had in this country, your wisdom gives it credence. I am ecstatic to see more black Americans weighing in here. We white people like to talk about blacks among ourselves, part of our arrogance. Some weeks ago when Mr. K started this series I asked him why and he said " to shine the light and watch the cockroaches scatter". Enough said.

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

This country is insane. Really, I'm serious. There is something very fundamentally wrong in a country that touts all these lovely axioms around all day in and day out about equal rights, opportunity, yada yada yada while at the same time collectively turning their backs to the daily injustices inflicted upon a major portion of it's population. A portion of the population that has contributed much in both blood and monetary gains to what is heralded as 'this great nation'. There is something sick about a country that allows one class of citizen (black) to be arrested and thrown in jail to die for a minor traffic violation while allowing a another class (white) to sign a ticket for DUI and do time in community service for vehicular homicide.

R. Kenyatta says it all in cleaner more definitive terms than I do, as a simple man though I just say this country is insane. And the prognosis for any recovery in my view sadly isn't good.

One of my favorite metaphors for how large the divide is in this country on race is the Bundy ranch. Imagine how far that would have gotten if it were some black man that owed a million dollars in back payments on rented land? Ya think that maybe his entire lands might have been confiscated long ago? Or suppose that it actually got to the same point of a stand off that it did in real life? How would have America been reacting if it had been a small army of armed brothers out there in the sage bush waving guns around chasing off federal employees?

Anyone that would answer in any way other than what we all know would've happened is not dillusional but is a straight out and out liar.

This country is insane. I should have gotten outta here long ago.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

rs, your perspective really resonates with me, right down to your “Bundy metaphor”. I wish I had a penny for every time I have mentioned that Bundy scenario, in the exact same context. Had those guys been black, under identical circumstances with every other detail exactly the same, what a different — and much uglier — outcome there would have been! Not a single one of those guys would’ve been left alive and intact. They all would have been massacred. I’d bet my house and piano on that.

There is so much about our country that is sick. Nothing highlights that more vividly than how blacks are treated compared to whites. It’s like we’re living in two different countries. That’s how I see it; it’s how I’ve always seen it. I do not allow my white skin to define me, my worldview or my way of interpreting events such as the Bundy Ranch’s land heist or the murder of Trayvon Martin, to name but two examples. It’s made me some enemies among white bloggers, here and elsewhere, not that I give a rat’s ass.

We’ll just keep calling it as we see it, rs. Just know that, for what it’s worth, there are at least a few white comrades who get it; people like Patriot, liloby, Marc and myself. We may not understand the “black experience” to the extent that you have, or anyone else who has lived through it. But we are on the same page with you guys. We see the double standards, the hypocrisy and the sickness for what it is, and we have your back.

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

Trayvon Martin.......I still grieve over that young man. Almost as soon as I learned of the murder I, just as everyone that was honest, knew how it would play out. About three days after when the details started becoming known I broke one my promises to myself and called into a live radio program. I had what I wanted to say very clear in my head and what happened for me? I completely broke down and sobbed after about half of the first sentence was out of my mouth. Live on a national radio program. The tears were mostly rage based, but I sure didn't it sound much like that. In first few weeks after the murder I think it was a good thing for a lot us that Zimmerman was kept out reach. Today all that's left for me is grief.

This country is so sick the question becomes, just where to get started in curing the metastasizing cancer? From my point of view of course is for the white nation to get over their problem with race as a good start, Because I don't think of it as a black problem, but as a white problem. Unfortunately though that would only be one head off the hundred headed hydra that needs to be doomed back to the hell it came from. And yet here we are once again, just like the mythic story of yore, fighting that same head regrown after cutting it off once. So now we all find ourselves slowly but surely getting eaten a little bit at a time by this hundred headed hydra that knows no bounds or satiation of appetite. And those that even recognize the threat this cancer represents seem to be few. Then within and between our small bands fewer still can agree on a strategy of attack against a hundred headed not so mythic monster that's eating all of our worlds.

A broad Pan African coalition sounds as good any and holds more promise then any others I've run across in a long time for various reasons. Some of which are obviously subjective, but other reasons are more objective in that I can feel the rustling undercurrents just like one can feel the signs of spring time after a hard winter. It's time to plant. Please keep planting brother Kenyatta. And more power to you.

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 4 years 12 weeks ago

Brother Allen. my admiration for you grows exponentially every day. It was my intent to address you (and others) in my sequel to The Expirement(s), which will be up later today. It is a difficult piece to write; writer's block notwithstanding. You, hopefully, will understand why when you read it. But, your wisdom, your poignance and your controlled rage are hard to ignore.

Will not be ignored.

In your post, #44, you transcend "commenting", and morph into a poet. You speak of the tears subsequent to the Tayvon Martin murder. Funny thing...tears. For there are several types, The type that you experienced in the instant that you described, were the tears that burn as they flow from the eyes; they burn a path as they travel down ones face...leaving a permanent scar on the soul.

A Keloid scar.

Keloid scars are seen 15 times more frequently in highly pigmented ethnic groups than in Caucasians.


We are scarred.

As I read your post, I had to desperately fight back tears, for it took me to a time that I had a similar experience.

Hurricane Katrina.

I, transfixed by the event(s), was watching news reports about a week after the disaster. At some point, in the report (I believe it was MSNBC) the camera panned to the streets where folks were holding up signs asking for their government to help them. Then came the bodies...rotting on the streets; one of which was in a wheelchair covered by a sheet. A young man said it was his Grandmother.

I cried like a fucking baby.

Crying now.

Tired of crying...

And singing...

And marching...

Time to unite, time to fight.

By any means necessary.

All of you that understand my message, both Melanic and our enlightened white brothers and sisters know that I am beyond humbled by your love and support.

By the way Brother Allen, I am an avid gardener; and I shall keep planting, for the harvest groweth nigh.

mrs.vonderhoffholz's picture
mrs.vonderhoffholz 4 years 12 weeks ago

Reply to Palindromedary-----------------------------------------------------Oregon? AIW? NYC/Baltimore, the I-you-she-it -we-they- persona OTW known as ZZ?

The TH pages are severely infected, yet I'll draw this analogy:

As Trump is the Frankenstein's Monster of the Fux, right,

R Kenyatta is the Frankenstein's Monster of the TH, so-called left

"White privledge" as perpetuated here is a myth, as is uber-Feminism, gee golly whiz bangs h ow all these meme-en-fake-en-nators coallesce into one big putrid pile of dogmatic dogsht.

"But I read it!!!" (it must be true) oh but first I WROTE it, then I read it. (credit circa 1980's, Bob Saget, comedian)

R Kenyatta, AIW, ZZ, and their sock puppet buddies have overrun these pages for YEARS, and have escalated to THREATENING VIOLENCE, because TH allows them to run amok, but claims lack of resources or LLC protection- aahhhhh, like the CAPITALISTS DO??? LIMITED LIABILITY for HIS OWN SITE?????? not "responsible for content", including violent content????. LLC????? wow, what a Chamber of Commerce Cop -Out!!!!!!BULLSHYT!!!!!!!! And is Thom Hartmann complicet in the promo of violence, to boot? If violence is promoted here, as it surely has been, TH takes the LLC cop-out? wow...................... It seems a fine line indeed. Or not. Maybe he'll think about it while riding w/the non-Union Uber driver he's hired lately.........more hypocricy

TH is a phony, or a dupe.

Moral of the story?

never attach your little red wagon to another's star,

never put your eggs in an other's basket

trust no one, ever......in this world

mrs vonderhoffholz greatly aknowledges the input of her experienced and many international friends and family, including Americans, for editing this post for any language/syntax deficiencies..........so it would sound "american"...........and y'all thought Ruskie was out, oh my dears...............

peace all, mrs.vonderhoffholz

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hey Mr. K, the cockroaches are back! (tsk tsk)

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

Trolls are never interested in any of the conversation or exchange of ideas or thoughts beyond some narrow one lane one way road of understanding the world.

Trolls often post under more than one moniker.

So mrs. whatever you are calling yourself now be it mlk or somebody else (whose name escapes me at the moment) from last fall, and just to keep count, that's three different names; rave away about something you know nothing about despite our attempt to educate you to what the words you find so obnoxious actually mean. Rave away. You have become a non-entity, a zero.

As a little parting piece of advice I'll offer this. Grow up, you think or know you have problems? Well okay, join the rest of humanity. So does everyone else. Grow up. You finds the words on this site too hurtful to carry on? Oh Dear! Take a walk around any city or town block. Be sure to get back and let us know how lovely the real world is for you without running into anything 'hurtful'. Growup. This is an adult site that deals with adult subjects. And golly gee, sometimes we use grown up words that don't emmm quite fall into the ten dollar words category. Grow up.

And when you do come trolling back, which I have no doubt you will do, don't be so childish and stick with just one name.

Grow up.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 4 years 12 weeks ago
Quote mrs.vonderhoffholz:

"White privledge" as perpetuated here is a myth, as is uber-Feminism, gee golly whiz bangs h ow all these meme-en-fake-en-nators coallesce into one big putrid pile of dogmatic dogsht.

peace all, mrs.vonderhoffholz

It's truly hopeless, mrs.v. Don't expect reasoned responses here on TH. Sure, there are a few - very few - intelligent, compassionate TH bloggers. Get to know them, ignore the rest.

rs allen 4 years 12 weeks ago

And yet Alberto, you're the one that ducked out of the conversation when the going for you became more complex than simple minded answers like 'all is needed is more education'.

And we're the ones with 'issues'? Give it rest.

If given a week or two to write out a treatise I could probably do a reasonable run down connecting your favorite hobby horse of the mid east to the sub Saharan to the African to the South American experiences to the what Black experiences are in the USA and how they are interrelated.

So my last question to you that you left in the air was, education is fine but just who needs the education? Seems to me that gnawed over old bone of education doesn't even have any marrow left in it. But I'll ask it again, who is it you think needs the education?

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