(Continued from Part I)

Now, let us bring this imbecile to justice.

This same individual recently wrote an article about the shooting(s) of a white news crew in Virginia; it was so inflammatory that Thom Hartmann’s staff removed it. This same craven individual is obsessed with Michael Brown and makes extremely derogatory statements about black people; regularly referring to the “Black Lives Matter” movement as “Black Lies Matter”. In fact, he/she/it wrote two articles/posts entitled “Black Lies Matter” a few weeks back…both were removed from the site by Thom’s staff. All that are aware of my positions know that I am an admirer of Malcolm X; this is no secret. I have pictures of Brother X in my office; one of my favorites is he and Martin Luther King (MLK) smiling and having dinner together. Heh, heh.

Back to the pig; or the “Hump” shall we say.

In one of my earlier pieces referring to Malcolm X, this individual states “Malcolm X was a righteous dude”, yet decries any assertion of black self defense. This same individual also stated “R. Kenyatta I think you write very well and speak very well, for what it is worth”. This same individual constantly refers to black Americans as “huge”, “extremely large” (even if it is a 14 year old girl in Texas) to justify racist, blackist police abuse. This same individual refers to me as “very scary” (the oldest whitey word trick in the American lexicon) yet, no one can point to a single threat I have ever made to him, nor anyone else (I don’t make threats for they are tactical errors). I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: there are those of us that will not stand idly by and watch our children, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters murdered and abused with impunity (as you can clearly see). I am talking self- protection and defense and I can guarantee you that should you pose a threat to me or my family I will neutralize you by any means necessary; I don’t give a shit what you look like. White folks bleed just like black ones; and I am an equal opportunity ass-kicker.

You may quote me.

But of all the schizophrenic behavior by this “hump”, the most telling (and validating in terms of said experimentation) is this individual stating: “There are a lot of devious and very dangerous people out there, in internet-land, that I’d rather not meet…especially if they are gunning for me…all you have to do is read what they have written…very, very scary and very threatening!” Now, I could go on with this person ad nauseam but the idea here is to make certain points about credibility, veracity and hypocrisy; not write a novel. Besides that, I have already given the pathetic countenance of a creature more attention than I should, but it is not he/she/it that is the focus it is what he/she/it represents and replicates that is the focus. The “hump”, given its aforementioned statement of fright and worry, apparently is guilty of that very behavior that so frightens it (sound familiar?). The “hump” hides but has/had no problem attempting to stalk and get information on others (which indicates that it has nothing else to do of any consequence). When I spoke of the various elements of my life: my child, “one of the greatest men I know” (Dr. Ken Buhr, a white man of impeccable character), PTSD (which, if it knew what it is resultant of it would burrow even deeper into the dirt that is its home), SLE, Thom Hartmann, providing clips, video, etcetera, I did so expecting folks like the “hump” to validate my experiment.

And they did.

I will acquiesce, however, to being exceptionally flattered by the fact that some find me so fascinating, captivating, beguiling and of such import that they would run counter to that which they so passionately espouse. I have no idea what a humble soul like me has to offer that you would pay me such homage; but it is appreciated.

(to be continued in Part III)


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