The Double Standard

A few nights ago, I, unable to sleep, woke up about 0200 and recorded a conversation with myself about the white man’s double standards. Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

White folks are good at “double standards”…love ‘em. They even have triple and quadruple standards.

Problem is, the very essence of a “standard” is that it is unique in its own; it is one, there cannot be two.

If there are two (or more) then, it is no longer a “standard”.

Keep up fellas.

The accused shooter of the news crew, recently murdered in Virginia is already being called a “race warrior” as is the alleged shooter of the Texas cop. But Dylann Roof (of whom the alleged Virginia shooter referred in terms of this white terrorist killing black people in church), is referred to as neither a “terrorist” nor “race warrior” though there is clear evidence, from his own statements that he is both.

Nope, white folks call him “the mass shooter”. By the way, apparently, (as my experiments here has proven) many white folks applaud him as he has received undisclosed amounts of donations for his defense. How many of you donated to 12 year old Tamir Rice’s family? The pig that shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. has received almost a million dollars in donations. Hell, what a deal! He would never have made a million dollars had he retired from the Ferguson Police Department; killed him a Nigger and lives better than he could have ever dreamt of.


On Monday, August 17, 2015 regarding “The Experiment(s)” the following comment was left: “R.

Kenyatta…I will never vote for another black…Now? you prove you want to be my friend not only on this board but in the real world. F the black man til he proves he wants to be a friendly equal ortherwise? my hands on my .45. I don't trust you now White people will not let this happen again"

A direct, physical, personalized threat…and not one of you made a peep. Nothing but crickets.

I have never done that. But that was okay…

White Privilege=Double Standards.


Thom Hartmann’s staff went right to work and removed the comment; I am unaware of any additional steps taken (and if I am I am not telling).

Nothing I have ever written, or stated, has ever been censored.

That is the proverbial “Beast”. But the “Beauty” is that I have come into contact with a multitude of really great, wonderful people by this endeavor.

Patriot Ex and I have become close friends…he is a white man (a German Jew), he is a man facing an incredible challenge yet he finds time to encourage me, to talk to me, to honor me with contributing his mind to our cause.

AliceInWonderland, too has become a person that I have deep respect and love for (a white woman, also Jewish) including her husband whom I have never seen nor spoken to. Alice has a regular column at MelanicNation called “Beyond The Pale” (more information for the rest of you “humps”, check it out, you might learn something).

NatTurnersGhost and I go along way back, and when I told him about Thom he started listening/watching and reading. We got together over Thai food one night and he was blown away at the statistics on the minimal presence of black Americans on the web in terms of political debate. In his words: “I’ll be damned if I am going to let white boys determine what I am and what my experience is”. I trust you all know the significance of Nat’s moniker.

RsAllen is a brother that I have never seen, spoken to nor am familiar with; but I can “see” him through the lens of intellect and shared experience. He is “reasoned” and “seasoned”. He has given me great inspiration, validation and support.

NScott, is a young man (only 26) that I met somewhat happenstance. He is a tall, good looking kid and extremely bright. He is also very well spoken. I told him about Thom and he, too, became active. In a way, his participation is more important than any because he is a millennial and, thusly, can communicate with the next generation in a way that I cannot…and we cannot. I assume most of Thom’s demographic is late 50’s to late 60’s. I am in my early 50’s, so youthful black male voices are critical.

There are a large number of other people, too numerous to mention, that have, by their comments and participation, validated my experiments. Folks that have let me know that they understand where I am coming from, that have encouraged me and let me know the difference between the sick and the healthy. Despite who (or what) you are, and rather you know it or not, you have been an instrumental part of me meeting these wonderful people.

That is the beauty; and it is nice to see beauty in a sea of ugliness.

Ship still has to sail though.


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zapdam 4 years 7 weeks ago

Kenyatta I've listened to your comments on Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller, they are reasoned and brilliant, please keep up the good work. As for the 'crickets' from your fellow Americans ,perhaps it's justifiable apathy in the face of an American political scene gone crazy, fueled by rich selfish powerful people who want a disfunctional weak America. Americas real enemies, the real subversives trying to destroy America from within.

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R. Kenyatta 4 years 7 weeks ago
#2 is ironic that you would be the first to respond to this, admittedly, lengthy piece for I am a big fan of yours; I read all of your articles. I especially liked (and appreciated) your recent piece on "America's Racist Past".

I cannot thank you enough for your decency, intellect and support. Folks like you give me strength by letting me know that I have many white brothers and sisters that are capable of actually thinking with an intact reality orientation.

If time permits, check the audio clip provided.

rs allen 4 years 7 weeks ago

Zapdam, while you properly identify that there are other fronts that need to be recognized as real threats, the particular on going (and I would say, the singular war) against the Black nation of this country has never been nor never will be justified.

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area51sea 4 years 7 weeks ago

You personally never answered my question, the Clinton who have race baited in political races, Passed laws that incarcerated many people of color, drop bombs on nations with people with brown skin, have called out Rev Wright and sista souljah who have made similar comment like you have, and they are so called democrats.

Tell me why the fuck you are not bringing them to task, Its racist when your average Joe blow doesn't acknowledge past racism, then what the fuck is it when you hold the highest office in the land and leader of the free world, senator of new York state and secretary of state and do not do shit about racism.

Riddle me that

I wanna to know how you guys feel about bill and Hillary Clinton are they racists? The Clinton team used those two situations to basically embarrass Jackson at his own convention. During his speech Clinton remarked; “If you took the words ‘white’ and ‘black,’ and you reversed them, you might think David Duke was giving that speech,” referring to Sista Souljah.. This set off a fire storm and angered Jesse who tried to come back at Clinton by explaining that Souljah was misquoted and her overall sentiments represent the feeling of an entire generation of people, many who feel alienated, but damage was already done. Jackson was rebuffed and Clinton sent a strong message to his centrist voters that he was capable and more than willing to put Black folks in their place.. This soon became known as the Sista Souljah moment and political pundits look for those opportunities where a politicians takes a bold stance against his party.. Wasn't bill Clinton doing what your accusing the board members of doing when sista souljaha made the comments If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?" Hillary Clinton Clinton cited an Associated Press poll "that found how Senator Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me." What was Hillary implying when she made these comments? Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her silence on Senator Barack Obama’s pastor on Tuesday, sharply criticizing Mr. Obama for not leaving the Chicago church where the pastor made inflammatory remarks about the United States, spread conspiracy theories about the government and made sensational comments about Mrs. Clinton. “Given all that we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor,” Mrs. Clinton, of New York, said on Tuesday of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., at a news conference in Greensburg, Pa How do you feel about Clinton critiquing Obama for not leaving his church of 20 years who's reverend was being accused of being the angry black guy that hates white people by the corporate media? - See more at:

So lets see one of your article bringing the clintons to task, or shut your hillary shill black brady bunch ass up.

rs allen 4 years 7 weeks ago

reply #4

Am I to assume mister you are addressing someone other than me? Because if you were I probably ignored it as a redundant question not worth my time to answer.

The short answer from here is that crimes done against the peoples of any and all races by the Clintons are so myriad space and time precludes listing them.

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NatTurnersGhost 4 years 7 weeks ago

Uh, #4 Brother Scott told you about your disrespectful, filthy little mouth should brush your teeth after performing fellatio. Seems obvious no one cares what you "wanna know". You lack intelligence and scream like a pointy eared little Klingon girl, people here are trying to have an adult discussion. So, check this out: no one hear wants to hear screeching little hermaphodites from distant planets who are off of their meds in this environment. Take that cowardly excrement elsewhere, and if you are so desperate for an article of Bill and Hillary write it yourself provided you have enough sense to write it (which you clearly do not). You will NOT disrespect Mr. Kenyatta, here or anywhere else. As a matter of fact, post some more crap like that and I will see to it that you are eliminated from this site. I suggest you go and find your alien boyfriend back at Area51, and get your slimy, putrid, three legged ass on the next flying saucer back to your galaxy. Now that is straight from the Men In Black, fool.

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Patriot Ex 4 years 7 weeks ago

Damn! I wish I had said that!

GHOST you are dangerous dude; you have my side hurting!

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area51sea 4 years 7 weeks ago

I wish i had said that, shut your corny ass up. The rejected 7 black Brady bunch member is a shill for the Hillary campaign.

You can try to play these white people if you want but i know the game. I never saw the men in black or any other of those comic book nerd movies, i was to busy playing and watching sports, Any of you so called brothas hyped for the football season,or did you get your man card took.

The only purpose of this rejected Brady bunch member is fuck with these white people, Either get them riled up talking about violence on white people or they try to kiss your ass so they can feel like they got a black friend. Hey man these black guys are talking about the stuff i read about in history books, i feel ya bro, Yeah shit was fuck up back then, but i am trying to eat right now.

So he can write all the shit he wants, but the question is he gonna sit back and talk on a white liberal website or is gonna put this shit to action. If he wants to start a race war, why don't he go to ones these racist white sites and post that shit and create another weirdo like Dylan roof. He ain't doing nothing to help the problem, he is just alienating people from helping the black community. So if the average white person who has on average 1.1 black friend and they come here and see shit like this, all you do if confirm their stereo type of the angry black guy and their one black friend is the exception to the rule.

So i guessing this dude is made because because in his rich white high school, he got rejected by the Brady bunch table, and now til this day he is mad at white people to this day. I could respect his blogs until he posted his privileged background

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 4 years 7 weeks ago

I see why you were ignored, fool. Like I said, grown ups here. You are not a "black man", you are a white boy/girl in Klingon drag. This is apparent because you could not possibly be as illiterate as you are trying to make yourself sound. Nice try though.You could not possibly be that ignorant, yet be on a Thom Hartmann political site. You read "history books", but you can't string two sentences together. "This dude is Made".

You are a racist white boy/girl trying to "sound black" in your writing so that you can carry out your sick agenda; which is a totally racist move. I know this because no self-respecting black man would come here and be that damned ignorant. Nice try...whitey. You are not sophisticated enough to pull that one off, fool.

Does not much matter because...well, because. You should have taken my advice and hopped on that flying saucer. Nice avatar, funny looks just like Bernie Sanders.


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area51sea 4 years 7 weeks ago

I don't read history books, i barely got high school diploma, But looks like you read a whole of the white man history books and got one of the white mans white privilege education. But good on you for correcting my broken English sell out.

You were one of those square ass bitches in school weren't you. You probably got one of those diplomas from a white man college don't you. I see you keep trying to be like Shakespeare and writing all fancy like these other white people trying to out write them with your big white words.

As you can see when you get a white privilege education instead of the one you get from the school next to the projects , the white man values your opinion over the under educated one.

I am not a black man, I am not white man, I am not Indian. I am all three , I am the future bitch.

But keep proving my point, why the fuck are you not answering my question, what the fuck about Hillary and bills racist record.

R kenyatta a shill for the white women Hillary

and what the fuck is klingon? lol

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zapdam 4 years 7 weeks ago


I hate when people pile on, my Canadian kindness. compassion and sense of fairness , makes me cringe.

I don't agree with you, but i love hearing you rant. You swear like a drunken sailor. I'd like to, sometimes, but out of respect for Thom, who has very little tolerance for bad language. i never do.

Some of your points are colorfully interesting, everyone should have the right to be heard. As for you defending your lack of formal education, you express yourself quite well, in creative ,entertaining and imaginative ways and you sure have alot to say.

If it wasn't for 'spell check', half of us would look like dopes.

Who knows with enough talk, chatter, interaction, out of respect for other peoples viewpoints , you might come full circle or your detractors might be more respectful.

Please Keep Blogging :)

rs allen 4 years 7 weeks ago

Area51, why keep on about the clintons? They should be in the rear view any time now, let them keep lapping at the slop trough their corp. puppet masters have poured out for them and those of the clinton ilk. The clintons were traitors to all except the pay masters. They weren't the first, and they aren't the only traitors in our midst, let's work together to make this present batch the last instead of becoming fixated.

Now if you want to rave away you don't need to pick on has-beens pick some worthy targets, let's shit on uncle tom clarence's head. Let's piss on uncle tom obama's white oval office rug.

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 7 weeks ago

GHOST is correct. Area51 is a troll, and I guarantee you that if you saw him he looks like a white man. Check his comments on "Huge Black Guy in Houston" (#27) it is strange how he suddenly uses better language and writing skills. The same on "Blackism Experiments" (15&26). Area51 doesn't like Mr. K's positions so attempts, in a disgusting, mocking racist way to ghettoize this forum by throwing foul language all over the place so that other white people can say "there goes the neighborhood ". Kenyatta's presence has brought people to the site and this is this trolls way of creating disruption. Racist, despicable bastard. No other legitimate blacks in these threads has EVER spoken like that. They would not. I'm surprised no one else caught it.

Didn't work asswipe.

rs allen 4 years 7 weeks ago


I doubt area has the barest clue of Brother Kenyatta's position/s on squat. I started skipping his posts after his first tirade back somewhere in the experiments writings. I just happen to be in a good mood here (I guess) so I thought let's try to find out where this cat is actually coming from. Like, just what the f'k is his beef?

Aaaah man, please don't ask me to follow any camel shit again.

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 7 weeks ago

Amen Mr. Allen...amen.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 7 weeks ago

Patriot, I’ll confess to having been rather confused by Area’s posts. He seems to go through these personality changes that are rather radical. I haven’t been able to make much sense of it. Perhaps you and Ghost have it figured out.

Mr. Allen, having noticed this version of your name on Patriot’s posts, I prefer calling you this over “rs” because it seems more like a real name. So unless you object, I’ll call you Mr. Allen from now on.

On another note Mr. Allen, I’ve given up on following that canel shit. Too stinky and repugnant.

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gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

We have not met and I am not on here so often that I could have come to your defense in the post that you noted, but sadly I am a white folk. I now know that I am guilty of having double standards and apparently I have labeled Dylan Roof “the mass shooter” but if he were black I would have labeled him “terrorist” or “race warrior”. I have not donated to the family of Tamir Rice and I am entirely blown away as to why you would mention this in this particular post, is this maybe a white privilege tax that I should be paying? I only ask the question because your screed is about white privilege and white double standards so it is white people that you are singling out for not donating, almost like you treat people differently based solely on the color of their skin. Nice that you have found some white people, clearly guilty of being white that you have taken the time prove innocent, sure glad that they were cured. Not sure I can be cured though, your diagnosis seems bleak, I’m not getting any younger and I constantly run into people on the internet that may have never read anything I have typed but have already diagnosed me with the same affliction. Racism comes in all colors, clearly you have already decided who I am but I’m still an individual just as you are an individual, so your thoughts on “white folk” will remain your own. I won’t blindly decide that everyone of your skin tone feels the same way as you do. I will just leave the blanket statement about entire racial groups to you.

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 6 weeks ago

Well I am "white folks" too, and I agree with what Mr. Kenyatta says in general; so does Thom Hartmann and a lot of other "white folks". The point the man is trying to make is that "white folks" in their smugness expect to be respected for their "whiteness" and we have a society built on that like it or not. Mr. K respects people, he does not respect whiteness. Hope that helps give you a proper perspective, however doubtful I am.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

Reply to #17- Another defensive white guy. Oh well, can't win 'em all. Anyway I stand with Patriot on this. Kenyatta is speaking an unpleasant truth we all need to hear. We'll never heal this deep wound without exposing it to the open air. Otherwise it could turn gangrenous... if it hasn't already.

That said, I'll remind y'all that if Mr. Kenyatta was really a racist, he would not have befriended palefaces like me and Patriot, or invited us to join the team on his Melanic Nation website. The truth is, Mr. K is fully aware that it's what's between the ears -- and in the heart -- that counts. Any white person who is not a racist, who comes to these threads, has nothing to worry about.

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area51sea 4 years 6 weeks ago

I am not the most literate person, but i am not a dumb person. I try to be civil in my post and try to present an intelligent position, But when some one comes at me sideways like a smart ass i am not gonna be respectful. So if you wanna call that ghettoizing the forum, so you must be saying you don't want a position from a person who grew up in the ghetto present their views in way that is not the college educated author way.

And i find it funny how you say no legitimate Blackman would talk like that in here, 99% of black people never heard of this thread or Thom Hartman and chances are if i wasn't looking for political talk during Obama 08 run while during work as a truck driver i probably would of never heard of Thom.

So like in life the way you talk around white people is different then when your around friends and i try to write in a way that is white appropriate, but just like in real life if someone disrespects you it hard to hold back.

The thing is i feel where r kenyatta is coming from. My problem is why is he fucking with the white people that will most sympathetic to the cause. I get the anger, you think im not angry every day

So some white person acknowledging shit was fuck up in the past ain't going to get me a good job today.

But if people keep falling for this divide conquer bullshit we are going to keep going down the same road as the corporation build their billions on the backs of everybody while only the white privilege with connection make it. Like Thom says minorities are the last to be hired and the first to be fired and many like me will continued to be under employed or unemployed unless we change our trade laws and have government job programs.

So my point was this guy should be using his writing skills to bridge the gap instead alienating people and maybe we can get somebody in there that gives a dam instead of people just trying to make themselves rich.

And Hillary Clinton is not in the rear view mirror , she got a 18 wheeler and is swerving lanes trying to keep Bernie behind and i cant take 8 more years of this shit because it will probably break me.

And i don't get why people on the left keep trying to protect the Clintons when they passed many laws that effect current day lives of blacks and minorities , race baited plenty of times. But he is worried about some average ignorant white person , but says nothing about highly educated , highly powerful people did a whole lot of damage to minority communities and they get a pass because they claim to be a democrat, I say fuck that and they need to be held accountable.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Area I don't know old you are, how many election cycles you've seen or how active you are in political activities but if you think anything at all can happen from the top down you'll always be disappointed. Witness how easily Obama was brought to heel. Unlike the many I listened quite closely to what he was saying during his original bid for the oval office and what he was actually saying was very different from what people just assumed he was saying and then even given his barely inches left of center agenda he was stopped cold. Then of course from there he folded like a good uncle tom and started to show a willingness to sell us down the river instead of standing upright and fighting like the man everyone just assumed he was. And before you ask or accuse, no I didn't vote for clinton (and no, I didn't vote Obama either) in that round of nominations. The more you consider this semi-annual dog and pony show we call the national elections the more you'll realize it's a rigged game. Nothing more than a bread and circuses show for the masses. This election cycle reminds me so much of the 68 election season I can't help but keep mentioning it. Any ways my point is Area, grass roots is the only type of politics that have any chance of success othwise you'll forever be disappointed. Nothing ever really happens from top down except smoke and mirrors.

I've run out of time, be back later.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Easy enough for you to say Alice, you have been cleared by the wrongdoing of being born white. I don't believe that I am part of this deep wound but more importantly, with no knowledge of me or anything about me I have been lumped in with all of the "white folks" in his tirade. Just because he has befriended a few palefaces does not make up for prejudging everyone else based on the color of their skin as he clearly did in his post. When some white person claims he can be a racist because "he has a black friend", do we accept that as an answer? No, nor should we accept that. When I am judged for the color of my skin and not as an individual then I do think I have something to worry about and I'm not sure how the original post can be read any other way.

And no patriot, that doesn't help, I already had proper perspective and it is just what you said. I am "white folks" I am not smug about the color of my skin and have never expected to be repected for my "whiteness". I'm an individual, not an entire society, I have no say in how society is built. I don't expect repect based on the color of my skin and it is clear that none is given here but I also don't care for disrespect based on the color of my skin, that is very very ugly.

I have a whole lot of trouble believing the posters in this thread would put up with it if the original post was a white poster singling out black people based on the color of their skin. Like it or not it is racism when you treat people differently based on the color of their skin and it is also very condescending to allow that from one group and not from another. I will continue to criticize my fellow “white folks” when the treat people differently based on skin tone so it would be condescending not to do the same with my black friends. Why should I expect more out of white people than black people? I don’t because they are all individuals and should be treated that way. It is very much coming from a place of repect that I have serious criticisms of the original post. I expect more from all people.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

To get respect you have to start from respect gmo. So far the only respect the black man has recieved is the right to vote, not to have to sit at the back of the bus and not to need separate drinking fountains. Thanks.

If you won't excuse me for studying you very closely upon a meeting it's your problem not mine.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Area, to carry on from my last post.

The whole point of Brother Kenyatta's posts are to make that punky center uncomfortable. It's an attempt to say order is not enough, it's an attempt to say shit or get off the pot because as things stand it can not contiue. Without justice there can be no peace.

Rev. King made people uncomfortable. Malcolm X made people uncomfortable. Brother Stokely made people uncomfortable. Brothers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale made people uncomfortable. Nothing nothing happens in comfort Area51 no matter how much that punky center just wishes it to remain oh so comfortable and orderly.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Alice, wellll I've certainly been called a lot worse than mister that's for sure. Though if truth be know it feels too much like a title that doesn't feel right to me. It reminds too much of like hearing your name over the pa system in class after getting caught smoking in the boys room.....WILL MISTER_________ REPORT TO PRINCIPLES OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! Or some fresh scrubbed face out of ROTC pulling rank by going through footlockers. MISTER IS THIS HOW WE FOLD SHORTS?

I'm okay with whatever people want to call me in this enviorment be it rs, allen, rs allen or al.

Yeah you can call me al.


Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

Reply to #25: Is “Allen” all right? Guess I’m set in my ways; I hate spelling names with all small-case letters. Just goes against my grain. But it’s your name, comrade, so you call the shots.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

Reply to #22: gmodem, it’s just as easy for you to accuse Mr. Kenyatta of being divisive and racist. For you to frame this dialogue around something crass and stupid as the idea that being born white (or being born with any physical characteristic) should constitute “wrongdoing” strips your argument of any credability, right off the bat.

White people have no business complaining about being “judged for the color of their skin” when their skin color has no influence on whether they get hired, housed, followed by retail store detectives or stopped & frisked (or shot at) by cops. Regardless of whether you expect to be treated better as a white person, you ARE treated better. You would save yourself a whole lot of angst by simply acknowledging this simple fact, instead of getting defensive and whining about “reverse discrimination”.

The “deep wound” I’m referring to is somethng we all inherit at birth as Americans, regardless of skin color. How much or how little it impacts our lives on a daily basis has everything to do with skin color. We can either strive to resolve this problem via communication, cooperation and appropriate legislative measures; or we can resort to blaming those most victimized by it, for the anger and resentment they feel, whenever they dare to express those feelings out in the open. Seems to me that such anger is an appropriate response to being artificially and injustly handicapped by something by no fault of one's own. For white people to be reacting to that anger as though it were a personal affront is not only irrational and ridiculous, it is counter-productive and gets us nowhere.

Mr. Kenyatta is an angry black man. That does not make him a racist. Too bad so many whites fail to make that distinction.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Thank you for making my point Alice, it is crass and stupid, also not my argument it is Kenyatta’s argument. Is the double standard he speaks of not wrongdoing and based solely on my being white? Are you going to call him crass and stupid for making the argument or is that just reserved for "white folks"? That is the exact kind of condescension I was talking about, nobody needs you to treat them differently based on race or feel sorry for them yet when I use exactly what he says I am crass and stupid while he is not called out for being crass and stupid.

I am fully aware of the housing and hiring issues, those are not my doing either and I may very well be treated better because of the color my skin but that doesn’t mean I have to sit back when someone accuses me of having double standards and treating the perpetrators of violence differently based on skin color. Whether or not I am treated differently doesn’t mean I have to put up with anything, I don’t owe anyone anything due to how they are treated by other people. Victimized or not nobody gets a pass and striving to fix the problem shouldn’t involve turning a blind eye when those most affected by the problem are guilty of the problem. I’m not blaming those victims for the problem, I am blaming them for the new and separate problem they create when they decide to single out entire races. Mr. Kenyatta can be as angry as he wants, direct that anger appropriately, I never denied anyone a loan or job based on skin color. It is a personal affront when he calls me out personally, not sure why you would see it any other way. You are right, being angry does not make a racist and I never said otherwise, you would have to call someone out based on the color of their skin to be a racist, it has nothing to do with being angry. You cannot solve a problem by picking and choosing who you are going to criticize for being part of the problem, if someone steals from me and then I turn around and steal from them I am still breaking the law.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Please tell us all about the white discrimination problem gmo. I really feel for ya man. Do tell all, help us feel your pain.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Sure thing RS, as soon as you can cite where I said anything about having a white discrimation problem. I was typing about the original post, one person's post but you go ahead and try to spin that into a "white discrimination problem" that would be systemic and very much different from one person's post.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Well you're either part of the problem of indifference, the cognitive disconnect, the double standard whatever you want to call it or you're not. Which is it?

If you're not then you wouldn't or shouldn't be offended because you couldn't actually identify with the accusation. While on the other hand taking offense maybe should give you reason to pause for some self-reflection gmo. Get my drift?

And yes, that relates to the op.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

I am not indifferent to the problem and not sure why you are bringing up indifference anyway. I do self reflect often and I think you have it entirely backwards, I don’t get offended by the accusations about me that are true, they represent me and if I don’t like it I need to make a change. It is the accusations that are untrue that offend me and they have no basis in reality when the original poster makes an accusation about an entire race of people. You should do a little study and find out how your theory about people not getting offended by things that aren’t true works out in the real world. Go out to some strangers in the street and call them vile names, I believe people are generally good and most those vile names would be untrue. Let me know how that works out, certainly nobody should be offended when you say things about them that are false, you will be just fine.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

gmodem, if you’re going to accuse Kenyatta of making crass, stupid comments, you’re going to have to provide some quotes. Otherwise I’ll just assume you’re hyperventillating over nothing, carrying on like just another white guy with a chip on his shoulder, and/or nursing a persecution complex. All you're doing is sifting what the man says through your own interpretative filter. Only a defensive white person would have the compulsion to remind the rest of us that hiring & housing discrimination are not his “doing”.

Who, exactly, is accusing you of having double standards? Seems to me that you are taking Kenyatta’s analyses, assertions and rants way too personally. If what he's saying doesn't apply to you, why are you so upset? You make vague, generalized comments like “nobody gets a pass and striving to fix the problem shouldn’t involve turning a blind eye when those most affected by the problem are guilty of the problem…” So according to you, blacks are the “guilty” ones?! You go on to say “I’m not blaming those victims of the problem, I am blaming them for the new and separate problem they create when they decide to single out entire races”. Entire races?! Seems to me that translates specifically to white people. Essentially, what you’re doing is playing the same old game I see defensive whites play all the time, in their pathetic attempts to turn it all around so that it looks & sounds like black people are oppressing white people, and whites are the real victims. Gimmie a break.

You demand Allen (rs) “cite” anything you’ve said that reveals a white persecution complex. Okay, I’ll save him the trouble by doing it myself. You reveal that kind of an attitude with the following (post #22): “…with no knowledge of me or anything about me I have been lumped in with all of the ‘white folks’ in his [Kenyatta’s] tirade.” How so, gmo? You accuse Kenyatta of “prejudging everyone else based on the color of their skin”. Here’s another example from that same post, where you say: “When I am judged for the color of my skin and not as an individual then I do think I have something to worry about and I'm not sure how the original post can be read any other way.” If that doesn’t reveal a persecution complex, I don’t know what does. You complain about “disrespect based on the color of my skin” and say that is “very, very ugly”. You accuse Kenyatta of “treating people differently based on the color of their skin”. In post #28 comes more of the same: “Is the double standard he speaks of not wrongdoing and based solely on my being white? Are you going to call him crass and stupid for making the argument or is that just reserved for ‘white folks’?”

Please explain what is “inappropriate” in the way Kenyatta expresses his anger. Since you’ve accused him of calling you out personally, without providing any quotes to prove it, I can’t take that too seriously either. I read Kenyatta’s editorial — all three parts -- twice, and don’t recall you having been mentioned anywhere in there. He doesn’t know you from Adam, gmo! All you’re doing is proving the man’s point, posting this shit.

Defensive whites are forever taking the assertions of black people personally, because they resent having their comfortable complacency disrupted and can’t handle the blowback or the ugly truth of the matter. “I am not indifferent to the problem”, you protest, “and not quite sure why you are bringing up indifference anyway.” The hell you’re not indifferent. Just listen to yourself, man! If you didn’t know, deep inside, of your own indifference, your hackles wouldn’t be up like this. Just who do you think you’re fooling? When an intelligent, articulate black man like Kenyatta calls out indifferent white people on their indifference, only the indifferent are offended. Were that not the case with you, gmo, you would not have taken Kenyatta’s remarks so bloody personally. Seems to me you've a lot more self-reflecting to do.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

It is clear that you just want to spin my statements to work toward who you want me to be so one thing at a time…

"Who, exactly, is accusing you of having double standards?" Alice

"White folks are good at “double standards”…love ‘em. They even have triple and quadruple standards." Kenyatta

This is what I take issue with, that is the whole point here. I am a white folk so Kenyatta is exactly accusing me of having double standards and triple and quadruple standards and even being good at it. I hold all people to a higher standard than to call out entire racial groups, clearly you do not. How do you defend this and how on earth is that not racism? Is it OK if I make generalized statements about all black people too? I very much believe that in your mind it is just fine that Kenyatta make statements about all white people but you would jump all over me if I did the same thing about black people. Kenyatta is absolutely right about you as a “white folk”, you do have a double standard.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

I guess gmo just likes my poetic way with words Alice. Eh, What was that I said?lol

I admit though to getting bored of his evasions that run into the leading and thinly vailed accusatory questions. He's straying into troll territory now.

Poor put upon gmo will just have to wait, I'm not much in the mood for going off on a rant of white america right now, I've got too many other fires here at home to put out at the moment.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

I hear that, Allen. I, too, have other fish to fry. Oh well, at least I tried.

You've got nothing to defend, gmo. If you could only wrap your mind around that one simple fact, it just might spare you considerable angst and lift a huge load off your shoulders. - AIW

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Not sure that is even supposed to mean..."You've got nothing to defend". But you go ahead and take your ball and go home when you can't defend your clear double standard, back to Wonderland you go. Maybe the people there will enjoy your nonsense about "persecution complexes" and spinning people's words. You are part of the problem.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

And what is that problem that you speak of?

You've run into that trip wire I spoke to earlier in this series.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

A double standard, just as I said. Different set of standards based on the color of skin. I think there might be another word for someone who has one set of standards for white people and a lower set of standards for black people. I’m quite sure she doesn’t care so much for black people being judge by the color of their skin and yet “White people have no business complaining about being “judged for the color of their skin””. Not sure why you think black people can’t handle the same set of standards, I think they are capable, clearly some do not.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

We've been meeting those continuely moving white standards for centuries to date. So no more evasion bullshit.

Answer the goddamn challenge or be the problem. I don't much care, I'm not going sooth your poor hurt white candy ass any longer.

No more bread crumb trails, this is the end of the line. Either engage or become just another zero.

Got it?

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 4 years 6 weeks ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that I think this is a spirited debate; exactly what I intend to do. The one individual that has taken umbrage to my writing(s) has every right to do so. In fact, he/she/it is the proverbial Poster Child of what I have been speaking and writing about. This individual is, essentially, giving the rather pitiful argument akin to the "I didn't own slaves" (so I am somehow absolved) response so common in many white Americans. By the way, I use the term "white folks", not "white folk". "White folk" would be grammatically atrocious; so I would ask that if one is to quote me, one would do so accurately.

As the 'GHOST" is fond of saying: "white is not a color, it is an absence of color". For the record.

The aforementioned response from white folks is, indeed, a defensive one. The fact that you "didn't own slaves" does not change its impact on either group of people. Maybe you didn't own slaves, but you benefit from the practice to this very day in a multitude of ways. Further, that horrific history has a direct impact on how you view black Americans and, thusly, how they view you. Yet, you never see that "I didn't own slaves" crowd (or any significant number of white folks), complaining about the welfare that they receive as a result of that vile, murderous practice. In fact quite to the contrary, the ACD (Anglo Cognitive Dissonance) is so intense that they actually are incapable of realizing that without the exploitation of the Melanic people of the world (especially the black ones) they would have nothing. Still wearing animal skins, living in caves, eating with their hands and shitting in bushes. And to the self-righteous white folks I say: here you are protesting the inconvenient truth as I present it to you, but where are your protestations about the disparities between black and white that you pay lip service to? You "didn't own slaves" where are your posts demanding reparations to black Americans? Almost exclusively, it is the black American that dies at the hands of your "police" (derivitive of the word "policy"). Where are your posts protesting that? Fact of the matter is that if white folks wanted these wanton murders, by state agents, of blacks to cease they would cease tomorrow. White folks do no such thing because, though they "didn't own slaves" they have a mentality formed by that history and exploitation that tells them better to remain silent and let this happen that way the niggers will stay in their place. Your intellectual dishonesty tells you that lynching, institutional dehumanization spanning centuries, humiliation of an entire group of people and slavery has nothing to do with how you view those people today. Modern day police in America evolved from Slave Patrols and the KKK. Now, connect the dots white boy, or are you really that stupid? You criticize me for my point of view, but aside from that what are you doing?

What you fail to realize "white folks" is that your silence is deafening; and it is complicity. In most States there are laws on the books that if you know of a crime (especially a capital, heinous crime) and you fail to report it you are as guilty of the offense as is the perpetrator. So miss me with that bullshit you are sprouting.

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of young men at California's Phoenix House; something I volunteer my time to do regularly because it is crucially important to me. Phoenix House is, essentially, the modern day equivalent of reform school. Some kid, between the ages of 13-18, gets in trouble and a Judge will decide between Phoenix House and the harsher alternative. I need not state that most of those young people were black and brown, Melanic people. I spoke to them about "The Road to Perdition" and the value of knowledge. I told them about the history of the white man (to this very day) denying them equal (or any) education...and I told them why. I have started MelanicNation to address the problems that affect us and find solutions to those problems. I regularly contribute to Thom Hartmann's forum as well. I am designing a speaking tour to address black students across the nation in "disadvantaged schools", all the while being a single parent managing Systemic Lupus. So my question is this: aside from criticizing me, white folks...

What are you doing?

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

I could not be happier to see more black voices piping in here. Thumbs up, guys!

Gmo isn't the first white comrade I've pissed off, and I don't reckon he'll be the last. Oh well, not everyone has to love me. Ain't here lookin' for love. Not aspiring to be Queen For A Day... - AIW

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

Queen For a Day, if I remember that old tv series right wasn't it a marching out of sob stories with the best spun slobbering bit awarded their most wished for desire that usually ranged somewhere between a new washer and dryer or a new living room carpet?

Yeah, you lose Alice. Now if I can find that pictured id, find a bus to the distant one that's left polling station, find a place in line that'll get me to booth before the doors close, my vote will go for gmo for that coveted title.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 4 years 6 weeks ago

Thanks for the comic relief, Allen. Well timed.

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 6 weeks ago

Ha ha! Alice, you and Al need to go on the road with that comedy act...too funny. I noticed no one responded to Mr. K's challenge. GMO, where are you? As for me, I am standing with Mr. K and letting it be known that I will not be silent. I will not be another complicit white man.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Ok Mr. Kenyatta, you win. I am stupid and pitiful then and feel free to hold me accountable for everything negative that has ever happened to the black man, just make sure you hold all of the white people who agree with you accountable as well. They may not have owned slaves but when was the last time they apologized to you for things that happened before they were born? Have you asked all of the other new posters to this site where their posts are protesting police violence or asking for reparations? That should obviously be their first post or they are complicit in the police violence.

You are correct too, I now have no reason to complain about your lumping all white folks into the same double standard, I happily give you the double standard of holding you to a lower standard than I will for white folks. You win and congratulations for that. I now know that white people would have reverted to living in caves and eating with their hands, if not for black people, I wasn’t aware that you have saved the white folks for this regression so I feel a need to thank you for that.

Please do tell me what you have done to make up for stealing this country from those who are indigenous to this country? Black people also fought in the revolutionary war to give us the freedom to push those native to this land off of their land so certainly you are in debt to those who are indigenous to this land. You owe everything you have to them, you have earned nothing, everything you have is because of them. You are complicit in this injustice with your silence. What have you done for them? Not one mention of them in your posts but I don’t expect there would be because again, you have earned your benefit of a lower standard.

What am I doing? Nothing, I have learned from this forum that I should be silent, you have decided I am stupid with pitiful arguments, certainly you wouldn’t want anyone like that on your team. You have already decided I view black people differently based on the horrible things done to their ancestors, obviously not someone you would want on your team. So again, you win, I’m quite sure from your postings that you would rather be correct about me as doing nothing than have my help, so I will just bite my tongue when I see racism, never once have before but I will now that I have been educated. I now see the world in a whole different light thanks to you and your friends Mr Kenyatta.

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 4 years 6 weeks ago

Folks should do their respective homework before making indictments. In a recent piece I specifically mention Native Americans, as I have in several other pieces. My maternal Great Grandmother was Cherokee. Most importantly, Native Americans are MELANIC PEOPLE. The quote is/was: (#41) "without the exploitation of the Melanic people of the world (especially the black ones) they would have nothing." But, as is typical with white folks when the facts make them uncomfortable and a black man asserts himself, they resort to distortions (which unequivocally proves my theories). Be mindful that I am a professional wordsmith; you cannot win a game of linguistic twister with me. You, quite simply, cannot. I was trained by the best at playing word games...white folks.

My entire purpose is to unite Melanic People, a fact that is quite apparent and easily verifiable. I have devoted my own time, money and resources to that end.

As for any individual that attempts to blackmail me with sophomoric proclamations inferring that my positions have caused them to "bite their tongue" when they "see racism", more power to them. Probably best you do "bite" it. If the litmus test is that your support, or speaking out on "blackism" is predicated upon my saying what you want to hear, I submit to that person that their convictions are less than convicted; for there is nothing that will derail me from mine. Ergo, I'm not talking about right or left, I'm talking about right and wrong. I will never acquiesce to anything but the truth and will continue to equally offend those to whom offense is required. Pardon me for not knowing my place, but I always have been a nigger that didn't know his place. A fact that has gotten me in big trouble throughout my life; and will, undoubtedly, continue to.

And, for the record, I ask all white folks the same questions; and black ones as well. Black people, as I have said before, have culpability in the status quo; though from a vastly different aspect and for vastly different reasons.

gmodem's picture
gmodem 4 years 6 weeks ago

Why on earth would I do my homework on you when you don't pay me the same respect? You might want to take your own advice. I don't very much care if you want to call it blackmail but when I get chastised and my words distorted simply for calling out your double standard then something needs to change. I very much think it would be a huge benefit to you for more people to come out as unsympathetic to your cause when they get treated this way for not being completely in step with you. You are just going to breed more racism when you act the way you do. You might be able to unite melanic people but you are dividing everyone else.

rs allen 4 years 6 weeks ago

As you seem to think you have the right to make the rules why don't you just lay out for us how we should feel and express ourselves. That way we'll be sure not to offend your tender sensibilities next time any of us want to say anything about anything. After all we certainly would hate to offend any po white feelin's.

Whitebread, you must've been born yesterday if you think you can get away with the shit you've tried to pull here. Say, I've always wondered where trolls live. Is it caves? Among the tree roots? Under rocks? Where?

Patriot Ex's picture
Patriot Ex 4 years 6 weeks ago

As a Sociologist, I must say that I had a conversation with Mr. K. A few weeks ago and the subject was the "crime" of Black Male.

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