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This morning three, Baton Rouge police officers were shot dead; several others wounded. This comes on the heels of the shooting/murder of five other police officers in Dallas a week ago.

It is unclear the details, and/or, circumstances surrounding the shootings as the situation is still fluid and developing.

Baton Rouge is where a 37 year old father, unarmed Black man, was gunned down by Baton Rouge police. His name was Alton Sterling.

The Disconnect

I have been listening to, reading and watching this morning, some of the language being used by reporters from various news outlets from various media. I am going to quote a few of them: One reporter, on KFI talk radio, here in Southern California exclaimed “When is this going to stop!”…”It has to stop”!

Black People in America have been exclaiming that for centuries. The aforementioned Talk Show host made no such exclamations when Alton Sterling was murdered or Ezell Ford (right here in Los Angeles).

She went on, in a voice dripping with anxiety, panic and emotion to state: “Those Officers had families!”

So what?

Ezell Ford had a family. Alton Sterling had a family. Philando Castile had a family. Freddie Gray had a family. Sandra Bland had a family. Tony Robinson had a family. Eric Garner had a family. Walter Scott had a family. Michael Brown had a family. Dontre Hamilton had a family. John Crawford III had a family. Akai Gurley had a family. Rumain Brisbon had a family. Phillip White had a family. Tanisha Anderson had a family. 12 year old Tamir Rice, a precious little boy…had a family. Charley Leundeu Keunang had a family. All police killings in the past 24 months of Black People in America. And though not killed by police, there was 17 year old Trayvon Martin and 17 year old Jordan Davis killed by white men. Trayvon and Jordan had families.

I have a family!

She went on: “They’re just trying to do their jobs”.

“Their jobs” are inherently dangerous and no one drafted them. In fact, they love their guns and their power over life and death. Tamir was doing his job, too…just being a little boy. Akai was simply walking down a stairwell, doing “his job” to get to the bottom.

She went on: “It must be scary just to wear the uniform”. This one really got to me, because putting on that uniform is a choice that one makes by one’s own volition. However, this uniform that I wear, and my children wear, is not a choice. It cannot be taken on and off and hung in the closet, it cannot be dry cleaned, ironed, starched and festooned with badges and ribbons. It carries with it no State power, no paycheck nor compensation, no authority and, apparently, no respect. All of those that I mentioned killed by police wore this same “uniform” and in so having that uniform, we are targets (literally). Ergo, if “it must be scary” to wear a uniform that you get paid to wear and volunteer to put on, how “scary” must it be to be wearing that other one that you can’t take off?

So this disconnect continues.

Anglo Cognitive Dissonance.

I will be the first to say that I have met some great police officers; but they have been exceptions and are, thusly, “exceptional”. That’s what they called me when I was a little boy…”exceptional”. In other words, I wasn’t as dumb as the other nigger children. That’s how I took it then, and that’s how I take it now. It was an insult.

But, I digress.

Far too often the experience that Black People in America have with the police, whether it be a Harvard Professor as in Louis Gates, or Tamir Rice, or the unarmed black woman on the 10 freeway pummeled by a Highway Patrolman whom repeatedly punched her in the face with gloved fists as he straddled her, Sandra Bland, or countless others (including myself) is a negative one; no matter your station in life. It is one where disrespect is king. It is one where you are spoken to in a way that is condescending and, often, racially insulting. It is one where you are physically abused; and if the planets line up just right, you might just die. It is one where your personal effects are disrespected and your home is violated. It is one where your children see you as less than a person.

What white people don’t seem to understand is that their experience with the police is a vastly different one than that we, as Black People in America, experience. The entire program is different. The way they are approached and treated, by and large, is different. It’s very different. So, white people have a different opinion of the police (for the most part). They see the police and they feel that someone is there to “protect and to serve”, to look after them, to ensure their safety. Black People in America, as a general rule, do not have that experience. We see the police as people who are going to be disrespectful and, quite possibly, take our lives.

And that is no accident.

That is our experience. And for white people to negate that experience is the root of the problem. Constantly insulting us by negating our experiences. Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. If we had the same experience that white people have, pertinent to the police, we would be saying the same things they say, and feeling the same way they feel.

But we don’t, and we ain’t.

I often listen to White Wing radio, because I want to know what these people are thinking. White Wing radio does not have millions upon millions of followers because they do not have an audience. In fact, White Wing radio represents mainstream thought in America. Kid yourself if you want.

Just a few days ago, Bill Handel a well-known talk radio host (again on KFI) had police officers call into his show to answer the question; “how has the job changed” in reference to Black Lives Matter and the Dallas shootings. One officer said “we piggy-back now…so if you are a white officer with a Black or Hispanic partner and something goes down, we make an agreement that he/she has to be the shooter…’cause we can’t shoot”.


Let that sink all the way in for a moment.

When Handel told another officer that he does believe that several Black men in a car are treated differently (Driving While Black) than that same car with the same number of white men, and asked did he agree, the officer who worked “in a predominately African-American area” commented: “absolutely not, that is not true. In fact, I would be even more suspicious if it were a car full of white kids/men because I would want to know what are you doing over here”.

I can't make this shit up.

Shortly after the Ferguson uprising, I was on the air with Thom Hartmann and I told him that events like Dallas and, now, Baton Rouge were going to happen, and will continue to happen until there is real reform.

On Monday, July 11, 2016, once again I was on air with Thom Hartmann. I contacted Thom Hartmann to discuss the Dallas shootings. At some point during the conversation, In rare dissention, I expressed to Thom Hartmann that I took exception to him, in a previous show, referring to the alleged Dallas “sniper” as “an idiot”. Thom, being the genius that he is, explained why he said what he said, and it was an intelligent explanation. At some point in the conversation Thom Hartmann, with whom I have had many a conversation, said to me: “First of all, Kenyatta, I just want to be very, very clear, and I hope that you are not even dancing towards the edge of saying that this sniper’s actions were justified”. I responded by saying: “No... Debbie didn’t do Dallas, despair did Dallas”. However, the manner in which Hartmann made the statement bordered between being a challenge and a threat. The entire exchange is at: hour 1 at 35:03 and ends at 45:33.

So Thom, I stand by my statement that I do not "justify" the actions of the alleged Dallas shooter. However, I do not "unjustify" them either. When you, and other white folks have a comparable list of police murders of mostly unarmed citizens, by BLACK police officers, including your 12 year old children, then you can more credulously be righteously indignant. Further, you will have the opportunity to show me how "non-violent" you are in similar circumstances. You will have a frame of reference from which to provide me a real life, credible example of how you responded. The mere fact that you cannot should trouble a man with your intellect and decency. You and your brethren seriously need to put the proverbial shoe on the other foot. You talk about Martin Luther King and Ghandi while your nation has waged a decades and a half long war killing children across the globe because someone brought violence to you.

Anglo Cognitive Dissonance.

One of the things that white people, often unconsciously, count on is Black People in America being fearful of them. History is replete with examples of this; thus the slave patrol inspired policing, thus the resultant murders. Some time ago, I did an essay called Mau-Mau and Me: .

The aforementioned essay tells the perilous tale of “fear” and “terrorism”, in a metaphorical sense. White people know the His-Story of this country, they know what they have done to us…for centuries. In their minds, they must terrorize us and keep us in fear. And they trust in that fear (for good reason). They trust that the terrorism that they have wrought upon us has taken root so deeply, that we dare not fight back; that we dare not use their own mechanisms against them. But, unfortunately, there are Black People in America, men and women that will not sit idly by and watch our husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and…children be murdered with impunity.

Once again, I ask white Americans to “flip the script”. Look at how you are acting in the wake of these cop killings. One reporter on a major network said, this morning: “We just lost five of our own in Dallas…and now another three of our own in Baton Rouge”.

That is very, very telling.

We’ve been losing “our own” for centuries.

At some point, white America is going to have to take stock of how it treats us. That fear and terrorism, like all things, has a point of critical mass.

And it has been reached.


greene_machine's picture
greene_machine 2 years 43 weeks ago

Such a crime for the corruptorate media to fan the flames of hate, is there no end to their efforts to divide??

Helen Willis 2 years 43 weeks ago


What is it you are after?

We don't have the slightest idea what happened in this shooting and you are again trying to stir up racial violence.

You see to be a dedicated race baiter.

Why? African-Americans are minority here in the U.S. Surely if you managed to get the race war you seem so desperately to want, although all Americans would be losers, African-Americans would lose the most.

There is I think obvious race baiting on Fox News and Drudge. Who is behind this stuff? Are you part of it? What do they hope to gain?

What is it you want?

jestsayin's picture
jestsayin 2 years 43 weeks ago


I find most your comments and those of your posse of sock puppets to be divisive and disgusting.

Lord knows when your call is answered on the Thom Hartmann show, I immediately switch channels. I actually tried to read one of your recent rants about "white folks" and I quit after the first paragraph. I find you to be a very self absorbed angry man that does nothing to help repair transgressions among the races. In fact, you intentionally do exactly the opposite just to pump up your four or five followers.

Helen has you nailed, and you run from her well wtitten questions. I, on the other hand, am still struggling to determine how exactly you will benefit from spouting your hatred.

Somewhere, there must be $$$ involved and $$$ never flow to those that try to heal, only to the Al Sharpton's, Jesse Jackson's, and other race baiters in this country.

Don't bother to respond as I won't honor you with a reply.

madness of king harper's picture
madness of king... 2 years 43 weeks ago


Steve Loomis, head of Cleveland police unionjust threatened the public that if he sees anyone open carrying a weapon (especially blacks) he is giving orders that they will be dealt with harshly, whether they've committed any crime or not. Louisiana is an open carry state. This thug in charge the Cleveland police union, just threatened to execute frontier justice and break the laws he was hired to uphold. The suggestion paralleling his threats was anyone carrying an open carry weapon just might be shot by the police. To many cops think they are Clint Eastwoods 'DIRTY HARRY' and can gun down, beat and torture suspects at will.

There is no doubt when you are policing in a society with 300 million guns and 40 states that allow open carry guns, it is a very tough split second decision that has to be made by each police officer, but that in no way allows for racist, psycho cops, thugs, sadists, that are just itching to empty their gun into someone and know full well stats say they will get away with it.

Why is America angry? If you are a minority or poor and white, you are risk of death each and every encpounter with police in America. We've to many cases when cops shoot and kill people who have effectively surrendered , even with their hands in the air or cops who shot and kill, when lethal force was not required. With cops killing well over a thousand citizens a year and true estimates on an average 4 a day, what we are seeing is a natural backlash by the more savage segment of society, who are willing to meet violence with deadly violence and even forfeit their lives to do it..

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

The mention of the Alton Sterling incident as a murder is premature. Careful forensic evidence of the available videos is needed to determine if Mr. Sterlings right arm was moving towards his gun. If it was not, the cops should be charged with murder, If it was, the shooting was justified. Right now, noone has conclusive evidence, but they will. Alton Sterling is the type of person that becomes a heroic victim to some, but in reality, he is an example of why many neighborhoods are so socially, economically, and educationally disfunctional. He has sired five children (that we know of) with multiple women, his oldest son the product of a criminal laison with a 14 year old girl. This "peaceful giant" has been conviced of domestic assault and threatening others. Yes he has a "family", but evidently only biologically, as this quintessential example of a loving, responsible father lives not with any of his children or their mothers, but a homeless shelter. He makes money illegally by selling bootleg goods, and I assume he does not pay taxes on his "work". He is a convicted felon and registered sex offender who was carrying a gun illegally. If he did not resist arrest he would still be alive,in jail for having an illegal weapon . He, and countless others like him, form the seamy underbelly of " unproductive reproducers" , scammers that drag down their communities and burden society.

It is true that police don't have to take the job, but thank God they do. They have to deal with the same dangerous thugs that murder and oppress their own communities.

Yes, there are some "bad" shootings, but not nearly as many as the cop-haters would lead us to believe. Freddie Gray was not murdered, as the recent string of acquittals has clearly shown. Those police were wrongly charged by a DA looking for human sacrifices in order to further her career. The truth shows she was either unequipped to handle the job as DA or she trumped up the charges, or both.Michael Brown was a thug who tried to take a policeman's gun and Sandra Bland was an angry head case who offed herself after even her own family wouldn't bail her out. The shooting of these police are heinous acts committed by angry thugs, and are absolutely unjustified. So a./re the actions of the thugs who rob and kill their neighbors by the thousands every year. yes, the decedents you mentioned do have families, but the vast majority of them would be alive today if they just followed the instructions of the authorities they resent so much. Thugs don't like to go to jail, therefoe they don't like the police because they arrest them to keep our society from devolving onto complete chaos.

Chris Gah's picture
Chris Gah 2 years 43 weeks ago

Considering violence and terrorism are typically the last resort of the helpless, they are likely to continue until the powerless are either empowered or destroyed. Unfortunately, power tends to attempt to destroy rather than share.

The entire world centers around the advancement and maintenance of power. It's the ultimate and most valuable resource on the planet and people aren't just giving it away to resolve immoral and unjust circumstances that do not affect them and their power hunger.

Is more violence not expected? Absent other solutions, expect more violence. We need to empower and equalize,

Paraphrase of words not written by, but once frequently spoken by the profit Bob Marley are fitting:

Until the philosophy, which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war, I say war.

Until the day when there no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation, and until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, it's a war.

Until basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, it's a war. Until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship, the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never attained, and everywhere is war.

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 2 years 43 weeks ago

Chris- What's understood, needn't be said. Outstanding analysis and brutally precise commentary.

Good for you.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

"Until basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, its a war".

The way you guarantee basic human rights to all is through law. What do the violent in this country expect to change: what laws? Where in history has violence by a population of around 12% of the population ever been successful? I agree that those in power aren't interested in giving it it away. Therefore, violent efforts by a relative few, especially if they are disorganized in both force and message, will never be successful against those in power, especially if they are in the mainstream, well financed, and well armed. In this country, the Civil War was not the powerful majority vs. a slave army. It was not a few uprisings that got the North involved. The vast majority of those who fought on both sides were whites. Martin Luther King and the SCL got the law changes they deserved through courageous but peaceful means,which drew the support of many whites. The actions of the Black Panthers and other groups espousing violence may have provided some protective benefits against violent racists, but did not change the minds of the mainstream, nor did it "force" or "intimidate" those in power to change laws. Apartheid was toppled in South Africa, mainly because the oppressed were oppressed by actual Aparthied laws, and were a vast majority of the population. They also benefitted from the support of larger, wealthier sympathetic nations, who put alot of economic pressure on a smaller, less wealthy South Africa. The only way the oppressed can wrest power from the powerful by violence is by having a force at least as large as those they are opposing. This is not the case in the US, and will never be in even our grandchildren's lifetimes.

Talk of violence and bravado and small or even significant acts of violence by a relative few will never succeed in this nation. It will only reinforce stereotypes and harden the hearts and minds of those who might otherwise be sympathetic. The conflict between those who believe they are powerless is not a conflict of oppressive laws, which effect all, it is basically a cultural conflict which manifests itself in economic, judicial, and achievement realities and perceptions.

Those who believe they are truly oppressed in our country may lash out in violence, but they will not achieve their goals through violence.Especially if they are a relatively small, disunified percentage of the population.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 43 weeks ago

JustIdiot, check this out...for someone so "disgusted" you sure seem to be following the brother around a lot pining for his attention. I don't believe you have to worry about his response. He has never responded to you and, knowing him as I do he won't. The brother doesn't suffer fools too terribly well. And what is your concern about his $$$$$? You sound like just what you are a jealous pink person that is having a real difficult time accepting the fact that you are educationally inferior to all of the brothers here. So, let me call you on some of your bullshit: what has Brother Kenyatta stated that is "hatred"? Seems like to me you are the MF hating. And what you hate most of all is a brother telling your pink ass the truth. If you want to mad at somebody look in the mirror and at your, forefathers. My bad.

Hell-In, you are even more pathetic. You are an intellectual coward and poorly educated to boot. Simple question--show me ONE, just one statement by Brother Kenyatta advocating a "race war".

Thats about what I thought, you lying sack of shit. Running around talking about mefloquine when no one has ever even mentioned that being in play. What? Your pink privileged ass feels like just cause you utter some excrement out of your mouth that it somehow has substance. You need to go back and get that High School diploma and take your trailer park neighbor JustIdiot with ya.

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 2 years 43 weeks ago

I always find it amusing that, especially when backed into an intellectual and factual corner by a Black man, the first thing white folks do is remind Black People in America how they (we) are outnumbered. The proverbial "minority". In other words: don't even think about it Nigger, because there are more of us than you. I mean, that is the intent.


White people, on the world scene, are a distinct minority; approximately 1 in every 7 people on the planet. And the news gets worse: the white population is dwindling and projected to be under 10% of the earths population by 2060. This may explain their violent nature. They feel threatened and are aware that they are outnumbered, and instead of treating all members of the human family as brothers and sisters some twisted logic tells them that they must terrorize the majority of the planets people (Melanic People). This is, more than likely, because the white man makes the tactical error of thinking that the majority thinks as he thinks and will, thusly, act as he acts. He has a vested interest (in his mind) of fomenting conflict because he knows that when, not if, the majority comes together his greed and hegemony are o-v-e-r.

Essentially, he is afraid,

Ergo, excuse me, whiteboy, YOU are the "minority".

The white man's history is replete with violence. As children, we were all bombarded with the American "Revolution". the Spanish American "War", the Civil "War". Those red streaks in that flag of yours represents bloodshed. The U.S. has military bases in over 135 countries. It spends more money on defense/bombs/bullets and weapons of mass destruction than the rest of the world combined.

Patrick Henry stated "Give me liberty, or give me death!" and he is hailed a "hero" and a "Great American Patriot". Black man says that same thing, he is a "race baiting" militant.

Do you people really believe your own bullshit? If you do, that's okay, but don't expect everyone else to believe it.

According to THE Greatest, Muhammad Ali "there are two types of men; men who compromise, and men who stand for something".

Exodus 21:23

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Kenyatta I was talking abour the US, where those who claim their race is oppressed represents only 12% of the population. Throughout the world, many of the non-whites live in nations where they are the majority, which is one reason they have so many conflicts and genocidal activity among themselves. The Asians represent a large part of the world's population, but do not seem to be "oppressed" by white persons. Many are having huge problems within their own nations. Even if whites are only 10% of the population, due to western culture, economics, and scientific advancements, there is no realistic fear of a black uprising as white nations have the vast majority of the income, the technology, and military strength rivaled only by, possibly, China, and they don't seem to have a necessaruly high opinion of blacks throughout anyway.

I certainly don't have a fear of a rebellion of black cultures, nations, or hate groups. A successful revolt ain't gonna happen. The point I was making that in this country, any type of armed rebellion would be disastrous at worst, and ineffective at best, for those that rebel. A world wide rebellion of any group will not threaten Western nations, because they will be far more cohesive and militarily able to than any other mix of groups in the world that consider themselves oppressed by the West. Also, the pen might be mightier than the sword, but not the poison pen of hatred or resentment. The American Revolution was successful because the colonies had the "numbers" to defeat Britain, as well as allies that helped us to weaken Britain. The American revolutionaries were far more numerous that 12% of the population. They also did not have to worry about cultural disfunction or mass violence within their communities.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 43 weeks ago

You keep trying to get the brother to acknowledge you. Ha ha, he will not. You mentioned your "outhinking" the brothers here. Funny thing, other than your inbred proclamations where might we find evidence of such intellect? Have you written anything? Have you appeared on radio or television? Have you spoken publicly anywhere? Did you graduate high school? Other than the other inhabitants of the Wife Beater Tee Trailer Park, does anyone else know about your great thinking? Or is it that you think your pink ass is enough? JustSayin. Okay, I promised that I would leave you alone...and I will, but I just gotta say this. Your ass didn't think that Melanic people would tear your ass up on 9/11 either, did you? Thing is, I can't figure out if you are just a special ed student or some senile old white man drinking Schlitz with week old mustard stains on your shirt and a couple of junk cars in front of that trailer home.

Okay, okay. I know the brothers are going to get on my case, so I promise to leave you be from now on. No matter how much fun it is kicking your ass. Scout's honor/ ..ain't that what you white boys say?

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Gnat- Exactly my point. That attack occurred over 15 years ago, and except for a few other isolated attacks, there has been nothing sustained in this country to the extent that is causes change. I don't think that we are governed under Shariah Law, do you? By the way, do you have to have permission from your "brothers" to reply? So sad, that one is hopelessly addicted to the approval of others. Peace

HypocracyNow's picture
HypocracyNow 2 years 43 weeks ago

Kenyatta---I have often heard you on Thom's program and am a big fan. I can tell that you have a good repoire with Thom. You are a very smart and articulate man. I am reading through all of your articles one by one (there are quite a few).

I also am a former law enforcement professional...and white. I know what you say is true. Good cops are ostracized by bad ones and get no support within agencies when they attempt to report abuse and wrongdoing. That's what happened to Dorner...I know you know the case since you are in Southern California. The public is totally unaware of what really goes on. Stand your ground, you are an asset to all people of conscience.

To Tom Dorricott I find you to be a disgrace and the very type of racist that Kenyatta spoke of on top of being a fool. Anyone that says that 9/11 did not drastically change this country...for the worse, is beyond stupid they have their head in their ass. Have you been to an airport in the last 15 years Mr? Have you ever heard of the NDAA? Edward Snowden? The Patriot Act. Full Body X-Rays? Video cameras everywhere except your bathroom at home? Limitless wire tapping and ease dropping? Perpetual war and destabilization of the globe? This country has changed more in the last 15 years than it had in the 100 years prior. Essentially the Constitution has been suspended.

Hopefully whatever redneck, shithole town you live in will get running water, a library and electricity soon so you can get up to date.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Hypocracy now:

If you read my response in context, you would realize that I was referring to the fact that 9/11 did not cause changes in our culture, law, or practices in the way they wanted. Yes, we have increased security, but certainly not an Islamist revolution in this nation, or any movement whatsoever in response to fear of these terrorists. Many of the other changes you have mentioned are due to technological increasses that would have occurred anyway. It is interesting you talk of global destabilization-what is important is that this nation is not destabilized or in danger of collapse.

My responses, if you took them in context, would clearly show I was refuting the comments made by others that violence by a small minority of domestic terrorists would be ineffective, and not bring about thechange desired, and that being "outnumbered" in the world will have no effect on our country's basic culture, political systems, or economic structure. Idle threats of "uprising ring hollow. And always will in this nation. Thank God.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Hypocracy Now-It is obvious to me that you are not a " white former law enforcement officer", but just one of Kenyatta's shoulder parrots who attacks anyone who effectively counters his arguments. Also, your grammar and spelling, insults, and use of profanity clearly show yoy to be one of them.

Helen Willis 2 years 43 weeks ago

Again I ask what would violence by a relatively small minority against a well armed majority cause except an extremely violent backlash? I see no one gaining from Kenyatta and Natturnersghost post except some group like the Klan or possibly the Republican Party. Why is it not logical to presume these are the paid agents of some such group?

Kenyatta are you a paid agent of some right wing or racist group?

You still have not answered or explained why it is not the most logical explanation of the violent racist drivel you keep posting.

jestsayin's picture
jestsayin 2 years 43 weeks ago
Quote Helen Willis:

Kenyatta are you a paid agent of some right wing or racist group?

A very intriguing theory.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Hypocracy now - It's amusing and instructive that while you attempt to lecture about grammar, you can't even spell a simple word such as rapport. I imagine that's what you were trying to say when you used the word "repoire". ???? Please tell me what repoire actually means, if I am wrong. It's no disgrace to have poor verbal skills, just don't try to expose them by lecturing others on topics requiring at least a modicum of verbal and intellectual capacity. At least you spelled shithole right, I guess we are all familiar with terms representative of our upbringing.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 43 weeks ago

BROTHER KENYATTA! YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE KKK AND A RIGHT WING OPERATIVE! That is the most pathetic shit I have ever seen written on thees threads. This man really gets under your pink skin doesn't he. You idiots! people that have been here any length of time can assure you that the brother is the real deal. You fools just made bigger fools of yourselves.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 43 weeks ago

Helen: I believe you are mistaken. I do not believe Kenyatta is a paid member of a right wing hate group. No one would pay him for the pseudo-intellectual racist drivel he writes. He is just a legend in his own mind, a prisoner of his self-created matrix of envy and unjustified rage. I hope he keeps writing, as this must be theraputic to him. As long as he stays in the world of blogs and talk shows, he perhaps won't snap and actually cause harm in the real world. Gnat is actually right on the fact that Kenyatta is not a paid operative. Occassionally, even the blind sow will unearth a truffle. (Now Gnat will ask Kenyatta what a truffle is, and come back with another amusingly inane response. I'll give him about a half an hour ).

R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 2 years 43 weeks ago

I am familiar with the tactic of binding arbitration. It is, in terms of strategic sophistication, rather infantile.

It is rather presumptuous for anyone to assume what is in my mind and what my motivations are; but it would be wise for one to assume that they are far different than what is imagined by a limited mind. I think it fair to state that I have a considerable command of the English language (as well as others), and linguistics in general (both verbally and literally). Therefore, I am able to communicate what I want to communicate, when I want to communicate same, and how I will bring forth said communication...with brutal precision. I relish the fact that this fact is most disturbing to certain people.

I luxuriate in it, in fact.

It is quite "therapeutic" (T-H-E-R-A-P-E-U-T-I-C) for me; no matter the modality. I see some here in need of therapy, I am doing my part in that process; whether the patient is aware of it or not.

It is also presumptuous, quite so, and a sorrowful mix of ignorance, insecurity, envy and curiosity, to speculate on the finances and professional status of someone you do not know and have never met. Such mannerisms hide from the stupid the vast limits of their knowledge.

I may very well live in a tent under the Santa Monica freeway, soliciting alms, with my laptop plugged into a car battery. Or, maybe I am a farmer in Nebraska or a crack dealer in East St. Louis. Who knows? None of those possibilities change my presence here nor do they alter my intelligence, or lack thereof.

I truly appreciate everyones comments and participation. It is, indeed, useful to me and without the contributions from you all I would be unable to continue. Thank you and keep reading.

rs allen 2 years 43 weeks ago

This may be a good time to revue for those that think they know or prefer to skip over what cognitive dissonance is and what it means. Cognitive dissonance:

rs allen 2 years 43 weeks ago

Any hands for questions before I continue?

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

The scariest point... is that the end game for rage, resentment and frustration is violence. But, THAT VIOLENCE is still sporadic, measured and controlled.

WHEN hopelessness gets added into the equation, you get desperation, and suicidal acts. " they may kill me, but I'm taking some of them with me"

THIS is the scary thing..because a desperate person KNOWS they are going to assured of it, so before they die, they make their death count.

I believe each shooter acted, knowing the outcome was not going to be fast food and a friendly cop ride, like Dylan Storm Roof got after that church massacre.

WHEN you see ISIS, the intifada, hezbollah, AL qaeda, the Iraqi insurgency, you see desperate people, backed to the wall with no hope.

The most dangerous fuel for injustice is apathy. Because it engenders hopelessness.

A man with hope, tempers his actions just in case a brighter day comes. A man besieged, with the realization that no one is going to do anything, and the majority who control the country do not care.... what does he have to lose?

If pushed to the wall, we know what radicalized Islam is like. What would radicalized minorities be like in a country where they number in the many tens of millions..?and how much blood will be shed in the process.

HOW MANY innocent people of all races will die or be harmed in the crossfire.. all because some very ugly habits die hard?

This is almost a text book scenario of how to implode from within, and people better look at other stories written similar to this story and stop just repeating the script.

Not too many blacks are channeling MLK these days... more like Malcolm X...and that is both scary, sad, but understandable.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

The media is shooting unarmed blacks and forcing whites to be apathetic? Thereby proving with their attitudes, that black lives don't matter?

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

Are you suggesting that blacks just accept their lot and all the violence and if faced with a cop about to shoot them... console themselves with the thought that somewhere in LA two criminal blacks killed each other, so a cop killing them in........... must be OK? You suggesting that. The flames don't need to be fanned, it's a freaking forest fire trending towards an inferno already.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

"Repair transgressions among the races" repairs happen after a crisis. Transgressions are ongoing, so how can there be repairs when black deaths are greeted with " why are blacks upset, black gang members kill each other every day" or " the blacks make up only 13% of the population but commit over 50% of all crimes" ( which is a huge lie).

WHEN a white man kills 9 blacks and cops take him out to eat before taking him to jail... where a white judge insists 9 grieving black families recognize that Dylan parents are victims too.?

Where a woman is arrested for a tail light, ends up dead and we ar ed supposed to believe it is suicide (blacks rarely commit suicide having already had very hard lives), where we start a movement about failure of cops to afford blacks due process, and whites want to minimize that obvious fact by attacking the movement?

Where a white man kills anot unarmed black teen and police refuse to investigate or charge him until there is a protest (Trayvon Martin)

Where all a white cop has to do is say "he/she was violent," or plant a gun and they are automatically believed, and where even video cannot get a conviction?

What relief? When? The obstinacy and apathy just makes people angrier and angrier.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

You. EXHIBIT A about why there is a Black lives matter movement. The day YOU are profiled because most rampage killers, mass shooters school shooters domestic terrorists, bombers, poison mailers serial killers, method users are white, and when YOU are stopped because your tail light is out, and you get beat up or tasted, with a gun planted to frame you.. and your entire race demands why the "white community" should not be upset, AND everyone points at "whites commit the most mass shootings so it's OK to kill another white"

WHEN that is your narrative, get back to us... especially get back to us when it goes on over and over again for centuries..have your descendants get back to us.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

Not rapport. Read in context. Repertoire.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

FOR those of us who lived through it, Civil rights was achieved not through the flowery words of King, and humble sit ins but through the incendiary threats of Malcolm X, who told whites blacks would begin to fight back " you hit us, we'll hit you back, you kick us, we'll kick you back, you shoot at us...."

Whites changed when they realized not the justice in Kings words, but the ominous possibilities in X's words.

American whites represent a monolithic institution and amazing firepower. On the surface, resistance is futile... then we remember Vietnam, and the rag tag Vietcong against the imperial US... we remember shock and Awe Iraq fighting Bradley tanks, drones and misses with cell phone bombs and ieds....we see ISIS, and Northern Ireland.

WE remember the phrase "live free or die trying"

There is always a tipping I posted, it goes hand in hand with hopelessness. Neither Blacks or Hispanics or Muslims have to win a race war..they just have to destroy peace of mind and the status quo.

Any diplomat will tell you, the most important thing to do is LISTEN and neither dismiss or ridicule your opponent lest they trend to hopelessness.

I have read that whites say blacks would lose a race war... they are already losing a race some point, there are those who would want to make losses count.

No one likes to be dismissed.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

911 did indeed change our society drastically. Before 911, a kid could mouth off in jest on the Internet and say he was going to shoot up a school, after 911, kids have had visits by the FBI. People could disagree or even spout off about police, now to spout off might get you arrested. Our phones are tapped, our banking info tracked and mined and laws have been enacted making it illegal to catch and store rain water in some states and to say something negative about a food company online can get us arrested. Police have gone wild with tazing, including tazing a person for heckling at a political rally.

The SCOTUS allow forcible search and seizure in homes without warrants and people have been arrested for flipping off a passing cop or looking one in the eye.

You are delusional, and in denial.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 2 years 43 weeks ago

How did Vietnam work out for us? With all our technology and wealth?

How did the Korean War work out for us? With all our greater numbers, technology and wealth?

How did the Iraq war work out for us? With all our greater numbers, technology and wealth?

We used over 200 million dollars worth of bunker busters to kill 3 people, then those "lesser forces" took out Bradley's and LTVS and demoralized us with IEDS activated from 30.00 throw away cell phones.

You would think that lesson was already learned, but your posts show you have not learned this lesson at all.

White people in particular, and the WEST in general, really must make a paradigm shift to operate in the 21st century.

You don't have to be richer, greater in numbers, meaner, have more ammo, smarter, or sneakier.

YOU JUST HAVE TO FACE GOLIATH WITH A FEW WELL PLACED ROCKS, and like dominoes, the rest falls due to momentum.

These are serious times, and trying to point out futility to blacks, or the rationale for killing them, or siding with killers known to lie and plant evidence is not a good strategy.

There is true fear on both sides..but what comes after fear?

TRUE frustration, but what comes after frustration?

True ridicule, but what comes After?

People need to remember the power of the Internet. It has shown the world that the white imperialistic king has no clothes on...stop trying to describe those bogus robes to us...on the other side of that point of no return is "no longer care"

The only people who can be controlled are those with something to lose, strip a people down and put your foot on their neck, and you have a situation where they stop caring if you snap their neck.

Put another wsy: some dogs cower if you kick them.

Some dogs snap and snarl and cringe if you kick them.

Some dogs throw caution to the win and bite, if you kick them.

Which is the most dangerous dog?


R. Kenyatta's picture
R. Kenyatta 2 years 42 weeks ago

QueenBee, excellent comments, all. Thank you very much. Your comments are so poignant I want to actually do the next installment of this series and quote you with your permission to do so.


NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 42 weeks ago

Dorkcut, every time you open your dumb ass mouth through your keyboard I not only smell camel shit, I become more fascinated by your profound stupidity. I know you are a pink troll but you manage to be a mental midget among mental midgets. And before you attempt to employ your fourth grade reverse psychology----fahgedadoudit. The internet is the final frontier for cowardly little white boys like you who would not dare talk that racist shit in the face of any black person, and we all know it (including you). So save it.

Kenyatta, Brother Al and the Queen handed your inbred ass to you. Tee hee. Even the white brothers see that you are a fool and a "disgrace". That's messed up, even your own people disavow your camel shit. Now say something else.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

Ms. Queen Bee; Thank you for taking the time to respond to some of my comments.

I respectfully think you may need a refresher in history, as some of your comments and examples overstate the effects of violence by small groups and the effects on positive social change in this country.

First of all, the Civil Rights movement in this nation was bolstered not by threats of violence against whites, but by non-violent protest and reasoned arguments by Dr. King and many others. In fact, it was racist violence AGAINST blacks that had far more of an impact in the actual changing of laws than any threats of yiolence by small black radical organizations who were obviously more bark than bite. White Americans were not cowereing at the sight of a few Black Panthers prancing around in berets and camouflage, and groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army would still be unknown today if it wasn't for Patti Hearst'skidnapping, which was more of a tabloid curiosity than a fear producer.

In fact, I lived near Philadelphia at the height of the Black Panthers' ravings, and remember when they came into Philadelphia, full of big talk and empty threats. Philadelphia's police commissioner, at the time, called their bluff, and had a handful of police officers raid their offices and made them stand against a wall, naked, while the photographers recorded this for all to see. No on got hurt, or shot, but the end result was that these "warriors", humiliated and cowed by a police commissioner who simply stood up to them, slunk out of town and were never heard from again in Philly. When the riots took place in Philly shortly afterward, they only affected Black neighborhoods far away from center city, and had little impact on the City as a whole.

The Black Panthers,and their ilk, therefore, had little, if any impact, in changing people's minds or laws.

The Korean war was a significant success for the US, its allies, and South Korea, as it stopped Chinese-backed North Korean attempts to invade South Korea and turn it into a Chinese Communist territory. If you think the US was only fighting the forces of North Korea, and not also divisions of the huge, well armed Chinese army, you need to reread accounts of the war.

Vietnam was also a proxy war between the US and China, not just the U.S./Vietnam vs. North Vietnam. The war was botched by politicians in this country who wanted to show China that we meant business, but were also afraid to make the Chinese mad at us.

If you remember, the invasion of Iraq was extremely successful in terms of military success, but the failure in Iraq was our attempt to "nation build" in an area were Dark Ages culture and religion made it nearly impossible. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of death and destruction occurred over there, to their armies and even civilians, and not over here. In fact, nothing near the destruction 0f 9/11/2000 has again occurred in this country, and as I have said before, other than waiting longer in some lines at the airport, etc., nothing has much changed. Our culture, for the average person, has been changed very little. In fact, in terms of ISIS and Radical Islam, the American public has,if anything, even less sympathy for whatever grievances they espouse through their unintelligible screeds and isolated acts of violence that rarely occur here. ISIS and Radical Islamists have turned their hatred and violence far more on their own people, in their own lands, than to the US.

As long as we do not become as foolish as the European nations that let in millions of Muslims with the naive belief that they would be effectively assimilated and grateful for the opportunity, as long as we don't accept Muslim refugees without effectively and thoroughly vetting then only allow small enough numbers to require assimilation to our mainstream, we need not live in constant fear of terrorism, domestic or otherwise.

In terms of the Black Lives Matter issues, yes, there have been a handful of "bad" shootings. But even most of them were either accidental ( i.e. the Los Angeles Subway shooting), due to improper training , poor judgement, or the result of resisting arrest, attempting to evade capture, or even, as was the case in Ferguson, an attempt to grab the officer's gun. Lumping them all together before the facts are in, creating a specific narrative and then crying injustice when the narrative doesn't fit the facts, does not strengthen the arguments of Black Lives Matter and harms the attempts to seek justice for legitimate Police misconduct.

Your examples of Sandra Bland ( an angry head case who committed suicide in her cell after even her own relatives wouldn't bail her out), and Trayvon Martin ( the verdict is in-NOT GUILTY) , are not persuasive.

Also, lets look at Baltimore (4 for 6 ACQUITTALS so far), the New York unfortunate death of the 300 lb guy who obviously resisted arrest and whose obesity and poor health habits has just as much to do with his death than a choke-hold by a cop 150 lbs lighter than him, the Philadelphia death of a man with an illegal gun who resisted arrest and tried to get his gun from the center console to shoot the arresting officer, etc.

I realize that there were some bad shootings, such as the one where the cop shot a man running down the street (who would still be alive he followed the officerls instructions,), the shooting of the young man who was brandishing a pistol that looked real, and the recent shootings in Baton Rouge (bad IF the careful forensic examinations of the videos sow he wasn't reaching for his gun with his right hand, after resisting arrest,) and Minnesota ( all of the facts must be prevented first, but if it is proved that the officer shot the victim after asking him to reach for his wallet, that is at the very least, manslaughter, ).

What I don't hear or see are black men or women being "hunted down" by police, as some hyperbolically claim, and shot simply out of evilness or racism. Although misconduct toward police shouldn't mean a death sentence unless the officer is endangered by the suspect, it seems as almost all of these cases involve resisting arrest, unlawful firearms, trying to avoid arrest, or assault on an officer. If the criminal behavior stops, and suspects follow the orders of the officers doing their jobs, these incidents would drop dramitically, abd the genuine instances of police misconduct would be more properly, abd more credibly, handled.

Finally, you talk about absolute hopelessness being a catalyst for violence. In this country, "hopelessness" is a misperception. Hopelessness about what? Many might feel a hopelessness based upon the results of poor life choices ( such as eschewing educational opportunities, engaging in criminal behavior, or having children before one is economically, educationally, or emotionally prepared to care for them ), but this is a free country that allows choices as long as one is willing to accept the consquences for them, good or bad. If the situation for any group in this country was "hopeless"' that would basically mean we have a caste system where no one in that group would succeed at all. This is certainly not the case in the US.

To summarize this rather lengthy comment,: Queen Bee, my perspective is obviously different than yours, and I respect your opinion. However, a study of our history and an objective analysis of todays realities, fortunately shows that we needn't fear violence from a small subset of 13% of the people in this nation, nor do we need to fear significant occurrences of violent attacks from radical evil-doers to the extent we would change our lives or laws due to fear. Also, I am pleased to say that there is not widespread "hopelessness" in this country that is not caused by self-inflicted behaviors.

I hope you can read this, and talk to many other persons of different backgrounds to show you that this is a great country that will not allow a very small alount of angry persons use unjustified violence to harm, or detrimentally change, our way of life.

(Have to run-apologise for typos, don't have time to edit. Peacej

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

Ghost; You are so amusing. A frustrated, low self-esteem parrot that acts like a bad ass after doing exactly what his employer says all day, and who only speaks to say "Welcome to Wal-Mart" or "Want Fries With That ?" I know you are unhappy with your status in life, but it is not my fault you didn't get a decent education. Now run along and squeal to Kenyatta, if indeed you are not actually the same blogger under an alias.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

Ignorance of history is a terrible thing as it inflects more and more injustice on the innocent and because it allows the guilty to run free from their crimes. So do not try to rewrite history to suit your narrow view of life as you think it is or should be. Just as you will not be allowed to try and rewrite today's injustices tomorrow.

later, gotta run

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

r s allen: Good comment, as I am sure you are referring to "Queen Bee."

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

Queen Bee - Your barking dog analogy makes my point. The most dangerous dog is the one that bites, but only if the dog is big enough to do real damage to the perceived kicker. In this case, we are talking about a chihuahua that is tolerated if it occassionally barks and postures. Sometimes it is almost amusing. But if the chihuahua would actually try to bite or harm a human, it would be given the back of the hand once, and probably euthanized after a second attempt.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

reply #39

Not hardly storm front.

None of your attempts at the white washing of history or of today's history in the making will change what the actual facts were and are.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

rs allen As usual, you are heavy on criticism but woefully short on facts. That is because you can't refute them. For example, I would suggest you read about how the Black Panthers ran away from Phila after the police commisioner merely stood up to them. You can't refute the facts, so you should probably read up on the actual history of this country and the world. If you like fantasy I would suggest you enjoy the Star War movies and their ilk. Or you can actually try to refute what you disagree with.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

Golly gee you really came up with a tough one storm front. I assume you're talking about this raid (and note not the simple confrontation as you like to imagine (and more about that forth coming)):

I assume that's the one you mean. The one led by a famously racist commissioner. That's the one, right?

One; it hardly sounds like they turned tail and ran.

Two; you neglect to mention that little closing of one headquarters was coming on the coat tails of the COINTELPRO move from the FBI started years earlier to break up the Black Panthers because the white establishment thought them so non-threating. They found the black movement so non-threating they initiated the same kind of campiagn against the Nation of Islam first. In case you didn't know that's how Malcolm X ended up dead.

Three; white america found the black power movement (and the Black Panthers) so 'non-threating' they changed the weapon laws coast to coast. That's how non-threating white america felt the black community was.

You'll have to do better than picking out some small singular event out of history to white wash what has and is going down storm front.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

Once again you make my point. This was not just the closing of one headquarters in Philadelphia. There was to be some type of "Black Panther" supported "Constitutional Convention" in Philadelphia with a show of "force" and the usual characters and grievances. It never turned out to be anything noteworthy because the Black Panthers DID sneak away and were never a factor in Philly after. As you admit , the FBI saw the Black Panthers as a troublesome group that could cause mischief, so they simply said enough, and "poof" in a few years they were gone. Changing the weapon's laws-must have been real effective considering the amount of guns in this country now. Try again.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

Yeah I put an exclamation on your point of how racist your white america is right enough. The socialist black movement is a threat and you know it as your like has been working overtime to keep it broken up ever since even into trying to discount and disrupt a peaceful faction like the BLM voices today.

Here's the thing though, after all these years don't think we're not wise to you. We don't have any illusions of white being any friend. Now while I'm no longer 'actively out there' I think there are probably under ground groups forming right now you whities know nothing about, just a suspicion mind you, but I'll bet they're out there because they ain't gonna advertize. Here's another guess for white americas future storm front, some black faction not quite so peaceful as BLM will group together because no justice is forth coming and think of their own form of retribution and instead some random killing will target the actual perpetrators first and after that, the enablers.....One at a time. And they won't be caught because they will disappear back into the wood work, not all brothers want to be sacrifical lambs storm trooper. In fact I'm rather surprised it hasn't started yet after 50 plus years of screaming about the same damn things.

No justice, no peace means something.

Take to it heart storm trooper. Both here and out beyond our shores. No justice, no peace.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

They've been afraid of their own shadow since well before the Emancipation Proclamation brother Nat.

I don't expect to change troopers mind, only to keep his thin white wash from showing the real grain of the wood is all.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 42 weeks ago

Brother Al, why do you waste your time with this moron? This whiteboy believes the earth is flat. This whiteboy refuses to accept anything that does not fit his sick and twisted stereotypes. He does not believe what he does not WANT to believe, so he makes generic statements and variations on the same rhetoric. He can't accept that the brothers here are intellectually and educationally superior to him. He can't believe anyone has a job (cause he don't). He can't believe that Brother Kenyatta and others attended the finest schools in the country. He can't believe that Black people will fight back and take his ass. He can't believe that Brother Kenyatta and I go back almost 50 years and are two different people cause he says to himself, how can there be that many smart ass niggers in one place (he should bring his pink ass to one of our MelanicNation meetings and witness a room full of Black intellectual badasses discussing all kinds of things). He can't believe Kenyatta graduated High School at 15 years old, He can't believe that I bench press 500 pounds. He can't believe that the United States has become a prisoner to itself afraid of its own shadow since 9/11. He can't believe that the United States is viewed with hatred and disdain all over the planet except by other whitie nations (the global minority) He can't believe that the United states is getting its head handed to it all over the world. He can't believe that the United States is in steep decline. He can't believe that the days of the United States taking what they want from the world's majority is O-V-E-R. He can't believe he is not superior even with his inferiority emblazoned upon his forehead like a scarlett letter. He can't believe that niggers have the nerve to lay his ass out on the internet and the skills to do it with. He has to believe bullshit at any cost because reality these days is frightening to him. Like Kenyatta says these MF's are scared, which makes them more murderous and dangerous than they normally are but we know what we are dealing with. He keeps saying that he ain't scared...cause he is. Thou protesteth much too loudly. Funny thing about whitie, he or she can be illiterate, poor, filthy and living in a trailer park married to its sibling but it will think it is better than a Black Harvard Professor. That's the value they place on that pink skin. That is how sick they are, how deep that superiority shit runs in 'em.

This inbred is a fool and a troll, and he or she thinks it can manipulate the discourse with its camel shit. To even respond to this idiot is giving it validation it does not warrant. It wants attention. In fact, I believe it's that Camel bastard anyways.

Sorry I screwed up the thread Brother Al, needed to edit something. I am on my way to see Brother Kenyatta and my godchild. It's about a 60 mile ride from here. Hope you are well and keeping cool! It's 100 degrees here in L.A. and it will be about 112 degrees at Kenyatta's place. The BMW is comfortable though and built for the ride.

rs allen 2 years 42 weeks ago

Safe journey brother Nat.

Give my regards to brother Kenyatta for me.

Tom Dorricott's picture
Tom Dorricott 2 years 42 weeks ago

;rs allen/ghost/kenyatta Another angry screed "ghost" written by Kenyatta, his creator. So far Kenyatta has told me about his visits to fine restaurants, dining on "roast camel", and now his alleged BMW. Experience has told me those that perpetually try to make everyone believe they are ,intellectual giants, cultured, and have money usually are insecure, adolescent-minded frauds so neurotic they invent their own groupies, and eventually start to actually believe their own myths and apparitions. So sad, but so funny. I'm sure there are lots of underground groups bent on some type of "rebellion". They're underground, all right; six feet under due to the ineffectiveness and absurdities of these "rebellions. The mainstream is neither scared nor concerned about these "rebels", as most of them are either keyboard cowboys or so disfunctional they can' t understand the futility of fighting for misguided causes. "Minions":Have fun in your "BMW", hope you enjoyed your roast camel, and keep writing your venon filled screeds , and defending them. Kenyatta-can't you at least invent minions with at least some intelligence and sense? Please, invent one who is not a hate-filled idiot.

NatTurnersGhost's picture
NatTurnersGhost 2 years 42 weeks ago

Well Brother Al, I guess we is busted. You, me and Kenyatta are all the same person. This inbred is beyond delusional. I mean think about it, here we are different individuals and this sick bastard says we are figments of the brother's imagination because the reality is not to his liking. Wow, this MF is nuts. This boy seriously needs a psychiatrist and some lithium. he is so fucking stupid he did not get the Roast Camel comment the brother made...too stupid to get the joke. I'm sure you did brother Al. Seems like every time this fool strikes a key he makes a bigger fool out of himself.

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