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Save The Popular Vote


This is a Facebook group that is working to assure that the popular vote is counted in national, state, and local elections. The following is their group mission. If you would like to join or assist this group, or if you have or are a member of a parallel group, their Facebook address is also below.


What we want to do is have a document to turn in to our representatives that in effect says Voting is a mess and THIS is how we want it fixed now. No more waiting for you all to discuss a million things WE NEED TO VOTE.

Now the "document" which has amendments, regulations, and whatever, may not be written in time for what we want, because it's hard to write. However we still want to say what we have will no longer be tolerated. We will use the "edited for flier purposes"

What you do next is get enough people to stand up with you.I recommend twice per month. Once at the legislative bldg, and once in the community. The ways to make that happen are asking other people. asking other organizations to support you, getting the media to talk about it (and not limit it to just one fix but to include ALL the fixes)

Fortunately the progressive talk shows are starting to agree.

Another plan is using the online petitions.
We have the whitehouse.gov petition that if it gets 100,000 signatures the President issues a response to it. That leads to news coverage. But you only get 30 days to make that happen so we need the ground support first.That's where the activist organizations come in. They can send their email list a blast asking them to sign the petition.

We need to find ways to reach the low information voter, the under educated voter, and the apathetic voter.

Attending events in your neighborhood and distributing the flier will help. The next event here in North Carolina is in February and it's called HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) it's an event about the justice to the poor and African Americans.

So far I am talking with
Jolie Lizotte at (920) 312-4246 or lizotte@libertytreefoundation.org
Brian Eister beister@citizen.org
Shahid Buttar shahid@bordc.org
George Friday george@bordc.org
Jonah Minkoff-Zern at (202) 588-7749 or jzern@citizen.org

We can also use radio. We can just call into shows and tell them what we're doing and how to reach us.

We have to fix this BEFORE 2014 (I know it's not probable) but we have to do it. It's a numbers game. If we get enough people to join us in protest we can be successful

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

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