Hillary tells Wall Street to "cut it out"... Says there is plenty of blame to go around... then starts out by Blaming Home owners who got foreclosed on for getting in over their heads ...

Bernie takes a much stronger stance...




Steven.PBarrett 2 years 2 weeks ago

Don't let Chris Mathews freebie for the Clinton campaign get you down fellow Sanders' followers: Take a gander at these classics (i've referred to below.)


When it comes to chutzpah, nobody in Democratic politics has it over the former first couple of Arkansas, the United States, or perhaps more accurately, Wall Street and Chappaqua. Now she's blaming victims of the dog-eat-dog Ayn Rand ideas espoused by the very man her husband reappointed to be Fed Chairman: Alan Greenspan. One man not so easily impressed by Greenspan's creds, and least of all ideas(!) wasted no time in making his presence known shortly after he began his long and historic tenure as the nation's longest elected Congressman/Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders. I originally had one video in mind to share with everybody here concerning a long-running dispute between Bernie Sanders and Alan Greenspan. LOL, for some reason, I was distracted and picked the "wrong" video among a wonderful sampling of other encounters over the years. So have fun with this smorgasborg. Two native New Yorkers could not be more different in their outlooks and careers than Greenspan and Sanders. Despite all his academic credentials and potential, it's a shame Greenspan could never really escape the shadows of the Wall Street area's skyscrapers. Whereas Bernie grew in heart, eyes, mind, soul, thanks to his street activism, experience on a Kibbutzum in Israel and literally having to scrap by a living for a while on the edge of Vermont's extremely rural Northeast Kingdom, Bernie's record of public service will speak the loudest for Americans in all economic bracket. Mrs. Clinton, take notice and have your advisors do likewise; of the entire record of Clintonomics vs. what Bernie Sanders has spent a lifetime warning us about and willing to take on the most grueling challenge of his career at a time when he certainly deserves to retire from a long and storied lifetime of public service.

In the best of all political worlds (and especially economic circumstances) Bernie Sanders could justifiably take it easy (after working tirelessly to make sure he was succeeded by a similarly-thinking potential candidate.) He doesn't need it for the ego, or the power and influence ... that's the air of Clintonism in case anybody hasn't noticed during the past 35 -to-40+plus years going all the way back to Little Rock, and it's time for cleaning up has long passed.

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