This women will say anything for the bottom line... Her bottom line!


Thom, How can you even suggest that if Hillary wins nomination democrats should...



Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 44 weeks ago

Yes, you nailed it, evil to the bone.

ronsears 3 years 44 weeks ago

Ever occurred to you that not voting for Hillary because she is a far-from-perfect Progressive still clinging to old fashioned Third-Way politics is exactly what the Republicans are hoping? Please be rational and vote Hillary in November if she is the candidate, but support and follow Bernie's Progressive revolution. We need to be at least as patient as the Koch's et al money has been. They began this right wing oligarch coup back in the late 50's with the John Birch Society and even further back in the 1950s when Dwight Eisenhauer told a bunch of rich right wingers from Texas they were nuts to ask for the end of Social Security. It took a long time to compromise our media, most of the Republican Party, some Democratic Party members, and the Supreme Court. It will now take a few years to undo the damage, but Bernie has firmly started down the road and he has the political clout to lead the revolution.

Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 44 weeks ago

No don't vote for Hillary. Vote for a third party. This is an opportunity to end the totally corrupted two party system. This Duolopoly is idiotic, disgraceful, totally undemocratic, so open to corruption, horrendously inefficient and now both parties are dying from the inside out. Like the Soviet Communist party did.

Break that system, go third party, no better chance then now. And support instant run-off or ranked ballet voting. That would be the nail in the coffin for the duolopoly.

With ranked ballet voting you could vote for your preferred candidate and still vote for a 2nd or 3rd choice. Vote splitting would not work, and third parties would get a chance to break open this hideous duolopoly. And negative campaigning would be self-defeating.

Bernie Sanders endorses IRV:

Right now this is a succinct graphic what the American pseudo-democracy really is:

The March of Tyranny Graphic, by Ben Garrison:

Ceilly Shemske's picture
Ceilly Shemske 3 years 44 weeks ago

Hilliary is the true and anointed choice of our actual unelected oligarch government, so she does indeed represent the most real and terrifying evil in this world. Cozy with Kissinger, she's all but said outright that she takes her marching orders from the CFR. No other can match her embodiment of the establishment. I agree that Abby Martin's recent Empire File on Hillary was right on. What I didn't realize before her special was the degree to which the Clinton Foundation appears to be a dark arm and slush fund for the global agenda.

I guess what baffles me is that, even as we know we are being manipulated through devision, black/white red/blue, rich/poor, Dodgers/Raiders- constantly pitted against each other, nearly everyone seems to see the idea of political parties as a given if not a good thing. In reality they keep us separated from each other, preventing any real compromise and, one party or the other, always serving as the predesignated scapegoat for the current problem/crisis. Maybe I'm wrong but I see the Hegelian dialectic in play. I never understood the need much less desire for political parties anyway. I have firm convictions that can be found to represent views in any specific party, but all of my views cannot be found in any one party and I have serious disagreements with every party. For example; I appreciate the Republican ideal of a small limited government that acts on the law, upholds the constitution and keeps it's nose out of the lives of the citizenry. But then the current purveyors of the party beat their war drums, deny science on climate change and contradict themselves on the most sensitive issue possible, a woman's right to choose. So unable to entirely relate to any party; in both my ideology and my ability to organize with like minded people I am marginalized and disenfranchised. And after forty some-odd years of watching this dog and pony show I have only come to the conclusion that the two party system is simply another device to keep us divided. Like fish out of water we flop back and forth all the while thinking the next flip will allow us to breath again when in reality the next flip only takes us incrimentally closer to their ultimate goal of total power.

These aligarchs, the very near-future rulers of the entire globe if we the people allow it, are executing a well planned, organized and coordinated effort in their pursuit of global control.

They are of one mind.

Imagine if we were.

Political party:

Human Being, Planet Earth

zenzete 3 years 44 weeks ago

I am new to this website as an active participant. I have been an admirer of Thom Hartmann for several years. I recently looked into the DKOS website and found Markos had changed the rules to ensure that Hillary can not be maligned. I quickly exited that site.

It appears that the Democratic Party is going to nominate Hillary regardless of present rules and without the consensus of the strongest part of the party, the Independents. I had to re-register D this year to vote for Bernie but many are not able to do that. The New York vote shows exactly how the Democratic Party views Independents. Independents are able to donate to the Democratic Party, support the Democratic candidates, fund and hold election events, etc. but deciding who the Democratic Party Nominee is to be. Wait a second! Independents step aside! That is reserved for only the party Hacks leaders. We will decide which votes count and who can do what. Independents are good for grunt work but don't think for a minute you will be making any decisions around here. This to me signals the demise of the Democratic Party. But there is a Silver Lining. That is Bernie!

If Bernie makes a few changes to his campaign we can all win. The things that will convert his campaign to a HUGE success follow:

1) Name the movement to make it an Independent Party. This is needed to allow the rest of us to claim an identity separate from the D and R choice we now have. I would prefer to identify as a B.

2) If the Democratic Party is so corrupt that they need a corrupt leader that makes Hillary a shoo-in. Then Bernie needs to take his newly named movement and run in the General Election as an independent candidate. His aggreement with the DNC is not binding.

3) This may cause him to conserve his primary money to run in the General Election. That would mean we need to generate more monetary support now and during the General Election. I'm in.

4) I fully expect Trump to run as an Independent and that would make this election the first four-way election in my lifetime (and I am old). Then we would have something that for once breaks the grip of the D and R parties on the electorates throat and give us a real election. That would be a great revolution.

Robert Fulghum

RACadmin 3 years 40 weeks ago

Yes, avoiding more wars is far more important that balancing the scale or ratio of democratic vs. republican judges on the United States Supreme Court...

and, regarding that argument, Bernie is the only one that promisses to accomplish that too...

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