By choosing to believe the disgusting case put on by the Zimmerman defense 6 white jurors basically disregarded the humanity of a black teenage boy and by extension every person of any gender or age who happened to look like him. I will not respect a verdict that does this.

By allowing a grown man to stalk, hunt down and kill a teenager, the jurors on this jury basically declared open season on black and brown people as though they were animals and not humans. I will not respect a verdict that does this.

By choosing to label this assassination as self defense it turns the concept of self defense on its head. Instead of trying to avoid killing pulling out a gun and killing an unarmed person is deemed acceptable. I will not respect a verdict that does this.

By exonerating Zimmerman this jury basically said that black people have no rights that white people need bother to respect. So black people cannot expect to walk down the street whilst minding their own business without either the police or now random strangers attempting to stop them and demanding to know why they are in the neighborhood. I will not respect a verdict that does this.

There is no dignity in ignoring blatant and obvious discrepancies in how people of color without speaking up. I am not going to swallow my anger anymore. I was born in this country, I'm a citizen and I expect to be treated as well as any white citizen in this country. Until then I will not respect any verdict that dehumanizes me, ignores that I and people who look like me have right, or allows other members of this society hunt me and mine down like animals.

If you want me to have respect for the system then it needs to do right by all of us. Until then it's a farce worthy of all the disdain people have for it.


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