When someone tells me that they want to "opt out" of Social Security, I tell them that there is only one fair and reasonable way to do that. The minute they opt out, every member of their extended family--by birth and by marriage--who is currently collecting Social Security would be dropped and would immediately look to them for their monthly support checks. If the opt-outer refused to support his family members, they could sue him and garnish wages and assets. No other members of his extended family would qualify for Social Security, now or in the future. All spouses and their extended families would be dropped and could sue him for their retirement funds. His children could never participate in Social Security nor could they ever qualify for Social Security Disability.

You see, by lifting the burden of caring for extended family members during times of illness, disability and old age, Social Security gives every person in America the freedom to accumulate substantially more wealth at all stages of their life.

If Social Security and Medicare were abolished tomorrow, the needs of our elderly and disabled would still exist. Only now those burdens would be shifted onto the shoulders of ordinary working people. States would enact laws that allow doctors and hospitals to collect medical bills from the children and grandchildren of the elderly. However, once the government is absent, prices will go through the roof. Prices for healthcare for the elderly today will look like 25-cent-a-gallon gas once government oversight is eliminated.

This is the hard-core truth and I never, ever hear any Democratic officials or pundits pointing it out.


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