Do you remember the Seal Team Six take down of Osama bin Laden? Many people found it interesting and significant that the success of the mission depended upon keeping it secret from the Pakistan military? Why? Because there were elements within the Pakistani military who were acting in direct violation of the orders from the top; they would alert bin Laden and protect him. Normally this behavior -- directly undermining your superiors -- is cause for severe punishment in the miltary. Never heard if the Pakistan military went to any effort to root out these traitors. If not, they have sent a message that it's ok to undermine your Commander in Chief.

What's interesting is that when I heard about this situation in Pakistan I thought to myself, "We have the same problem right here in the United States." There are elements in our own military who are willing to undermine our Commander-in-Chief, our Constitution, and the rule of law in our country. It seems that, in their minds, we already have a shadow government and that shadow government is no longer subordinate to our elected government. They don't care about Senate Oversight. Today they showed their hands.

This didn't happen overnight. It started when Nixon told the North Vietnamese to walk away from the peace talks and keep killing people so that Nixon could win the presidency. How would that have been possible if members of our military were not involved? Allowing members of our own military (or private contractors) to commit treason against our nation was, may I say, a very bad "precedent." They learned that they could "choose" the President, and the President would be beholden to them. They are not punished. Our elected leaders are too timid and afraid.

There are a number of things that have happened during the past 40 years that could only be explained by rogue military personnel violating their oath of office in order to protect bad guys and/or influence elections.


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