Dear Thom,

SC GOP Sen. Jake Knotts apologised Tued but refused to resign for calling the Republican Gubernatorial front-runner a "raghead". Sen. Knotts is proud of his "redneck' label and stated "the Republican Party should embrace the redneck term and its origin." The true meaning of a "redneck" he said, is a hardworking farmer who works dusk to dawn to support his family and got the redneck from working in the sun."

Nice try Sen. Knotts. Though there have been many suggestions for the origin of the term "redneck," the true origin came from the fact that during the non-union vs union coal mining wars post Matewan. The union workers and sympathisers donned red bandanas to distinguish themselves from the non-union workers in various skirmishes. They were soon known as "rednecks"...the historical origin of the term.

Sen. Knotts stupidity and lack of historical knowedge would seem to put him in the camp of coal miner union workers and sympathisers.

Stupidity and ignorance within the GOP seems to be without end.


Robin Bennett

PS: I am very greatful for your work.


GreenMule's picture
GreenMule 9 years 36 weeks ago

Red Neck Pecker Wood is the correct phrasing of this label. It was refined in the South to warn of the blind hatred expressed in the nature of this person. Its use as Red Neck / Pecker Wood is a warning to stay away. It remains the numbers on the forehead. Whereas, nigger is a term to define its user as one who does not respect the life of the individual. Nigger is now a situational insult, which may or may not require stitches to the user.

I am familiar with the comedian Jeff Foxworthy and the others, He tells his audiences of the disgusting qualities of the Red Neck. And yet, they laugh and buy the Red Neck cats and T-Shirts to portray their acceptance of these poor qualities. Anyone, who has had a job knows there isn't anything funny in the phrase, 'Get her done'.

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