Once again we have another opportunity to watch how corporate money is making our choice of presidential candidate for us. All this is happening in the Republican party since the Democrats have only one candidate at this time. That does not mean the Democrats are immune to all this, but, it does give us an opportunity to learn.

Over the last few weeks we have watched the Republican candidates debate, but, what have we learned from them. We have learned of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. We have learned about Mitt Romney’s yard service that hired illegal aliens (no, not the andromeda kind). We have learned that Rick Perry is not such a great debator. And we have learned, or confirmed, that Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul and the other candidates are candidates in name only. Getting no media attention at all concerning their debating. As far as Republican policies go we have not learned anything or perhaps it is best to say we have confirmed what we already know.

Then again, the Republican presidential candidates debates are not to tell us what the best parts of the candidates are and how much knowlege they have over the issues. The Republican presidential candidate debates are simply a stage. They are a means to put the candidates in the public eye and bring attention to them. As much attention as the media will give. And, lets be honest, they have provided lots of media attention.

Where we stand today is Herman Cain appears to be leading the field in most of the polls with Mitt Romney a close second. Rick Perry comes up third followed by Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Michelle Bachmann is a distant sixth. Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman finish the field well behind the others.

All this is about to change. At least for the front runners.

Just within the last few days the Rick Perry corporate PR machine has begun the job of rebuilding his public image. On Tuesday Faux news highlighted Perry’s new tax plan and the benefits it holds for our country. Wednesday we got to see Perry humbling himself to the public. Admitting to the Republican congregation that he’s made mistakes and hasn’t been the candidate he should be. Soon we will probably start seeing a more agressive Perry. He will probably start touting all the economic success he had at home in Texas. Things we see as a hindrance to him being president will soon be presented as his strong points.

At the same time we should start seeing a diminishing of the other primary candidates. I doubt there will be any serious attack on their economic or political views. To do this would also be to attack themselves. The attacks that do come will most likely be in the form of personal attacks. This candidate is not a fit person to be our president for whatever reason is being highlighted. Pay close attention to news about the other frontrunners in the next few days. How many of those news items will be negative vs positive. More than anything we will most likely just start seeing less of the other candidates in the media.

The general goal of all of this is a kind of herding of the people of the Republican party. When it comes to actually casting votes the stronger the front runner is the better the corporate controllers will like it. It is important that everyone believes in their candidate and has confidence in him. If the Republican party is to defeat President Obama they have to be completely unified.

It is sad that the people most affected by this are the ones who claim to want freedom the most. In a very slow and calculating way these people are being manipulated, herded to the end of the trail. Like cattle in the great trail drives of the old west they are being moved forward, in unison, with any attempts at breaking away cut off. Not realizing that during this entire journey they really have no say in the destination they are going to.


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