O.K. now, let me get this straight. An American should be allowed to discriminate who he serves in his business based on Race. Then Rand says the overwelming fairness of the American public will follow his lead in boycotting this business and it will be punished out of existance by lack of customers. I guess that is what happened in Selma, right genius? All those white folks just boycotted the diners and lunch counters. The protesters being hosed down by the local police were just asking for a cool off on a hot day. Reality and human nature are what they are and not what we wish them to be. Unfortunately there are people in all races and ethnic groups that for one irrational reason or another will think of themselves as superior to their fellow citizen due to ignorance. They will find plenty of customers in their perticular group to make their personal bigotry profitable. Then what kind of nation do you have? Is that what the spirit of America is? Are we to be broken into Italian groups and Polish groups and Chinese groups, a polyglot nation that Theodore Roosevelt railed against us becoming? Because folks, if you don't stand against this form of bigotry, that's what you'll have. There are enough people in the American population of various ethnic groups to sustain businesses that appeal to the worst sorts of true unAmerican bigotry. As Theodore said, be proud of your ethnicity, but be an American first. How can I be a proud American if I can't buy a cheeseburger at a Dutch only hamburger stand in America? Funny how these radicals take Capitalism to the extreme and justify its excesses as freedom. They treat human beings as just another raw material, like iron ore, or wood. Who would buy their products? Rocks? Martians, who fly away after buying that LCD TV? Who do they serve? Who provides the market, their workforce. For all those folks who don't want the Government to do anything for them, or think private enterprise could do it better, hows that gulf oil spill workin out? Yeah, right, get your damn Government fire truck away from my burning house! I'm ordering a hundred yards of garden hose off E-Bay to do it myself..it's cheaper and I'm FREE!


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