I'm exhausted from endless TV ads where one American condemns another American.

Like most of us, I'm concerned over not only foreign funds that CAN be brought to to bear against a candidate, I'm just as concerned about influences from outside MY legislative district. I would be happy to allow campaign contributions from within the district the candidate is running - statewide or city or district. But I believe the candidate should be restricted to campaign contributions from the voters they hope to represent - make your case and get their support if you can. But, to have fund raising hosted for you in another state, to me, is just as dangerous as receiving foreign funds laundered through 'in country' operatives. A candidate should appeal to the voters on their own merit. The voter should desire to vote based on a connection with the candidate.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision in "Citizens United", I wonder if we can limit the monies available to any campaign by limiting the tax free organizations allowed to that of the candidate. IF a person or group were to try and fund raise on behalf of a candidate, it would have to be taxable and their donations visible to all. A candidate would also have a cap on their personal contributions.

Additionally, I would like to limit the campaign 'season' to 6 months. I'm not sure how that can be done legally, but we must remember that the elected officials are employees. As an employer, I'm expecting them to work, on our behalf, not to run a continuous loop of campaigning. That requires more money and the cycle never ends. Additionally, campaigns would never be allowed to spend into the red. I'm not sure how they can do that, but most certainly many have in recent years.

There must be a way for the individual voter to become relative to the campaign, eliminate the external influences affecting the voter, and restore order, civility and sanity to our electoral process.


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