Remember a couple months ago I told you about the Tampa Tribune story about a private army of 4500 well-trained, well-armed thugs being trained by our new mayor? These, I can only call them mercenaries armed with chemical weapons, were "intended" to prevent us citizens from exercizing our civil rights at next year's Teapublibot Convention. Aged pretty boy Bob Buckhorn (I kid you not, he is an old person's version of dubya) was spouting nearly Dirty Harry-esque lines, actually bragging about preemptive violence. We'll see what happens tuesday when we march on the Courthouse instead of meekly staying in our park in downtown Tampa. See the invitation at and . I'll be planning not to come home that night. I just hope I get out before Christmas.

Now I have to wonder if every city has been squandering the taxpayer funds we've entrusted them with on what amounts to private armies. They cut our children's teachers to the bone, but find funding for this? Notice they no longer talk of balanced budgets and austerity because they have different orders from the "higher" ups. ("They" don't want us talking about the curent banking crisis, so they have Americans For Prosperity pull the chains of their lapdogs at the Kato Institute, who send floods of e-mails to their puppets they bought into every governor, state and local race down to schoolboard, police commission, city councils, and mayors they've funded. They own them and now the favor is due.)
Think about it, dubya, Norquist, Gingrich, Cheney, Gramm, Bachmann, Armie, and all the rest are the gawky, freaky kids from the AV club who were so abrasive and nasty they couldn't get a date. They grew older (but never grew up) to be sad, Newman-esque individuals with no empathy and lots of neuroses. We allowed them to go to DC and manage the details of society while we raised our families and lived, but didn't watch close enough: they got the grandiose delusion that they were not there to serve us, but those that lobby them.

Sometimes I wonder...I am not given to conspiracies, but I wonder if we're not at endstage of a decades-long game of Monopoly our parents started and we forgot we were playing. If the descendants of the Prescott/Walker dynasties, the Koch Industries heirs, and the other country club children took a look about themselves about 1968 and said "This must never happen again!" We know they're the ones who paid for lots of the iconic savagery we remember: billy clubs, fire hoses, tear gas, and dobies. They found their boy in the perpretrator of the Berkely Massacre, though they seemed to be grooming several the ex-B movie actor seems to have provided the right combination of a pleasing facade with the actors willingness to play any role demanded of him. His VP, whom I call "Herbert" as in "square", proved so inbred he couldn't even follow orders well enough to get re-elected (the only one of the chickenhawks with actual war experience, Herbert actually remembered his officer's "honor" and restrained his imperial behavior when their CIA trained opertative Hussein jumped the gun on the Kuwait invasion, meaning the whole affair was wrapped up without grevious loss of (white) life and much too early to ride the laurels into a "war president" re-election). BUT not only did they pack congress with their lackeys, but the supreme court. Remember Bork? Remember Anita Hill? Here's two words that ought to send a chill down your spine: Dan Quayle (ahh, the inbred life...)
You may be thinking about how Clinton was a Democrat and how that blows my chain of thinking: au contraire, that was just an unexpected move on the part of what They call "the Herd", only needing damage control to avoid giving away the game. So we got years of Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr, Whitewatergate, and Fruity Newtie's Contract on America. Not only did the endless procession of newsless squawkings distract us from what was going on behind the scenes, but it also ground the government to a complete halt so that it could be proclaimed "broken" by the very ones who broke it. They made such a business of demonizing Al Gore, once a teacher at University of California and may have witnessesed Uncle Ronnie's atrocities. I didn't ask him when I met him in (what we lovingly called) New Hamster in 1995 or 1996 as he stumped for Clintion. He has been portrayed as a wood-man, an unlikable stiffie with grandiose claims. I disagree; he struck me as the typical detail-oriented person (the kind that you would want as a college administrator, a middle-manager type) who was not comfortable addressing groups of strangers and had a nervous habit of making lame jokes and awkward asides to cover nervous silences.

Even with all of Faux Propaganda Echochamber's slanders (he never actually said HE invented the internet, but fact is he was there at the school where they invented part of what became the internet and the joke was he may have helped in some way by doing his job and so all taxpayers can take some credit for the success of our country, lame joke: yes, but not a capital crime...) the grandson of Prescott Walker, the same scum who helped crash first the German Stock Market in 1926 (creating the power vacuum that a certain crazy corporal stepped into...) and in 1929 the NY Stock Exchange actually did NOT get ELECTED to office. Very similar to the gambling mess dubya made possible in 2008.
Not only was Herbert the head of the Secret Police (CIA), and promised that the new voting machines (touted as foolproof by fools), but Points was now Governor of the one state so miserably (deliberately) F'ed up by the idealogue Katherine Harris (Secreterary of State and in charge of elections) it still couldn't be granted to the inbred ersatz cowboy.
It took Herbert's appointees to the Extreme Court (the unlovely Rehnquist and Scalia, and that walking conflict of interest Clarence Thomas) to halt the recounts, overturn the Florida Supreme Court (state's rights, anyone? activist judges, anyone?) and appoint dubya to office, despite his losing the popular vote. They love distraction, and we were duly distracted from the fact that Herbert's cronies used an unsigned decision (cannot be used as precedent under the arcane bullshit "rules" they live outside) called "safe harbor" meaning that somehow under the 14th Amendment it would somehow harm dubya not to be president) and that the final recount gave the state to Gore by a small but certain margin. I shouldn't have to tell you about the Patriot Act and all the other rights we handed in to have momentary "security", but a lot of people don't know about the way the likes of "Herb" Koch-Cane the Pizzaman, John McYellowstain, and Mitt Romney were in active training by the Koch funded Americans For Prosperity throughout the dubya misadministration, and the Koch-funded FreedomWorks planned long to subvert any rising like the original tea party tax protests of April 2009. So many of these governors (Republicans like Walker and Kasich and Democrats like Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown of California) took the Koch funding, all attended ALEC, and the Koch yearly meetings.

Is it a suprise that the would-be oligarchs that so carefully and meticulously planned such a quiet coup for so long are upset by the Occupy New York, Occupy DC, Occupy every city movements threatening to turn into the American version of the Arab Spring? Like the spoiled child that pushes down all the other children and takes their toys, these misanthropic infantile non-intellects likely have never been told "No" before. Who would dare to tell the son of Fred Koch or Herbert Bush that they were anything other than wonderful? A regular teacher doesn't dare tell a regular kid to try harder, heaven protect the teacher or nanny that didn't stroke the little ego of the offspring of the mighty! They forget that the silver spoon in their mouth just means their daddy was the most cruel, selfish, and greedy exploiter of their fellow men and that their inheritance really comes from the blood of the workers. This delusion, plus the delusion that they are our masters, makes them dangerous. As the infants they so often behave like would do they are now throwing a fit: "you can't take away all my toys!" Sadly, we have allowed these upright apes to distract us too long and allowed them to hire ugly men with weapons to try to keep us from "harming them" as they see it through their infantile mindset. The way they assume that the protests are a threat and pre-empt the expected violence proves their childish delusion: there is no room in their psychosis for mature forgiveness (that still can't take place while the injustice is running) and thinks we will physically harm them in an "eye for an eye" revenge. It's sick and sad.

This is my theory. It makes a terrible kind of sense.


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