i really think the country needs a viable alternative to the TEA PARTY! What don't we start our own movement- for the REST of us...left AND center ? It could be THE SILENT MAJORITY..which is very accurate,and ironic if you remember the original adoption of the phrase by the right in the seventies. I would try to start it but am not technological enough to figure out how to properly put up a site or blog,then make it viral.I would love to team up with someone who could do that.I have been an activist and organizer since 68,so i can contribute creatively...and passionately !

Lets take the focus off of those loud few,and put it on the REAL MAJORITY of good Americans !









Zenzoe 8 years 13 weeks ago

Thom had a guest on his Big Picture program last night. I forget her name, but, in regard to Social Security and Medicare, she said, in effect, that people need to grow up and understand that they can't always have everything they want. That was when I turned off the TV. That's not the sort of leadership I'm interested in listening to.

I'd like to see a real Tea Party moment, where we go down to the wharf, find a ship with cheap crap from China waiting to be unloaded there, then invade and shove it all into the sea. It might be worth the jail time.

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