I’ve come to the conclusion that labor unions are no longer a viable tool to rally support; their days as powerful democratic institutions have come and pass. There are countless reasons why, I believe, labor is no longer a cornerstone for democratic movement in the US, however, I will stick to what I believe is the main reason for not rallying around labor as an organizing tool for the public. I will discuss other reasons for my belief that labor is a weak point to build a democratic movement around, but I will skip them for now to stick to my main point of organizing around consumerism.

The primary concern for State Capitalism is maximizing profit by any means necessary. This means reducing the effect that labor has on profit by exploiting cheaper labor markets (as close to slavery as possible). With 3rd world countries feeling the effects of 40 plus years of neo-liberalism; exploiting cheap labor has never been more accessible or abundant, whether this is a fortunate byproduct of corporate globalism or by design; exploitation of labor and resources has never been better for those with the means and capital to take advantage of the disadvantaged.

I advocate attacking the globalization through consumer consent. The entire state capitalist system is based on undermining the public by maximizing consumption and profits with the domination of markets. State Capitalism thrives on mindless consumption driven by base emotional desires acting as fulfillment, with the manipulated consumer showing little consideration or resistance to these powerful capitalist forces. From ad agencies, PR firms, think tanks, politicians, special interest groups and other entities around the country, the consumer/voter is under constant attack by the forces of State Capitalism. Consumer consent, with civic, labor and other forms of organizing, could be a counter force against State Capitalist domination of our economy and our government.

Consumer consent could be achieve by three steps organizing, educating and follow through. Organize into democratic institutions loosely based on labor union structure. I’ve posted on the subject of organizing before, if interested, read my blog post on Consumer Unions, I have tentative unexplored thoughts on the subject. Education is an absolute must to show consumers that capitalism is undermining every aspect of their lives. From their economic stability, all the way to their children and grandchildren futures.

Revealing the shadow of consumerism that dominate their lives will take a herculean effort, however, the payoff could be a democratic institution with a willingness to sacrifices their time and conveniences for a better society, present and future. Consumer Unions could be a counter to State Capitalist forces. I use the term Consumer Union, it is just a suggestion, because obviously it will take much more than controlling consumption to fundamentally change the US system of government to a functioning democracy, rather than a limited wealth based representative government with autocratic control by elected and unelected political managers. People of all political persuasion could be convinced to control their consumption to gain democratic control over their government that is dominated by capitalist forces that use economic advantage to dominate all three politically charged branches of the US government. I believe a practical non-violent social revolution has to happen but I believe Consumer Consent could give such a revolution the teeth it needs to bite into State Capitalist control.


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lifesize 4 years 38 weeks ago

sadly, you're right that albor no longer has the power it used to. but you should also see that what DOES remain of the labor movement IS often active in politics. jin 'em, don't kick 'em.

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RichardofJeffer... 4 years 35 weeks ago
Quote lifesize:

sadly, you're right that albor no longer has the power it used to. but you should also see that what DOES remain of the labor movement IS often active in politics. jin 'em, don't kick 'em.

In other post I've written, I have advocated for solidarity with labor unions from the kind of democratic institutions I'm posting about. I would even advocate recruiting from the rank-n-file of labor union to build membership in the democratic institution that I'm proposing.

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