Growing up as a child in the 80's and 90's I was never concerned with the world of politics. My father was a Repulican, and my mother was a Democrat. Anytime politics were involved at the dinner conversation it was always interesting albeit my father was always the "victor" because he was dad. Only later in life did I realize how incredible my mother was in her victories for she never had to be acknowledged for her successes. They were just successes. Silent or outspokenly loud they were always taken with a great sense of humility, and appreciation. Both of my parents were very intelligent, and spoke with care. I learned not about the actual politics involved, but rather how their positions were discussed. I learned to listen.

Fastforward three decades, and here I am. Enthralled and encompassed with the political climate we all now live in I have found Thom's show. Thirsting to hear more, to learn more, to understand more I branched out. I have stopped trying to understand why things are happening, or understanding why people feel as they do on topics I disagree with. I started to listen again. Remembering the conversations my parents had at dinner. I listen to the people at work who are sometimes hard to listen to. I listen to both progressive, and conservative radio. I read, and will continue to read books, and articles on both sides. I stopped trying to understand, and just started to listen.

I will never understand the view points some people have. I am not built to work that way. It is like trying to understand what an addiction to heroin is like when the most I have ever done is had two cups of coffee in a row. You can't relate hence you can not understand. However you can listen. What I hear so much is how people can take something and completely twist the reality of it to fit their so called agenda. Furthermore they are really really good at doing so. We all have biasses, and our own beliefs. It is just astonishing to see though just how politics can belittle ones whom don't fit their own. Thom is great about sticking to history with a passion for his bias. I appreciate that so much about his show.

How does any of this actually matter when it comes to where we are politically today in our country? Truth doesn't. Politics is not government. Never has been, and never will. Politics are just campaigns to get you into, or out of government. Yet it seems that nowadays our politics consume our government. Look at how much has happened over the last few decades. Government has become more and more about political views than about fact based legislation. That is where I see our problems lying.

The DNC has an identity crisis. This is what I hear so often. No they don't. Their actions speak all the words they will ever need to say. What they do or don't do is all anyone should ever care about. Same goes for the RNC, and the GOP as is for our country as a whole. For some reason though today we don't focus on that. He said, she said, they did, they didn't, and everything inbetween is all that matters. Our actions, our beliefs, our constitution, our democratic republics' voices are being silenced by an ocean that is constantly drowning historically recorded actions by political water.

How can we be heard? How can our voice shout from one side of this ocean to the other? I think not only them, but us all have forgotten our voice because we don't even hear it anymore. My answer to said question is to not just speak out. I say to shout out. With actions that can't be silenced. With government, with legislation, with running for office, and with listening we can be heard. It is about history speaking the truth, and never running from that history. Facts can never be fiction so stick with the facts. Believe in them, run with them, and they will never be silenced by politics because truth is always stranger than fiction, and everyone loves a good story.

I want to speak out against the politics. I want to change this country to what "I" believe it could become. Yet it is not up to me. It is up to you, and you, and you. All of us. My voice will be heard until the next voice comes that is louder than mine. Then the next after that and so on and so on. We can not be afraid of what is factual by our belief in something more than us. Truth is that this country is us. All of us. Both, and all sides. Our history however great, and however cruel it has been; is ours. We must own it. We must embrace our history in order to change our present. I will speak out, I will shout out, and I will run for office. I will not allow our government to drown in this political ocean because all we are, and all we hope to become lie within it! To change you have accept. To accept you have to admit. To admit you have to understand. To understand you have to...listen.


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