We have seen so many changes in this passing year for our country. Politically as well as culturally. I have heard Thom talk about a cultural change that could be happening with the #MeToo movement, and the deconstruction of patriarchy. I think he is right. I think this is the next step in which women are being heard, but more importantly they are shouting from all around the world. There were a few women from his show today that had opposite view points on Senator Al Fraken. Some were saying that they were disappointed that the Senator had decided to leave office while another said it was overdue. Both sides are more than valid, and correct in my eyes. More importantly; I think, is the fact that women are setting the stage for the Womans Revolution.

When all of this started getting attention this year it was due to a few BIG key players in some seriously sick, and dimented acts being called out. Sad thing is that women have been saying all of this since the beginning of our existance. For thousands of years it has been "business as usual." What I have noticed in listening to all the women coming out and sharing their own stories is that they are finally setting the stage. They are setting presidence for what is no longer acceptable to them. Finally the ones who have harmed so many are being held accountable for their actions. Although this has happened before in times past I feel this truly is a revolutionary time for women. For the fact that they are not only setting the stage, but they are beginning to set the rules for said stage.

Months ago when it started all I heard were calls to fire, and charge those who have wronged others. Rightfully so. Those extremes I believe are due to the lifetimes of suppression. They are only going to get worse. Again, rightfully so. Heads will roll, and the wrongdoers from the "Minor" to the "Major" will all suffer from their actions swiftly. What I have heard though in todays show; from women, was the start of how to gauge the severity in which these humiliations were inacted. That is the stage. That is the conversation that matters. The WOMEN are setting the RULES! On their terms. With themselves. Without anyone telling them what to feel, or think, or how to react. It is raw, and real. That is the revolution I see happening. It is amazing to watch them rise.

Here is my suggestion to men. I hear; including Thom at times, try to understand what is appropriate as far as justice is concerned for women. Again, inadvertantly, we men are trying to lay out the stage in regards to this. Our intentions in doing so are with only heartfelt compassion for those who suffer. Truth is us men just need to step aside. Completely. Listen, and speak out against actions of hurtfulness. Defend those who may not be able to speak out on their own. Other than that...nothing. Women right now are doing an amazing thing. They are doing it their way. We need to make sure that this does not go dark, but we need to allow their light to shine. They will set the stage, they will set the rules, and they will let us know what they want us to do. We do not need to assume anything. Just allow women to breathe, and run their revolution their way.


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Dianereynolds 1 year 1 week ago

Sometimes the "womans revolution" takes a step backward. Hopefully this Moore accuser will continue to retain slimeball ambulance chaser Gloria Allred in the upcoming lawsuit. Both should be locked up.

Beverly Nelson: “Okay, I forged part of it, but it’s still authentic!”


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islandmu 1 year 3 days ago

Robert Jensen is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men, and Plain Radical: Living, Loving, and Learning to Leave the Planet Gracefully. He can be reached at rjensen@austin.utexas.edu or through his website: robertwjensen.org. To join his email list, visit: thirdcoastactivist.org/jensenupdates-info.html.

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