Fifth Dimension of Politics: Resistance and Revolution Strategies

from the Fifth Dimension of Politics: Resistance and Revolution

I’ve been talking with Thom Hartmann on FreeSpeechTV about the unfolding pattern of events following the 2016 Election. Never really get to cover everything over the phone so I thought I’d just share my written notes

Nov. 9th PoliticsToDo List: possible steps that the Resistance effort would follow. With any luck, this process should be totally organic.

1) Revolution begins
Witness the protests across the nation

2. Establish the illegitimacy of Trump presidency to justify the protests:
a) Reality Starting point: initially based on the Trump’s loss of the popular vote
b) Promote the proposition that the election was hacked. This could be the great nullifier factor.
Call for investigation of the entire voting process, esp., the discrepancies in the mathematical prediction area as compared to voting results and exit polls.

(3) Deep dive into “Rigging the Election” (will include other forms of rigging: voter suppression, voter roll manipulation, etc.)
The Hacking of an American election - how it happened: did hackers create a small amount of flipped votes -- but in key cities, counties, states.
This would explain why all the major forecasters were so wrong.
The odds that this election was hacked should be computed by the math experts to reveal the mathematical improbabilities of the results of the 2016 Election

(4) Maintain the meme that Trump is an illegitimate President. One way is to compare him to the last Republican President who lost the popular vote: G.W. Bush. Handle this election like the Bush election — when We declared Bush illegitimate and a result of criminal vote fraud and disenfranchisement. And pray that the Republicans don’t do a 9-11 trip on us again, in an effort to legitimize the ConArtist President.

(5) Organic Organization of the Revolution Movement: The establishment of a shadow government in the Internet space we share with the Pentagon; the military calls this Internet space “The 5th Dimension: Information—Cyberspace.” That’s our Internet space, the one we are occupying right now. It’s the military’s fifth domain or dimension of operation: (1) land, (2) sea, (3) air, (4) space and (5) Cyberspace. The “shadow government” would be set up in the usual way, duplicating the actual government. It is cyberspace based — in a “cloud.”

(6) Politically, organize on a combat footing - in cyberspace, like the military — but without the destructive hardware. We are already part of a cyberspace war being fought by the US against several entities. Let’s take command of our part of it at our level. Our adversaries have just scored a major victory by hacking our election on several levels. We must pursue a way to defend ourselves against cyber attacks that effect the actual core of our democracy, like our right to vote.

Of course, we intend to stay within legal guidelines and to observe the law of the land.

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

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