The recent 17, 18 and now 19 year old Arabic type just busted in Portland Oregon appears to have the same historical profile as do other people, plots and organiztions that, not only OUR, but other country's Intelligence agencies have infiltrated or penetrated for many years before their eventual "USE" by the Intel Agencies themselves. Regarding "The 9.11.1001 Attacks War Game Scenario", not only do we have evidence that approximately 11 countries had discovered these "attack plans" well ahead of time, but that they had indeed warned our own intel about them...ahead of time...and repeatedly so.

A quick but pertinent aside...I argue that the brutal arresting and torturing of "muslim types" all around the world was done for two actually see if any of those arrested actually DID know something about the upcoming attacks [so, it could be controlled], but, more importantly, to basically "fire a shot across ANY whistleblower's bow" letting them know that if they spoke up about the "9.11.2001 Attacks War Game Scenario", they too would be arrested without warrant, detained without recourse, and tortured. Tortured NOT to open their mouths to spill the beans and get to the turuh...but tortured to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT about any information about or foreknowledge of "The 9.11.2001 Attacks War Game Scenario".

There are no doubts in my mind that all the footage and reporting [Seymor Hirsch] of arrests, imprisonment and torture at Abu Ghrab [sp], Guitmo and elsewhere were DELIBERATELY ALLOWED TO BE DEPOSITED INTO THE MAINSTREAM so that this message of arrest, detainment and of course, torture, would be "understood" by all peoples all around the world...and it IS about foreknowledge of "The 9.11.2001 Atacks War Game Scenario"...and shutting up about it! Moving on...

Intelligence agent Robert Baer [sp], whose stories about the middle east and foreknowledge of a plan that would eventually morph into "The 9.11.2001 Attacks War Game Scenario" in the film Siriana [sp], cinematically exposes this activity in very clear and understandible terms. And there are many other examples of the US Intel Agencies doing exatly the same thing in our history, and these include leaders of countries in which our Intel Agencies first established the chosen leaders as "friends" cooperative leaders...and then, when the geopolitical timing is right, and it has now become to the USofA's LONG TERM benefit, they flip their "leader asset" to be a Hitler or other enemy that we should fear. Quadafi, Noriega, Hussein...there are others who fit the same bill.

The "Christmas Bomber" is a perfect example of not only this activity, but that it happened on CHRISTMAS should tip us off that indeed, this was yet another deliberately implemented "psyop" to gain the most attention and to crearte the most fear in the US citizenry's souls. Looking into this underwear bomber history also uncovers details that show that US intel...or some secretive group associated with the good ole USofA, was deeply involved in getting this "passportless" or otherwise disqualifying international traveler on board the aircraft in the first place...IE: that there were some shady people helping him bypass security. Some reports show the "Incompetence Theory" being put into place too...AND...that one intel agency was in the weeds getting him onboard therefore creating a need to circumvent, or to get another Intel Agency of the USofA to back off its normal responsibilities as they had been on this guy for sometime. Who knows what's real?...but at this stage of the game, its all very, very conveniently scheduled and the operations are working in shady places.

The "Times Square Bomber" also stands out in some of the same "foreknowledge-possible set-up...not much of a real bomb" ways...and of course its all in TIMES SQUARE.

Repeating a story here...being an air traffic controller in the 1970s when there was an increase in hijackings, and being assigned a Military, Air Line Transport Association, Air Line Pilots Association, FAA Procedures and ATC discussion group about what could be done to solve the hijacking problem, we ATCs thought it pretty simple in that US Flag Carriers [major airlines that conducted international flights], should do what El Al [Israel's National Airline] had done which was to "harden cockpit doors". None of us understood the rationale for not hardening the cockpit doors which would have only cost a TINY amount when compared to overall airline costs, Until..."The 9.11.2001 Attacks War Game Scenario" my perspectives anyway.

Much like "human assets" that are stashed away for future use by the Intel Agencies when needed, I feel that the "soft cockpit doors" were allowed to remain SO THAT HIJACKINGS COULD BE SUCCESSFUL should any future special ops or false-flag ops require them sometime down the road. There is simply too much evidence about how successful El Al was/is at ending the hijackings by hardening the cockpit doors. This is much too simple to dismiss as another "conspiracy theory". Its too clear!

So, "The Christmas Tree Lighting Bomber" can be easily placed into the very same "queue" of "assets" for possible use within future actionable Intel Ops to be drawn upon WHENEVER our Intel Agencies want to deploy them...

[...or for use by our presidents who want to pretend that they are in control of the military and are "tough defenders" of the US citizenry...]

The recently raised personal invasion of privacy at airport screening stations that is "all the news right now" is just part of the scam to move the good ole USofA into a security state that matches that of Israel. Again, a cursory study of the events surrounding "The 9.11.2001 Attacks War Game Scenario" will uncover some of Israel's-Israelis'-Mossadis' goals of making the USofA a security state to match that of Israel...they are on record of STATING SUCH!

If one looks at...commercial TV's awful prime time shows [BTW...It should be spelled: "American Idle"] advertising where people buy Jeeps because they can climb the pinnacles in the Holywood's constant outpouring of military-violence-terrorist based problems and its violence based the violence in the videogames available everywhere...HOW IS IT NOT...a security state on the build!

There are "psy-ops" going on all the time and all over the place...and we WILL figure it all out as we move ahead.

love, peace and progress...

9.11.2001.Truth for World Peace and Justice

Puget Sound Peace Presence...a concept worth contemplating

Robin Hordon

Kingston, WA USofA


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