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Rally to Restore Wimpy...

Just when, the progressive left starts to be comfortable with raising its voices and TELLING THE TRUTH...

[remember I'm a 9/11 Truther and this simply is a QUALIFIER for being such]

...and after DECADES [if not over a CENTURY] of the left being total WIMPS when it comes to discussing ANYTHING...[all the way down to how "We All Must...", or "One Always Should..." have their latte mixed or stirred ONLY THIS way you know!...]...

...AND...we finally get all these GREAT progressive radio, TV and other voices like Hartmann, Miller, Olberman, Press [sorta], Rhodes, Sheehan, Willie, Maddow, Gold Man? [sorta], Gregory, and of course Schultz and the REAL Truth Seeker, Malloy, SPEAKING IN VOLUME AND COMPETENCY...

...THEN we get Jon Leibowitz hosting a rally that instructs his FEEBLE followers to back away...AND to do so very politely...so as NOT TO OFFEND.

So, this is what I have to say about that...

[written in simple if not rather ROUGH terms to the wussy lefties anyway...BTW...did you lefty "wussfits" ever read what Cris Hedges had to say about you...something about lefties being USELESS...did you miss that word? USELESS ]: Well, here it is:

Stand up for what you want OR bend over for what you get!

Jon Leibowitz' banter on 10.30.10 was an embarrassment and "beat down" to all of us who have been working so hard to raise up the meaningfullness of "the progressive left" for all those decades BEFORE Leibowitz was even born. For years we have been trying SOOO HARD to get past the above noted "wussfits" who have so limited our efforts in acheiving a more just world.

In the end, and to me personally, as I actually was asked to "evaluate" Jon Stewart [an unkown...Leibowitz] well before his being "selected-positioned" into the slot that Lizz Winstead [Co-Creator of the Daily Show] and others in the Hollywood-Mahnhattan entertainment nexii had slotted for him, I will share this with all of you so as to help you understand the shallowness of Leibowitz' political underpinnings.

Jon Stewart-Leibowitz had ONLY 19 minutes of competent and original stand-up comedy when he was sent to work a week as a headliner at Catch A Rising Star in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. 19 minutes? Headliners were expected to have a minimum of 45 minutes...and most had about 90 minutes to pull from. 19 minutes?

And of that 19 minutes of stand-up...ZERO minutes of political humor...ZERO MINUTES OF POLITICAL HUMOR!!!

However, in noting all of the above, Jon Leibowitz-Stewart was, and is, quite talented and was always TV PRETTY [a VERY important element in getting on TV]...and Leibowitz knew how to handle the stage and the audience...and so stated my evaluation...along with:

He desperately needs writers!

So, what YOU are finally seeing on The Mall in WDC on 10.30.10 is something, a creation, that I have been aware fo for decades...Jon Leibowitz-Stewart is a SHOWBIZ fabrication of a political being. And of course he is NOT that being at all. And now you all know.

When Jon Leibowitz-Stewart was 17 years old he was most likely deciding that if he were to ever make it into showbiz, he would probably have to do the "The Robert Zimmerman"...[Bob Dylan's real name].

In comparison, when our own Thom Hartmann was 17 years old, and even after being raised by conservative parents, he was out in the streets getting gassed and assaulted while protesting an illegal and IMMORAL WAR...and I would postulate...that Thom had nary an idea of ever being in showbiz someday. Thom was out there because of HIS OWN REAL POLITICAL FEELINGS THAT HE LEGITIMATELY HELD INSIDE HIMSELF AS A PERSON...and that he was NOT there because he was concerned about his future in the BIZ.

Thom Hartmann is Thom Hartmann.

Bob Dylan is Robert Zimmerman.

Jon Stewart is Jon Leibowitz...

Get it?

And I'm Robin Hordon and I'm a 9/11 Truther...just like Malloy, Rosie, Rosanne, Sheen, Asner, Sunjata, Wille and TENS OF MILLIONS of us Truthers all around the world who recognaize that PEACE runs through the Pentagon...and we are funding it!.

So, who the hell are YOU?...and what do YOU want to stand for?

You all finally met Jon Leibowitz on 10.30.10.

We progressives need to keep growing IN SPITE of...

..the Rally to Restore Wimpy!

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon

Kingston, WA USofA

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