The largest challenge to those protesting on Wall Street against Wall Street is to have future and major effect at all upcoming congressional races beginning in 2012 and lasting until beyond 2044...aka...approximately the same 30 years that the righties-corporations-financial institutions have been slowly, BOILING FROG-LIKE, taking total control of congress for their behalf and not for citizen's concerns.

THIS is the problem for the entire left actually...lasting forces sustaining "Informed Consent" and creating both power and long lasting "corporation-like" memories. Indeed, we do not yet have that "memory or heart" right now and nothing about progressive politics, labor rights, or how governments work are taught in public schools...AGAIN, all of this is by careful and well executed design by the ruling class starting over 40 years ago.

So, hats off to all the efforts to buy pizza and water and all that stuff ordered by those who are not ON Wall Street protesting but who are plugged in enough to contribute any way that they can. And hats off to those protesting on Wall Street even though the PTB...Powers-To-Be...have the protesters right where they want them...spending time on NYC's sidewalks and street corners instead of informing and organizing the citizenry back in their home districts. Yup, the bad guys have the good guys right where they can see them...when they limo in and out of work...or to and from their sailboats and yachts for the weekends.

Protests are fun and yelling and screaming gets some important emotional stuff out...but locally coordinated political activism POWERED EQUALLY ENTHUSIASTICALLY in order to: THROW THE BUMS OUT...aka...changing out bad congresscritters with progressive candidates, is about the ONLY viable mechanism to actually make some changes in legislation...which is what is required.

I will keep making the point that the BIG EVENT ONLY mind sets that AFFLICT organizers and pundits whose roots go back to the 1960s-1970s where they THOUGHT BIG MARCHES ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING, is now fuctionally worthless...and indeed can be seen as being counterproductive as they spend so much wasted energy and resources. "Dawn will break on Marblehead" one of my favorite New England-y sayings...and pretty soon the lefty big-wig pundit class will simply give in and accept that their long estblished approaches are no longer working. Just listen to ANY interview with VandenHuevel of the Nation...ANY interview. Wanna four decade throwback?...just listen up for about five minutes and you are right back in the 60s-70s...NOTHING has changed for her. Luckily she has Nichols on the ground in REAL WORLD to bring reality to The Nation.

BTW...just check out the million man march and how the Democrats went back on their promises to the black communities for fair legislation and more representation AFTER those "allegedly effective marches". And I also ask that you look at the famous story of a president ending the Vietwnam War because he looked out the White House window and "feared" the population marching around. Look at it in a different way. Perhaps it was a psy-op so well planted that for DECADES the masses would keep wasting their time, energy, finances, vacations...and more than anything else, wasting their enthusiasm...marching from nowhere-to nowhere-in front of only themselves-being reported by fewer and fewer corporate media outlets that are being read/seen by fewer and fewer people. Perhaps it was a plan that was designed to make citizens THINK that they were accomplishing something...when in the end, the PTB just wanted folks to waste their time and energy, wste their emotions only to become discourgaed in the long term, BUT, to walk away thinking that they had actually accomplished something in the short term.

The congresscritters do not fear protesters...they fear NOT seeing the work that is going on to unseat them back in their own districts. Once we get organized well enough to ring a few bells and whistles to assmble and organize locally [or to assist our brothers and sisters in other districts] to DUMP bad politicians and FIGHT bad legislation...and such activities take place ALL OVER THE COUNTRY instead of in Madison, on Wall Street, or on the Mall in WDC, things will really start to get interesting...for the "ruled class"! And it will be fun too!

BTW...does Christopher Hedges have a special placard at the White House fence yet...sorta his own parking spot?

Its 2011 and NOT 1968...and we have four decades of work to do ahead of us in order to reestablish progressive and NON-WARRING policies.

PLEASE REMEMBER...its NOT what you bring to the protests and street or "direct actions" that ultimately matter anymore...what matters ss what you bring back home with you...and then what you do to continue our revolution of the mind and soul starting in your own neighborhood...and then city or town, county, state, region and finally, back to WDC. Trickle Up politics.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin was right when he stated something like: "Let them protest...". He just didn't think that Wisconsoners would go back home and do as much grassroot work at making political changes as they did.

So, WHO is going to, and HOW are they going to...make these Wall Street protests effective where it the local and district ballot boxes for the next 30 years? That's the big question here.

And, as soon as we get those types of question answered [ hint-grassroots organizing and local political engagement ], the old farts from the 1960s-1970s, and their younger naively trained "direct activists" [the new-old farts] will be able to actually describe and even execute what is needed to make some changes where it counts. In 2011 and beyond, political activism will only effectively count right where you can take the first steps to THROW THE BUMS OUT...and vote some good guys and gals in...meaning...right in a citizen's own local political district.

In the meantime, keep ordering the pizzas and water for the Wall Street activists...something good may come of this...besides, winter is approaching.

love, peace and progress...

robin hordon

Kingston, WA


what now toons's picture
what now toons 6 years 2 weeks ago

These patriots who are protesting on Wall Street standing up for all of us against un-regulated capitalism., and they deserve our support for their peaceful demonstration. Wall Street has been leading this country around by the nose for far too long, and I sure hope that these protesters signal a new tipping point in American history. I've devoted my latest cartoon to these people who care about all of our futures,it's up now on my website



Left of center independent political cartoons.

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