Now that many of the Occupy Wall Streets actions are now focusing upon minor law violations and confrontations with authorities that have NOTHING TO DO with the intent of the ???ORIGINAL??? Wall Street protests, here are three things that I have to say:

FIRST...all the old gray hair activists from the 1960s-1970s must feel deeply proud and now very emotionally comfortable that the OWS Movement has broken down into focusing upon events and issues that have absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MESSAGE. This is a well known process of being driven OFF MESSAGE...much like the events in LAST CENTURY when peace activities were allowed to be broken down into violence, brick throwing, fights and TV READY hassles...all in the name of PEACE! Yeah, right...

SECOND...its pretty clear to me that our distinguised "opposition"...the Rove-Koch gang...had so much success in 2010 when their "then leader" Glenn Beck pulled off a rally in WDC that tricked both Ed Schultz and Jon Stewart into having similar rallies. Schultz's rally can be remembered when he asked the unempoloyed to fly to WDC to walk in HIS march...HUHHH???...and Stewart's rally, The Rally To Save Sanity...or some stupid thing like that, actually had the left "make nice" with the Tea Party-ers...and BOTH rallies added uto helping out the following:

The lowest progressive-left-democratic mid-term voter turnout in years.

Further...the right HAD to do something because the Madison protests ended up having some success...BUT NOT because of the protests...but because of the LOCAL POLITICAL ACTIVISM that took place AFTER the political activists RETURNED HOME and got busy in ther own home towns at making political-social-economical changes.

So, what better way than to stir up the "protest only pot" with a broad brush anger-movement against the 1% in this country? And to quietly, subtly, and undetectably establish that the best way ahead was to use to "100% agreement-consensus" protocols. Self-defeating consensus protocols that were established back in the 1960s-1970s. These are naive protocols which ensured then, will ensure now, and will ensure in 2012...that the OWS organization will spin into a uselees heap of indecision and inefective political-social change as it wastes its precious and well intended humanity.

The right wing beat us many, many times before using these very tactics...hijacking the protest energies...and its on the way now to do it yet again.

So, why wouldn't the right wing subtly work behind the scenes to get the youth and others [including the gray haired "one trick ponies" from the 1960s-1970s who will foolishly insist that old failed tactics be used again in THIS CENTURY] back out into the streets a year before the 2012 election cycle? They know what the history of lefty rallies are...they come...they burn out...they waste resources...they deflate enthusiasm for change...they dissappear...and they diminish involvement in the democratic processes.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO THE RIGHT...REDUCE ENTHUSIAM AND REDUCE VOTER TURNOUT. Game-Set-Match goes to the Rove-Koch team who most likely ginned up this latest public political activism...and left its demise to the naive-never learn anything-lefties...

This is simply another form of the tactic known as: "To beat them-JOIN THEM"...and then step back and watch the self-destruction...the self destruction that is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. OH YEAH...don't forget to throw in some homeless, drunkards, whacked out street artists, dredges of our society, and without a doubt ANARCHISTS. This is such an OLD MOVIE...

THIRD...Its time for a deeper look at CI...Civil Informationing:modernizing public activism. This can be found all over the member blog site with a simple search...I'll save you the lengthy re-posting.

I have attended two Occupy Seattle last week which was fairly well attended and was full of the SAME SPEECHES that i have heard for over 40 years now...BUT...9/11 Truth for World Peace was actually quite well though the events of 9/11/2001 had nothing to do with the OWS concerns????

And the second, this past Monday where I was able to hand out a dozen copies of CI...Civil Informationing: modernizing public activism...and had several meaningful conversations with some folks there.

On Tuesday the Occupy Seattle group moved its activities from West Lake Plaza...Seattle's own "protest area" Seattle Central University.

Maybe somebody read about the uselessness of the "protest only" form of activism...and went back home to utilize the wisdom of CI...Civil Informationing...aka...being publically politically active ON LINE and in YOUR OWN HOME TOWN FIRST...and then gather later on in celebrations as outlined in: CI...Civil Informationing: modernizing public activism.

Apparently, law breaking, as shown as foolishness and a liability in CI...aka...breaking stupid laws is a waste of good activists time and energy. CI-ers do not want to get arrested...they want to meet-greet-chat-inform the public in public places at least once per week. Why get arrested when there is so much work to do in making changes on street corners and online all over the country?

love, peace and progress.

robin hordon of Kingston, WA


Roberta Hackett's picture
Roberta Hackett 8 years 13 weeks ago

I am glad to have this conversation. Tensions are high and we are on the tipping point of change. I agree that we must understand the tactics of those who trust patriarchal government because that seems to be what works. We pledge to uphold the values, tactics, and purpose of democracy. For what I have seen, the Elders have been very careful to nurture the OWS movement, to honor them with the autonomy of creating their own framework to define democracy. Elders have experienced this all before. If you ask, we are willing to share the lessons we have learned. Democracy is definable. The OWS movement is not re-defining democracy, OWS is defining it in more complex and interesting ways. The first step is to understand the dynamics of democracy, experience what it feels like, so you can come to believe. I applaud your efforts to understand and believe. It is a process and takes time. Allow the elders to help you speed up the process. The world is in crisis. We need to understand Now so we can design a plan for moving forward.

teton's picture
teton 8 years 13 weeks ago

Madison protests were a failure. Did you see the election results? Dems further lost 1 net seat. It is after this Hartmann stopped talking about Madison.

As of Today... Occupy Oakland had only a "handful" of protestors. This is coming from media reporting on location in Oakland.

Now, did you really expect OWS to have any long term impact? They didn't even have a clear message and of a boatload of noises, most make no sense such as forgive "all" debt!?!?!? Those folks are just protesting because they didn't have anything else to do, and will flock over to the next thing after they realize protesting is hard work, like holding a job.

Vlperez's picture
Vlperez 8 years 13 weeks ago

Reports of rape , assaults robbery and vandalism at all protests. What a way to win the support of Americans. Way to go hippies

Robin Hordon's picture
Robin Hordon 8 years 13 weeks ago

My point is that, left alone as protests, the protests would have been another failure...BUT...that the aftermath of the Madison Protests was a new and energetic...AND MAY I SAY PROUDLY-A VERY COMPETENT ACTION...of bringing back home the forces of political-social-economical the REAL reason that the Madison protests have worked. This is why I so deeply suspect the OWS thing...there is no call for "after action behaviors" this leads me to believe that the Rove-Koch combo has set it all up [very, very clandestinely] to have eventual failure at teh ballot box.

Madison is showing upo at the ballot box...I rest my case.


Robin Hordon's picture
Robin Hordon 8 years 13 weeks ago

My concern is the effect that the elders have upon THIS could be could be bad...the difference will be evidenced ONLY after the "elders" take an honest look at what DID NOT WORK from the 1960s-1970s...and after.

The Peace Community is a very troubling JOKE...even as much as Thom tries to uplift Tom Hayden et al. Its actually pathetic at the mment.

However, the OTHER five "movements" that came out of the 1960s-1970s are doing pretty well...women's rights, gay rights, racial rights, anti-nuke-the environmental movement...and there are two clear reasons WHY the disparity.

ONE...the five successful movements DID NOT RELY UPON MAJOR MARCHES AND PROTESTS...but instead did what needs to be done now...they returned home and kept up the drumbeat in EDUCATING and INFORMING the citizenry about their was was local was timely interjections into the was legal was affecting local was NOT marching and protesting...

HOWEVER...and in STARK BEHAVIORAL CONTRAST...the Peace Communities fell back into ONLY honoring the starting dates of wars...and at that only every now and then. THEN...when wars were imminent..."translation"-the horse was well out of the barn"...they asked their members to dust off their PEACE "Ts" and go on another stupid and worthless march from somewhere-to somewhere-in front of nobody-underreported by the corporate media. And they did this time and time again...with the same results...which is a common definition of insanity...and all of this has gone unoticed or unaccepted by the participants.

TWO...clearly there was NOW ACKNOWLEDGED infiltration into the Peace Communities that KEPT UP THE STOOOOOOPID IDEA OF "BIG MARCHES ONLY" as a process to stop war...and these infiltrations came from two obvious and still unnoticed and still at work...

1. The Military-Congressional Industrial Complex...and its lackeys in high levels of US Governement...

2. Those forces in the USofA who DID NOT WANT THE PEACE COMMUNITIES TO DIRECT ITS ATTENTION TO THE ISRAELI-PALESTINE ISSUE...which any viable Peace Community would have done during times when the USofA was not conducting a "public war"...

An on 9/11/2001 the Muslims placed military grade nanothermite in the WTCs...mailed military grade anthrax to key players in the "Patriot Act" story...and of course "stood down" the nation's Air defense System...and they did all of this from a cave in Afghanistan...while their leader was attached to a dialysis borrow one of Thom's admonitions...

OOPS...sorry for being redundant here...for the most part, both 1 and 2 above are virtually the and 1....hello AIPAC!

love, peace and progress

robin hordon of Kingston, WA

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