On the eve of a White House party that "celebrates" the White House Press Corps, it presents an opportunity to expose the biggest failure of a CORE ELEMENT of our alleged "democracy". In direct and clear SPITE of the singling out of a "free press" in our founding documents, it simply must be pointed out that of ALL failures or diminishments of our societal and governmental institutions, that the failure of the Press to do their jobs is BY FAR...the biggest failure of all. And after Vietnam and Watergate, its hard to argue that this is not by design by those who want the Press to hide certain nefarious activities.

I have mentioned before that X-CIA agent Ray McGovern, who used to prepare PDBs [Presidential Daily Briefings] for presidents, who is a 9/11 Truth Seeker, and who has seen the steady "controlling and purchasing" of the Press erode the Press' independence over several decades...and also has seen the Press function? through many HUGE scandals, has given name to our current corporate press as the FCM...Fawning Corporate Media. He's completely correct...and below is a reminder-some undeniable proof. This story is a historical fact that has been twisted around in ways that NOBODY in the Press has ever dared, nor now dares to mention honestly. The reasons that the Press does not report this story honestly...and here I include what is supposed to be the independent or "alternative media"...is because for the most part, they remain SAFE and at some distance from the truth because of their OWN self-serving needs. Th e story is something that is obvious to most objective citizens, but is seen only as a wonderful set of new clothes to those standing naked as hell PRETENDING to be a news reporter, a talking head, a voice for truth.

The unbiased and objective elements of this story are NOT shared because it would both...undress the Press as now being intimidated, feckless AND self-serving when they should be boldly and honestly serving the people...and...the story would show a deep callousness and "disconnect" with the citizenry all across the country held by the Fawning Corporate Media. Most citizens know this as the "beltway effect"...where those who go to work in the beltway and have white collars, are living in a significant bubble made ONLY from millions of dollar bills that skew their realities...and so they reoprt!

Being in the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement, its clear to us that there has NEVER been a louder and more blatant failure of the Press to do its job than what wasn't done reporting on the facts surrounding the events on 9/11/2001! Perhaps its more accurately or better put as follows: its never been clearer that the Press has followed instructions from above in NOT appropriately covering the single biggest event that has ever happened within the USofA. But perhaps that's some 9/11 Truther's biases and frustrations talking here.

But what is NOT affected by such biases is the MAJOR POINT that was NOT covered or talked about when GWB was at his desk when the Press was there...and when he effectively did a SNL skit about looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in his office, under his desk, behind the curtain...and the FCM LAUGHED! That's THE untold story story here...a laughing media!

Its not that GWB would say or do something like this because he has been developed and controlled to play such roles and to say such things by Karl Rove over the years. Rove transformed GWB, a former Ivy League "debater", into an inarticulate Texan-real guy-charlatan with whom most citizens were CONNED into thinking that they would like to have a beer with at a bar. HUH? Anyway, this is what Karl Rove is 1000 times better at than any lefty-liberal-progressive adviser or political operative could ever even wish to be.

And its not that the Militray Industrial complex helped along the events on 9/11/2001 by confusing the operational personnel in our nations air defense system...NORAD so that the psy-op would be successful...and as a result becoming able to ramp-up the "pay back" emotions of an otherwise peaceful nation that had the MIS-INFORMED citizens give support for conducting yet another illegal war. The Pentagon has done this for years now starting with the USS Maine...the Lusitania [sp]...the Pearl Harbor attack that was known about well ahead of time...the falsity of the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident where SecDef Robert MacNamara finally admitted that the attack on the Navy Destroyer was fabricated...the fact that a WDC PR firm CREATED FROM WHOLE CLOTH the "bouncing babies" story supporting GHWB's invasion of Iraq in GWI...and of course the fabrications about Iraq having WMDs...and that being justification for invading Iraq for the second time in a decade [the length of the sanctions-ironic AYE?]. None of this is surprising because that's what the Military Industrial Complex does...perpetuate its dynasties and the WAR-profits to its sharehlders.

Nor is it surprising that our Intel Agencies collect, distort, under-report, mis-report, twist or plant evidence, fabricate "terrorist scenarios" and even train personnel all around the world to bring down governments, to infiltrate all sorts of "cells" etc., and to hide-lie-deceive the citizens of good ole USofA, because they have a job to do also...and that is to keep THEIR empires well funded and emotionally justified. Its just what Intel Agencies do.

But it is very disheartening, and surprising to me, to see that the corporate media has simply morphed into being what the most descriptive phrase ever of them so procalims: The Corporate Press are nothing more than "Stenographers for the White House." [sic]

Here is the story behind the story: What does it say about the PERSON...allegedly a member of a free press...to laugh at the POTUS cracking jokes about unfound WMDs in his office...or anywhere else for that matter...while thousands of US soldiers and upwards of millions of "off-white" people have been killed [murdered in my view]...and that the victims are mostly innocent women and children who simply never had a chance? I think that their laughter says alot.

We all know that GWB was let off the hook in serving his country in the military, so his conduct and callousness is understandable. And since he is a product of the Bush family oligarchy, the Ivy League Prepatory Schools and the Ivy League College stystem [which produce many intelligence agents and desensitized students], we can easily predict his feelings and statements.

But for the bastion of our democracy, an essential element of our country's freedoms, for the Corporate Press Corps [and the indies too] to have become part of the problems instead of a force to EXPOSE THE PROBLEMS...is truly the largest failure within my country in my lifetime...and it is such by far!

Shame on all of those in the Press who now get big checks cut in their name so that they DO NOT report the truth about those who DO cut the checks! There is a direct relationship here...more money-less truth!

love, peace and progress

robin hordon

Kingston, WA


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