The knee-jerk and ridiculously incompetent left political "dreamworld" types should take some time to remember exactly how Karl Rove and the Republicans continue to win elections while only having a significant MINORITY of voters who are actually republican...and how the republicans accomplish this feat year after year.

In the Obama case its RACISM plain and how do Rove and Romney get to pull this off? Its easy.

Obama's popularity has remained fairly high because he has been seen as the "adult in the room" when dealing with the Tea Party Congress...aka...a reasonable man. And that's teh exact strength that Karl Rove is now attacking...and there is more underneath...

Our very own Naive Nellie, overreactionary and cry-babie liberals should now be able to see WHY the republican presidential primary field was so DELIBERATELY full of right wing nutcases from the get-go...two reasons: keep both the downticket candidacies healthy and to keep the far right nutbag voters engaged in the electoral process... make it look like "Reasonable Romney", [who easily beat back all the right wing nutcases], is a GOOD alternative to the OTHER "reasonable candidate"...the BLACK GUY! got it...Rove KNOWS this country remains just as RACIST [one can easily add xenophobia to this list] it was beginning hundreds of years ago when the ANGLOS FROM EUROPE wiped out the North Amrica's indigenous native citicens...aka...the "redskin".

And the current gang of rich white men [and their dottering white women stitched to their arms in economic security] WILL NOT LET THAT DOMINANCE AND THEFT OF A CONTINENT GO AWAY EASILY!

In working the streets between one and five times per week with my pro-PEACE and progressive megssaging for several additional months now, I report to one and all that CLEARLY there has been a huge uptick in racial angst that has been unleashed in the public square...BUT by using "politically correct" words though. Its the "whistles and bells" that I hear louder and louder all the time now.

Anyway, after the 1% uber rich class crept into the news, the rejection of my messaging by white women up-ticked by FIVE TIMES as it used to be that 99% of the rejections were from white men...with only 1% of rejections coming from white women. [still NO off-white rejections of my messaging yet] And then, after the concept fo the 99%ers came clearly into focus, 95% of my rejections were from white men with 5% rejections now from white women. This was a surprising but very visible uptick.

THEN...a huge change occurred when "The War Against Women" hit the news cycles...WOW...suddenly the rejections of my progressive messaging became split equally between white men and white women...YIKES! I'm somewhat stunned as now 50% of the FEW REJECTIONS that I get [still about 100 positive responses for every negative response] come from white women while I stand there with signs that state: ELECT MORE WOMEN TO OFFICE...and...OCCUPY WOMEN'S RIGHTS and the E.R.A. and STAND-UP...and...HEALTHCARE-NOT WARFARE etc.

My experienced observation here is that some white women were becoming more threatened because their white male "bank accounts" were becoming threatened...AND...that for the white women to continue to play their "kept woman" roles with their hateful-fearful-racist white male partners, they have had to publically support their racist white male partners...and their bank accounts.

Its all very dynamic and more emotional out there...and its certainly very interesting. There is a big message here to my naive knee-jerking political types who think that things are "all better now" and that the USofA is no longer racist. NYET!!!!

BTW...its my view that a "progressive" is a person who thinks liberally but behaves as a "political adult". When things don't go exactly the way that their liberal "dreamworld" calls for, progressives resist kicking their feet, refuse to fall to the ground in a pouting crying fit, and instead, produce steady forward thinking energy. PROGRESSIVES DON'T QUIT by running back to mommy with tears streaming down their faces...they smartly stand-up and push back IN MODERN WAYS!

So there is Rove's playbook for the 2012 election [planned for years ago when they ran McCain-Palin so as to deliberately fail handing a bag of CRAPPOLA to whichever dem minority was to win]...and its time for all non-whites of both sexes...and progressive white step up and resist all the HATE-FEAR BASED PROPAGANDA that will be circulated by the corporate media and the right wing spin machine.

The clarion call goes up to the WHITE WOMEN even moreso...especially those with graying hair. Once upon a time you used to be with us progressives...then you got DUPED into supporting all the wars against the "Olive Skins of the Desert"...OHHHHH, those scary, scary Muslims...and you have since voted against yourselves. And just like the others in "The Great Gray Napper" diaspora, you have fallen asleep at the wheel of democracy for decades. The grayer the hair, the deeper the napping...for BOTH sexes of white people. Time to get back in the game!

PROOF YOU ASK? Finally, and only in the last few months, "The War on Women" in the form of health-birthcontrol issues, has REMINDED YOU...that you need to stand up and be counted. Its been a good wake-up call...and its time to get white women back in the a non-racist way.


We are all in this together...human rights are rights of humans...not just women...its all of us...


that's the silent plan for the presidential election for 2012...the obvious one is the economy...

love, peace and progress...

robin hordon

kingston, WA


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