Don't take the recent polls about Obama slipping in WHITE WOMEN VOTING streets have been saying this since the "War on Women" started weeks ago...and I'm flat out stunned...and saddened.

In working the streets all around the Puget Sound [including in conservative and "Militarized Mortgage Country"...aka...the Kitsap Peninsula] over the last four or five weeks or so, my messaging based upon a "Peace Oriented...Healthcare Oriented...Women's Rights Oriented...Green Energy Economy Oriented" agenda has suffered a TENFOLD increase in REJECTIONS from the WHITE WOMAN demographic that have always seen my signage.

[Please note...the approvals-to-disapprovals of my messaging are STILL running about 50 positives for every there are good things going on here. Prior to this white female uptick in self-loathing the ratio used to be between 100-200 positives to every negative before the War on Women...but as of late, there has been a MAJOR change in white women's reactions...absolutely NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!]

As noted above, my timeline of changing attitudes points directly to the "War on Women" that the Obama Administration ramped up a while back...but I think that there is more...I think that its racism and islamophobia...xenophobia in general.

It has long appeared to me that the "Islamophobic-demonize Muslims" initiative:

...that Walt Disney started in the 1950s...

...that Hollywood has been profitably exporting in the six decades since...[that ALL terrorists are Muslims-OBVIOUSLY!]...

...that the Military-Intel-Security-News Industrial Complexes [and Cheney] are now making huge profits from...

...that is now paying off BIG TIME for the right wing racists running the Republican political parties and legislation...

...and affecting-scaring many white women who are now standing up against their own best interests-with fear and anger in their eyes!

Shocking! The radical increase in numbers of women, and the ANGER [fear] of their responses represent the biggest uptick in ANY street reaction that I have for over six years ...and that includes the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks where I got some over-militarized guff. I've been in the streets up this way for a loooong time...and its WA State...what's going on???

Anyway, I could not believe the number of white women who gave me the middle finger and who were literally yelling and spurting emotion at me as I stood on my usual busy [very busy] street corner in Kingston, WA [one of my CI...Civil Informationing sites]...and here is what my signage stated:

...on the big banner..."OCCUPY PEACE through 9/11 TRUTH" [with a huge peace symbol on it too]...

...ELECT WOMEN TO OFFICE...was attatched to one end of the banner rig...

...OCCUPY WOMEN'S RIGHTS...SUPPORT THE E.R.A...STAND UP...was on the other attachment to the banner...

...and also...THANKS MOM...I'm still working for in your's...


I'm still having a hard time believing it...but I saw it and felt it.

Maybe it was just the angst associated with Mother's day because I recieved the FIRST rejection from a non-white. A younger military-type balck man gave me the middle finger too...on Mother's Day...YIKES!...first "non-white" rejection in six years...

Its my opinion that this "hate-fear" based emotional manipulation [racism-xenophobia] has long been embraced by the Birchers...and those fears moved comfortably through the White Supremecists from the western mountain states [you gotta be there-you'll get it!]...then the fears travelled predictably into the SkinHead's world views...those same fears then easily slipped into the Libertarian Party [white racists...but with some social skills]...and these fears have actually "given birth" to the Tea Party [funded by white billionairs who have tricked the racists]...and in the end, these fears have come to roost right in the RNC headquarters and have taken a prominent place in their political electoral "tool kit". The rich white people are committing billions to oust the MUSLIM president...and they need TOOLS...of all sorts.

And more importantly of course, the uber white-uber rich want to get more tax breaks with which they will run their narrow minded privatized schools in order to indoctrinate their uber white kids who have to be prepped to continue the uber white-uber rich oligarchy. You all should know the drill by now.

Here is some stuff that the "Ostrich Lefties" and honest progressive politicos simply do not want to deal with regarding the "Two Christmases Theory". It is indeed simple:

The Two Christmases Theory" needs two parties coopertaing in order to accomplish it. YUP...we have two parties in the USofA...the Republicans...and Republicans dressed up in Blue Suits who are pretending that they are Democrats. Again, all of this is very simple to see IF one takes one or two steps back from the daily fray. is some more truth that the left needs to deal with:

Those ruling-influencing-controlling the RNC [rich white men] are very confident that the "Two Christmases" cycle will continue in regaining the White House...because...they ran Mccain-TO LOOSE...and when he was still polling too strong against "the Black Muslim"...they imported Palin to make SURE that the Republicans would LOOSE the White House. This would now insure that the Democrats would then be held accountable for GWB's...oops...I mean Cheney' collapse [collective amnesia plays a big part here].

Sorry naive liberals...but this ain'y cub or brownie scouts out there...this is the way that the ruling class rules in a democracy...err somewhat of a democracy. I meant to "their oligarchy"...currently its nothing more than a "democracy kabuki theater"...been that for a while...December 2001 if I remember correctly.

So, its clear that the Republicans are running against Obama with the economy...something that the rich, white financiers and corporate types can easily mange-by NOT spending their money.

And the "emotional mechanics" of getting WHITE WOMEN voters to oppose themselves [fear and hatreds of blacks...and unruly women {those women not willing to hold their man's elbow as they walk behind them-noddingly}...and now, I think-the fear of Muslims, is being represennted in the latest polling out there.

My own polling is in...and from my street feedback...fear and SELF-LOATHING of white women is working very well for the moment anyway.

So beware my naive...knee jerk...overreactionary lefty and liberal friends who continue to win elections, ONLY in your minds during the springtome...six months BEFORE the REAL elections.

We have far, far more work to accomplish than anyone I have heard state from the left...

Obama and our democracy has BIG troubles ahead...lets work harder!

love, peace and progress...

robin hordon

Kingston, WA


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THISAA 5 years 22 weeks ago

Maybe the democrats shouldn't have started a war on women via Hilary Rosen.

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Caleb 5 years 22 weeks ago

I guess you must like lying. if you have followed this then you will have known several things (but of course you do) that you have omitted from your statement.

Hilary Rosen meant to say "never worked a day in her life outside the home" and worried about economic factors, and her immediate following sentences on the topic noted that she said Ann didn't have to worry about economic concerns. Hilary is employed by Hilary Rosen, who works for CNN, not Obama.

On his MSNBC morning show, "UP, on 4-15-12, Chris Hayes demonstrated how Mitt Romney is deeply hypocritical, this time about his views on the meaning of work.

Chris played (at about the 55th minute into his two-hour program) a clip of Romney sharing the stage with McCain and Romney was then advocating that mothers of children as young as two years of age enter the workforce. (see for the clip itself.)

From a January 2012 campaign speech, Romney said: "I also like the idea that people who are receiving assistance, welfare assistance, have a responsibility of working. In my state we made good progress in that regard, to follow in the days of the welfare reform act but then when I was governor 85% of the people on a form of welfare assistance in my stage had no work requirement. And I wanted to increase the work requirement. I said for instance that even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work. and people said, well, that's heartless. I said, no, no I am willing to spend more giving day care to allow those parents to go back to work. It will cost the state more providing that day care but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work. And get people back into the workforce."

By Mitt's own definition, then, his wife's efforts in the home do not qualify as work as she did not enjoy "the dignity of work" in "the workforce." He sure wasn't saying that stay-at-home moms were "working" but rather was trying to force them to put their children in daycare and go out to work, even for those with children two years of age.

Certainly by Mitt's January definition of work, Hillary Rosen was absolutely correct about Ann's never having worked a day in her life -- as Mitt was counting as work only work done outside the home.

What a plastic guy! Contort, twist -- That's our Mitt! Lie, misrepresent, distort -- those are the tactics of Obama's enemies.

Also, about the "War on Women," the inestimable Rachell Maddow clocked the Republican Alex Castellanos and a woman congressman shill (Republican supporter of Romney, of course) on "Meet the Press" --go to

Rachel carried the theme over last night as well on her evening show. But the main thrust of her argument was that women make substantially less than men do for the same work, making about $.77 on the dollar that men make. At one point, after Rachel had discussed the difference in pay, Castellanos said: "And I love how passionate you are. I wish you are as right about what you’re saying as you are passionate about it. I really do." At that point Rachel let him have it for his condescending attitude. Also, the facts were clearly on her side, as subsequent investigation shows -- even on CNN. She also greatly criticized the Republican representative, Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers, for trying to pretend she understood the plight of working women while, at the same time, she had earlier voted against the Fair Pay Act that was the Lily Ledbetter bill.

Very well worth watching, and this certainly gets at a huge difference between the Republican and Democratic views towards what women experience --Republicans do not see pay inequity as happening in this country and Democrats believe that it is happening and that it is important. As the data show that it is happening, in the numbers that Rachell indicated.

Hilary Rosen was also terrific in her view of women's rights, and the responsibilities that women face with helping their families, the responsibilities of work, etc.

Wanna tell me where I'm wrong in anything I say above? Anything?


Caleb Who urges you to view Thom and Chris Mooney on "Conversations with Great Minds" discussing Mooney's new book, "The Republican Brain" at :

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