The Powers That Be [the Deep State] are not going to allow "their internet systems" to be used to bring down their oligarchal control of "all things USA"...and more. So, lefties should prepare to get around this...and of course, to stop being so naive in thinking that the internet will be fully available into the future. Wake up my "lofty, [perhaps lazy], liberal and historically naive" friends. Way too much control is at stake for "them" to let us flip their world on its head by using their communications and organizing system. So, we better DEAL WITH IT!

Below please find some updates to a set of modernized public activism tactics that are under: "CI...Civil Informationing: modernizing public activism". If you want to read the original body of CI, simply do a search for "Civil Informationing" and the Hartmann website will show some of my earlier entries from several years ago. I have added Fersuson, Madison, and North Carolina's "Moral Mondays" for critical analyses [Madison] and positive examples [Ferguson and Moral Mondays].

WARNING: Once we get fully organized from coast-to-coast and border-to border, then the military is most likely going to somehow censor or limit such activities to take place on "its internet". So, one element of CI [which essentially calls for organizing and educating locally] also strongly suggests that all local organizations collect hard contact information for those participants so that any filtering of the internet can be circumvented...although a bit more clumsily.

And for anyone who remembers Richard Clark [the "Terrorism Szar" under Clinton and GWB], after he apologized for his "failure" to protect the USofA while testifying to congress with some of the "Jersey Girls" on hand, please remember where his next assignment was going to be: "Cyber Security!" HMMM...and Russia hacked something???? Seems to reflect his role in protecting us from the 9/11 attacks?

Here are some CI updates:


Civil Informationing...understands that for a democracy to work, citizens need to be properly informed with the truth, evidence and facts, and SADLY, that existing public education, corporate controlled “oligarchal” media and the majority of “products” from Hollywood, are serving to deliberately “dumb down and misinform” both students and the public at large. Bad commercial TV shows, violent movies, outlets like NPR and PBS [which are no longer public at all], and other manipulative alleged “news” outlets speak CLEARLY as being the major forces driving the decline of awareness from local issues to worldly concerns…such as global warming.

Recent appraisals of many citizens’ feelings make it clear that most folks will actually trust their neighbors over their governments, [unless the activists dress like a "Cat in the Hat on Stilts“...and act out in other foolish ways", as images of the 60s and 70s soberly remind us]. Consequently, the value of having good information to hand out, being friendly, having a smile and a handy "How ya doin?”, and a suggestion that folks check some stuff out and ‘decide for themselves‘...all go a much greater distance in public relations and informing people than do marching, chanting, confronting, raging through the streets…and getting arrested for NO GOOD REASON!

Indeed, most citizens do not trust their governments, and the polite and information based approach outlined by CI is a very good, respectful, effective and efficient way to behave for ALL progressive public activists in the information age...and for ANY public information spreading activities. The CI information based approach is indeed something very different from what is commonly available from corporate media, corporate advertising, corporate “dumb-down” TV shows, dishonest politicians and their paid consultants, and the bullying Tea Party-Libertarian-Trump-White Supremist-Neo-Nazi types. Its quite the refreshing change to embrace and practice.


If you want a BIG EVENT, do some CI in the morning and then THROW A PARTY that afternoon!

A more effective, more efficient, and much more fun way to occasionally gather BIG as a regional group [if so desired], and to eventually replace the old fashioned BIG MARCH activities with a more social gathering, is to reshape a day’s schedule. Its works well to have all interested CI activists spend a few hours with their signs and handouts at a few BUSY spots in their own neighborhoods all around the region…in the morning or midday.

THEN…plan the day so that later in the afternoon everyone can GATHER at a chosen time…at a chosen park, facility or another centralized fun location…where a socializing party can be shared by all. By the time the afternoons arrive, the CI-ing is ALL DONE and everyone can drop by, enjoy some music, food and drink, share some stories, celebrate, plan future events, organize future meet-ups, and have some FUN TIMES. This is a MUCH BETTER way to end a day of activism. There are dozens of creative things that can be dreamt up.

CI argues that its now much better to have “ONE MILLION-one person marches” on a regular basis than it is to have ONE SINGLE, “one million person march” that someone else schedules every now and then.

Here is a new plan. If you have 4000 activists, break them into 1000 groups of FOUR, locate them on 1000 local corners for two hours…and then throw a big party. And doing activisms monthly is FAR more fun and rewarding than ONE BIG annual march!

AND IF THE INTERNET IS NO LONGER NEUTRAL? OR…establishing a grassroots network!

Although somewhat a minor point buried inside successful local-to regional-to national CI activities, one thing to consider is that there are, and will remain, significant efforts executed by the PTB to gain control of, and access to, the information on the internet. Our friendly and brilliant subterranean and independent internet hackers are going to be able to last only so long before they are themselves “gotten around” by those in control now. Therefore, since DVDs are uncontrollable by the HI PERPS, using CI in your local area including copying and handing out pertinent DVDs, pamphlets, links, websites, progressive radio and TV shows, and other information will also make local organized people more visible. And the network for information sharing will become “citizen-to-citizen“. So, getting “off the keyboards” and out into our local streets by heading to busy “human places” has many rewards…both immediate and long term. This is a viable consideration for sure.

Its not what you BRING TO THE MARCH, PROTEST, PROTECTING or PRE-TESTING that matters. Its what you BRING HOME FROM THE MARCH, PROTEST, PROTECTING or PRE-TESTING that matters. ITS WHAT HAPPENS TOMMORROW that really counts. Things have to keep moving ahead.

There is no better example of CI-ing than North Carolina’s “Moral Mondays”. They meet 52 times per year, they organize locally all over the state, they change out bad politicians and they stop bad legislation and present GOOD legislation. Moral Mondays are THE REASON that the republicans in NC are going berserk right now!

Finally, as our planet is overheating from the “speed of light” effects of the 200 year old “industrial age”, a worthy journey in thinking and perspectives ahead has recently been given example of by the Native and Indigenous tribal peoples all around the world at Standing Rock. This concept can also be read and seen in Naoimi Klein’s book and movie “This Changes Everything”. But more so, its exampled by the approach of the world’s Indigenous Tribes taking direct ‘protector” action in North Dakota. Please take a moment to understand the difference between PROTESTING and PROTECTING. PROTECTORS are looking forward protecting something that exists. PROTESTERS are complaining about something that has already happened…usually AFTER they had not been paying enough attention at first when the bad stuff was getting established. PRE-TESTING is the process of getting involved BEFORE bad legislation, bad corporate and financial rules and regulations are installed. So, PROTECTING and PRE-TESTING are basically the same…and each is CI-ing!

These self descriptions are a manifestation of the Indigenous “Seventh Generation” self governances practiced in North America before western Europeans invaded and “stole” North and South America from the thousands of native tribes inhabiting the continents.

Shouldn’t we ALWAYS be “thinking centuries ahead” instead of only being concerned about each day’s “stock market” or “quarterly earnings”? We all will be far better off [as will the planet], IF we adopt the forward thinking being shared with us “yet again” by the Indigenous Peoples.

Thats it...peace, love and progress...

robin hordon

Kingston, WA


DdC's picture
DdC 3 years 5 days ago

Civil Information Management
Term Source: JP 3-57 (Civil-Military Operations)

1.) Process whereby data relating to the civil component of the operational environment is gathered, collated, processed, analyzed, produced into information products, and disseminated.

Ah, so is that's why its called a drug “WAR”?

DEA Lacks Link to Drugs and Terrorism - again
Prohibition is the only connection...

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda,
people can be made to see paradise as hell,
and also the other way around,
to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."
~ Benito Mussolini,
"London Sunday Express," December 8, 1935
Linking the war on terror to drug policies, or anything else, is part of a pattern now developing in parts of Europe due to reactions to recent terrorist attacks. Amnesty International cites some recent examples of the EU’s terror of terrorism:

January 16, 2017–…Hungary provides for sweeping executive powers in the event of a declared emergency including the banning of public assemblies, severe restrictions on freedom of movement and the freezing of assets. Vaguely defined provisions grant powers to suspend laws and fast-track new ones and deploy the army with live firearms to quell disturbances.

In France a state of emergency has been renewed five times standardizing a range of intrusive measures, including powers to ban demonstrations and conduct searches without judicial warrants.[…]

Poland’s new counter-terrorism law permanently cements draconian powers – which include discriminatory targeting of foreign nationals.[…]

Mass surveillance powers have been granted or otherwise expanded in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands, among others, allowing the mass interception of and possible access to the data of millions of people.

Unsupervised targeted surveillance has also been massively expanded. Poland’s 2016 Counter-terrorism Law permits covert surveillance measures targeting foreign nationals, including wire-tapping, monitoring of electronic communications, and surveillance of telecommunications networks and devices without any judicial oversight for three months.[…]

And in the realm of thought crimes:

In Spain, two puppeteers were arrested and charged with “glorification of terrorism” after a satirical performance during which a puppet held a banner with a slogan which was deemed to support an armed group. In France a similar offence – “apology of terrorism” – has been used to charge hundreds of people, including children, for “offences” such as posting comments on Facebook that do not incite violence.

In 2015 French courts handed down 385 sentences for “apology of terrorism”, a third of which were against minors. Definitions of what constitutes “apology” are extremely broad.[…]

“EU governments are using counter-terrorism measures to consolidate draconian powers, target groups in discriminatory ways and strip away human rights under the guise of defending them. We are in danger of creating societies in which liberty becomes the exception and fear the rule.”

If the four prohibitionists of the Apocalypse, Chapman, Fiano, Maltz and Murphy have their way, linking terrorism to illicit drug trafficking under Trump would allow the United States to imitate Europe, where “…counter-terrorism measures have been proposed or enacted that have eroded the rule of law, enhanced executive powers, peeled away judicial controls, restricted freedom of expression and exposed everyone to unchecked government surveillance.” –much as the U.S. drug laws do already. However, U.S. laws imitating the French “apology of terrorism” or Spain’s glorification of terrorism statutes could then be used by Trump to shut down anti-drug-war websites, along with anything Trump’s opponents might say that is deemed terror glorifying or apologist in nature.
Servetus January 17, 2017


statutes could then be used by Trump
to shut down anti-drug-war websites

They've been trying since Clinton...

January 20, 2000
Hatch/Feinstein Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999 which could easily destroy all forms of Internet activism on drug policy on the Internet if implemented.

Hatch/Feinstein –
the best argument for term limits

Here's the censorship language of the Hatch/Feinstein bill (S.486): "It shall be unlawful for any person-- (A) to teach or demonstrate the manufacture of a controlled substance, or to distribute by any means information pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture or use of a controlled substance, with the intent that the teaching, demonstration, or information be used for, or in furtherance of, an activity that constitutes a Federal crime."

My opening statements "teach" people how to "use" criminalized drugs in a way that reduces potential harmfulness. They are nonetheless information that, if heeded at all, would be used "for ... an activity that constitutes a Federal crime," namely the use of marijuana or heroin. (Don't believe for a minute that the "intent" aspect clarifies anything: the "intent" of suspects in federal crimes is exactly what the prosecutor says it is. Period.)
The penalty for my heinous utterances: 10 years in federal prison.

Internet Free Speech Goes on Trial - 07/14/01

"...somebody has to take governments' place,
and business seems to me to be a logical entity to do it."
- David Rockefeller - Newsweek International, Feb 1 1999.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
Free Speech 4 Students Rally

The following activities could be banned:
• Writing a paper on the history of drug prohibition.
• Debating marijuana legalization on a debate team.
• Questioning the school’s drug testing policy.
• Anything that could be construed as promoting illegal drugs.
• On March 19, 2007, the Supreme Court heard a case in which they were asked to outlaw ALL SPEECH in high schools concerning drugs or drug policy!

Bong Hits 4 Jesus
They want to ██████ the Internet
Now They're Coming For The 1st?
The Corporate Muzzle
Freedom of the Press Foundation
Making War On Free Speech! S. 486/H.R. 2987

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