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The force of personality of conservative psychiatrist and commentator Charles Krauthammer is not matched by the other 3 panelists who change from week-to-week on the poltical discussion T.V. show, Inside Politics. The affable Mark Shields is a well-informed analyst and a very decent man, but he is not as critical of the right as Krauthhammer is of the solvency of what he like most commentators refers to as the "entitlement programs." Krauthammer is also a critic of Obama. We already have enough critics of the president. If liberals want to criticize, their frequent lack of criticism of the Tea Partly Republicans in Congress shows a lack of knowledge of government and of the Constitution. It sometimes seems on these T.V. political talk shows that the conservative guests get more words in edgewise and are given more time than the more progressive-minded panel members.

I went to the Web site for Meet the Press, and as usual, there were some conservative comments, but most of them were liberal, and several people criticized host David Gregory for being to weak and remaining silent when political figures mispeak or for being slanted toward the Republican point of view. Then, I went to the Web site of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and looked in the archives of their publication, Extra!, and found a past article critical of David Gregory for blaming the deficit on the "entitlements." Krauthammer, who incidentally was once considered to be a liberal and who worked for the Carter Administration and is not right-wing on certain issues such as the death penalty may not go that far, instead emphasizing that the insurance programs will have a shortage of revenues based on their future growth and that they will supposedly "consume" a majority of the federal budget based on this future growth. On a progressive radio talk show, a caller made a smilar point about David Gregory, saying that he never mentions that the current deficit was caused by George W. Bush. A front-page artice in today's edition of U.S.A. Today talks about present and future the growth in Medicare and Medicaid. The growth is not based on increases in the cost of health care but instead on more people getting health care and filing claims under the two programs due to the aging of the population. I don't know the percentage, but people in nursing homes may have their care being covered by Medicaid.

Instead of criticizing Obama who is up against the most right-wing majority in the House in my lifetime and a rather conservative Senate, progressive need to "get active" and write to NBC and other news outlets and complain about the serious conservative bias in the media. FAIR Extra! provides some very good analysis of this bias with references to specific reports, publications, and networks.

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