The right-wingers hate everyone and want everyone dead except for their benefactors and protectors, the top richest 1%. The uber rich want to destroy everyone, and so that becomes the automatic agenda of the Tea Party reactionaries. The super rich think that they can get almost all of what they need from other countries such as China. For the remainder, they plan on enslaving their Tea Bagging lackies, their toadies, into growing their food and getting them their trinkets. All medical care will be provided by Dr. Ron Paul and his son. Everyone else is expendable.

The Christian dominionists pretend to love Israel. In actuality, they hate Jesus because Christ, as we all know, was a Jew. These fundamentalist extremists don't believe in their own leader. They are lost souls.

John W. Dean in his book, Conservatives Without a Conscience discusses the "authoritarian, bigoted, irrational, amoral" nature of the new conservative movement, according to Publishers Weekly, Reed Business Information. Dean writes about the theory of authoritarianism of Dr. Bob Altemeyer and also mentions Stanley Milgram of Yale University who did research in the same area.

The only parallel between our present age and Hitler's Nazis is with the Tea Party Republicans. Instead of using poison gas like the Nazis, they and the urber rich are attempting to use money, the withholding of money, as a weapon, with no jobs, no health insurance for anyone except for the greedy Republicans and rich corporate people, no social insurance, no anything. Some people are authoritarian in the sense that they must follow a strong leader because they don't want to think for themselves.

Our educational system has given passing grades in social studies to students who didn't master the material and who would have given wrong answers if they were actually tested and evaluated for their learning of facts. Their irrational disposition was also not addressed by teachers. In some cases, these subject areas were either so poorly taught or were completely eliminated from the curriculum that there was no formal instruction provided. As long as someone can get some kind of dumb job that will keep them quiet when they grow up, who cares if they grow up to be well-informed citizens and decent human beings?


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 17 weeks ago

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water....

markincorsicana 8 years 17 weeks ago

"The right-wingers hate everyone and want everyone dead except for their benefactors and protectors, the top richest 1%." They don't want everyone dead, they feel superior when they have servants and they disdain the hard productive work which must be done to keep society functioning . The grandfathers of many of today's teabrains supported Hitler and Mussolini.

"The Christian dominionists pretend to love Israel." Dominionists believe that Jews will convert to evilgelicalism or burn in hell.

"The only parallel between our present age and Hitler's Nazis is with the Tea Party Republicans." Unfortunately there are other parallels; severe economic problems, hypernationalism, militarism.

"As long as someone can get some kind of dumb job that will keep them quiet when they grow up, who cares if they grow up to be well-informed citizens and decent human beings?" If we depend on the school system to educate our children we will be not only complicent in our own doom but also negligent family members as well. Discuss politics and economics rather than sports and movie stars with family and friends. Being right is not as important as being curious, thoughtful, and giving a damn. Being prepared for the changes ahead starts with understanding what is happening in our world and understanding is facilitated by open and honest discussion. If you know only sports stats and who got kicked off some island you will be just another armadillo in the headlights as the Wehrmacht comes barreling down the road.

Calperson's picture
Calperson 8 years 17 weeks ago

I'll let the fact that Ku Klux Klan was populated entirely by members of the Democrat Party stand by itself, let me just deal with Hitler and his "National Socialist" Party.

To quote Adolph;

We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.

Adolphs 1925 Economic manifesto;

9. All citizens of the State shall be equal as regards rights and duties.

10. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. The activities of the individual may not clash with the interests of the whole, but must proceed within the frame of the community and be for the general good.

Therefore we demand:

11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in life and property, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as a crime against the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits whether in assets or material.

13. We demand the nationalization of businesses which have been organized into cartels.

14. We demand that all the profits from wholesale trade shall be shared out.

15. We demand extensive development of provision for old age.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle-class, the immediate communalization of department stores which will be rented cheaply to small businessmen, and that preference shall be given to small businessmen for provision of supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.

17. We demand a land reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to confiscate from the owners without compensation any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

The dude was a leftist pure and simple. Educators have been trying very hard for the last half century to push the "Hitler was from the Right " meme, however, a simple scratching of the surface easily reveals the truth.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 17 weeks ago

Oh, Lord.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago
Quote Calperson:The dude (Hitler) was a leftist pure and simple. Educators have been trying very hard for the last half century to push the "Hitler was from the Right " meme, however, a simple scratching of the surface easily reveals the truth.

This Posting by Calperson PROVES what I have Suspected all along.... I believe Calperson is a Reicht-Wing PAID Political-Hacker for the Heritage Foundation Right-Wing Billionaires. How Much do You get Paid to Post this Right-Wing Dis-Information???

These Quotes from Hitler in 1925 are the LIES that he Used to Gain Power.... PRETENDING to be a Socialist.... which was Quite in Vogue at the Time... after Russians threw Out the Western Corporations in 1917 that were Raping their Country for Resources... while Enslaving their Population with 'Minimum Wages....(sound Familier?). Hitler even named his politcal party "The National Socialisitic Party" to DECEIVE the Population. It was just like when gwBsh claimed to be a "Compassionate Conservative' while running to be President in 2000.... which went Right out the Window as soon as he Stole the Election. Name One Thing that was "Compassionate Conservative" of gwBsh.

The FACT is.... Hitler was a Right-Wing FASCIST....which is when CORPORATIONS Run the Government. How can that POSSIBLY be Left-Wing ??? What did Hitler EVER DO that was "Left Wing"ish AFTER he came to Power?????

A simple Sctratching of the Surface of this Calperson posting shows his True FASCIST agenda. Your GUN in your Picture shows your Fascist Temperment. You have been EXPOSED.. now Go cash your Heritage Foundation Check. The Heritage Foundation was Founded and Funded by the Koch Brothers... who Inherited their Billions from their Father who FOUNDED the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY... which... Like the KKK...and the NAZI's... were Right-Wing evil FASCISTS !!!

FASCISM can ONLY Exist through the Use of LIES.

For Calperson to Claim that Hitler was a 'Leftist' ....which has been the Right-Wing PROPAGANDA lately.... Shows what a LIAR he is. Why would anyone Lie about That... unless He was a FASCIST. You seem to be Well Read-up on Hitler aren't You. You have Exposed yourSelf..... Rude CalDude.

Zenzoe 8 years 16 weeks ago

Yay, WebMonster!

Robindell's picture
Robindell 8 years 16 weeks ago

Calperson is an ignoramus, and Thom's site members shouldn't have to put up with this kind of disinformation. Calperson's above comments are personally offensive to me as someone who is the offsping of a Holcaust survivor.

Calperson is a lazy individual in that he didn't want to do the work to put him in the same class or category as a qualified teacher and historian.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago

Notice how Calperson AFFECTIONATELY refers to Hitler as 'Adolf'. Notice how he has a Profile Pic of a Cartoon Character wearing a Red Socialist Shirt... carrying a Machine Gun.... Insinuating that THIS Hartmann Blog is a Hotbed of Violent Socialists... and He is One of 'them'.

Calperson is an PAID Agent Provocateur and TRUTH ASSASSIN dIs-Information distributor.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

I wish someone would pay me for my correct information.

Calperson's picture
Calperson 8 years 16 weeks ago
Quote leighmf:

I wish someone would pay me for my correct information.

Me too, it seems that quoting Hitler accurately seems to almost set some peoples minds here on fire. That was fascinating to see the above posts as heads were just exploding left and right.

It is amazing to see how the ego deals when presented with facts that run 180 degrees from its owners long held core assumptions. Is it so shocking to see Hitler spell out policies that closly resemble the policies of todays liberals? Is the mind going into a sort of self protection mode that it must cover itself with explanations that the poster must be getting paid, so as to not confront the quoted text?

I haven't even touched on Hitlers environmental policy and his eugenics policy that runs parallel with Margaret Sanger. In the interest of safety I won't even go near the KKK and its foundation in the Democrat Party :)

Zenzoe 8 years 16 weeks ago

CalPOISON doesn't know the evolution of our political parties. The "Democrat Party," which he/she implies as having been the home of the KKK, evolved into the Republican Party of today. Look it up:

"... As the New Deal began to move Democrats as a whole to the left (at least economically), Southern Democrats largely stayed as conservative as they had always been, with some even breaking off to form farther right-wing splinters like the Dixiecrats. After the Civil Rights Movement successfully challenged the Jim Crow laws and other forms of institutionalized racism, and after the Democrats as a whole came to symbolize the mainstream left of the United States, the form, if not the content, of Southern Democratic politics began to change. At that point, most Southern Democrats defected to the Republican Party, and helped accelerate the latter's transformation into a more conservative organization."

Racism is a conservative, right-wing thingy, CalPOISON. And, whatever Hitler's rhetoric, his policies in action were fascist, that is, right-wing.

Calperson's picture
Calperson 8 years 16 weeks ago

Ah Ok, I apologise it is hard to come to grips with the timelime of the history of the Democrat Party. Let me practice and see if I have it correct.

When the Republicans under Lincoln freed the slaves and beat down a Democrat filibuster they were actually the real Democrats and the Democrats were actually the racist Republicans hiding from their true selves. Same with the KKK, they were really Republicans "hiding" in the Democrat Party.

When the Democrats under FDR enacted the New Deal these were the "real" Democrats and it was Republicans who were trying to grind the bones of the poor to make their bread.

When Democrats in World War 2 started nuking Japanese and imprisoning American citizens of Asian descent it was really Hawkish Republicans again hiding in the Democrat Party.

When Democrats go back to their civil war roots and filibuster the civil rights act of 1964, this is proof that it is really that the Republicans are racist.

When Obama and his fellow Democrats start executing citizens using drones, this is again more proof of hawkishness and racism on the part of Republicans.

Ok. I've got the time line now. Unfortunately if you want to talk honestly about a parties history you can't just change the players just to suit your own political preferences.

I'm pretty sure if you investigate the history of WW2 you see that Hitler, while allowing corporations to keep their profits, initiated a very strict top down edict from his government which is in fact the opposite of fascism. It is Leftism pure and simple, and it rears its ugly every so often in the most unexpected places.


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

My information agrees with Zenzoe. When the KKK became sufficiently reviled for their violence and lawlessness, redneck democrats became republicans. They saved their Confederate money, hung confederate flags as bedroom curtains and maintain to this day "The South is gonna' rise agin."

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago
Quote Calperson:
Quote leighmf:

I wish someone would pay me for my correct information.

Me too,

Well thank you, Cal, I'm glad you agree someone should pay me.

However, you need to go back a little further into the first Eugenics sterilizations which began in Indiana.

The Eugenics Society was founded in San Francisco in 1907.

In 1907, Indiana became the first of more than thirty states to adopt legislation aimed at compulsory sterilization of certain individuals.

This included epileptics who were at the time housed in institutions for "The Feeble Minded."

10/25/1907 E.H. Harriman was accused of trying to control the country's commerce by controlling transportation; was prevented from devaluing Illinois Central RR stock by making the line a mere feeder of the .Union Pacific.

5/26/1908 Straus Brothers purchased $50,000 in Fort Wayne street improvement bonds, endorsed by Barrett and Morris, to be sold with dividends payable semi-annually for the next 10 years- which brings us to The Great Depression.

1909 The International Opium Commission met in Shanghai at the initiative of the United States, February 1-26, 1909, to study the problems of opium traffic; 43.2.9 Records of the U.S. Delegations to the International Opium Commission and Conferences

4/01/1909 Beginnning of Continental National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska, as The German American State Bank. Ask Warren Buffet.

  • THE UNION LOAN & TRUST CO : 191213-012 Creation : 4/1/1909 Inactive : 1/1/1975same day created as an arm of both the Union Pacific RR and the German American State Bank.

FEC 1st Mtg Bonds 6/1/1909 due 6/1/1959; While the FEC Ry has been bankrupt continuously, Zapata Oil was founded when the first mortgage bonds became due. That was also when Lee Harvey Oswald was given a U.S. passport and the first case of AIDS was identified in an African man bitten by a monkey. Now we all know monkeys were never used for medical testing, especially the Rhesus monkeys of India which Eli Lilly (Indianapolis) got a special dispensation to import for making polio vaccine.

The purported death of E.H. Harriman 9/9/1909, a number to which was attached occult significance, corresponded with

9/09/1909 Death of E.H. Harriman, one of biggest railroad owners in U.S.

  • 9/09/1909 A.O.I. Ohio National Life Insurance Company, Atlas Bank Building


German American Bank, Jasper IN organized ; first Morris Plan organized in Norfolk, VA;

King George V's reign over a unitary United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland began in 1910 under the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha,

Founding of the Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, financed primarily by Mary Harriman, widow of E.H. Harriman.

Her face could stop a clock.

2/9/1910 The German-American Bank announced that a new trust company would be forming in Fort Wayne to accommodate anticipated financial growth; the new company would be closely allied with the German American Bank and many of the stockholders would be identical.

LINCOLN TRUST CO .: 191242-062: Creation : 10/11/1910 Inactive : 01/01/1975 merged in 1928- beginning of The Great Depression; it merged with The German American National Bank headed by Berghoff the brewer and Straus Brothers, whose correspondent bank was UBS in Switzerland.

1913- The Federal Reserve Act commenced Hitler's "Lost years" in Austria.

7/31/1914 New York Stock Exchange closed following a run on the Bank of England and decree of state of war in the German Empire by Emperor William

8/23/1914 Japan declared war on Germany; it should be noted that American, German, and Japanese industrialists were linked through the German American Bank and the Mitsui copper supply which depended on Krupp steel tires and American railroad manufacturers to get copper out of their mines.

1916 Federal Farm Loan Act

Name "Pennzoil" was trademarked by Pennsylvania Refining Company; S.W. Straus & Co. incorporated in New York; beginning of Land Banks to provide farmers with cheaper, better long term financing; Federal Estate Tax was adopted;

Pennzoil = Zapata Oil +Standard Oil Indiana + Marathon + Ashland (later)


In Lincoln, Nebraska, Wheaton and Walker Battey joined the The German American State Bank- the name was dropped and "Continental State Bank" was adopted;

Nishihara Loans 1917-18 put China deeper in debt to Japan; Bolshevik Revolution; 1917 Mitsubishi Shipyard established- began development of Model-A passenger cars

7/14/1917 Pres. Wilson issued proclamation prohibiting German insurance companies from engaging in marine or war risk insurance in the United States. Also American companies were forbidden to reinsure with German companies.

Which is why the German entities went through a flurry of name changes.

5/31/1918 The German American Bank Fort Wayne changed its name to Lincoln National Bank;

6/26/1919 The Lincoln Trust Co. merged its interests with Straus Brothers Commercial Bank

7/15/1919 Dr. Bryan Barlow, medical director of the Lincoln Life was mysteriously killed at Walker, MN

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta "Branches were opened in Birmingham and Jacksonville The Nashville branch opened on August 1, 1918, and on October 21, 1919"

11/23/1919 Zapata County, Webb-Zapata Oil Company prepared to begin operations on Rio Grande Oil Company's lease.

11/25/1919 George W. Beers in the Lincoln Trust Company advertised bonds of International Cotton Mills, a Massachusetts corporation. A disguised sunsidiary of International Harvester/Paper which eventually shut down Berkshire Hathaway mills.

"In 1921 Jardines' cotton mills in China were amalgamated to form Ewo Cotton Mills, while the Ewo Press and Packing Company served this industry"

1/1/1921 Army cryptographic functions centralized in the Code and Cipher Section, established in the Office of the Chief Signal Officer (OCSO), January 1, 1921

7/29/1921 Adolf Hitler became leader of National Socialist 'Nazi' Party.

"On December 9, 1922, Gabriel Narutowicz, first President of Poland, ...was elected by the Polish parliament ...was sworn in on December 11. His election, by left, center, peasant and minorities deputies, roused the ire of the right, particularly the National Democrats, who emphasized that the MPs supporting Narutowicz had included Jews, and hence called the newly-elected head of state the "president of the Jews." On December 16, 1922, five days after his inauguration, while attending the opening of an art exhibition at Warsaw's Zachęta gallery, Narutowicz was shot to death by a National Democrat sympathizer, painter, art professor and critic, Eligiusz Niewiadomski...Narutowicz had from 1908 been a professor at the Zurich Polytechnic and had directed the construction of many hydroelectric plants in Western Europe..."

12/31/1922 Ku Klux Klan organized a parade through Gainesville, Florida.

4/21/1924 Patrick E. Crowley elected president of the New York Central- bankrupt as Penn Central, 1970

8/30/1924 German Imperial Railway Company (a private company) formed

November 9: 1924-1945 celebrated. Commemorates the "Day of Blood" on which the Beerhall Putsch takes Place.

  • "This was a terrorist action inspired by Castro’s idol, Hitler, and his insane attack on the War Ministry in Munich on November 9, 1924, which made him a national figure in Germany"

WOMEN OF THE KU KLUX KLAN : 192265-011 Creation : 12/31/1924 Inactive : 1/1/1978 Created in Indiana

11/25/1925 Indiana Klan leader D.C. Stephenson was convicted and given a life sentence for an attack on Madge Oberholtzer, on a train, who survived the attack but died of poison she swallowed afterward. He implicated high ranking Indiana officials for a plea agreement.Stephenson had been a dominating influence in Hoosier politics and boasted he was "the law" in Indiana.

1926 The Ku Klux Klan appeared at the Interurban Terminal in Fort Wayne

7/26/1926 Death of Robert Todd Lincoln (past president of Pullman Company), who directed that the Lincoln files he willed to the people not be revealed until 21 years after his death. Though his mother had died "penniless," pall bearers for Lincoln's last son included Norman Frost and Frederick Towers, two lawyers for the Lincoln Estate.

1/03/1927 The German-American Savings Bank incorporated in Los Angeles.

Estate of George E. Sebring who died 1/04/1927; Contained only two life insurance policies, Prudential and United Mutual Benefit, which were directed to be invested in municipal and government bonds for interest to support his widow. All realty of the Sebring company was sold to his lawyer for $50.00, i.e. 43,000 acres of orange groves in central Florida.

9/09/1927 D.C. Stephenson implicated Indiana officials- indicted for political corruption were Klan - Republican Governor Ed Jackson, Indianapolis Mayor John L. Duvall, the chairman of the Marion County Republican Committee George V. Coffin, and the Governor's former law partner Robert I. Marsh.

4/20/1928 Bankamerica Corp. (see 11/1950 Pepsi-bottlers Los Angeles, Blair Holding Corp.) )

4/21/1928 Lincoln Trust Company merged into Lincoln National Bank, Fort Wayne IN

10/23/1928 Straus Bros. (Wisconsin) advertised its "seven times" managing to make progress since its founding as a small pre-Civil War country bank in Ligonier, Indiana, despite seven national crises of war and panic.

5/1930 Niederoesterreichische Escompte-Gesellschaft (Harriman, director) merged Vereinigte Elektrizitäts A.G.

In September 1930 "bandits" robbed the Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company in Nebraska of $2,800,000; the Lincoln National Bank and Trust went into liquidation as a consequence and deposits were taken over by Continental National Bank formerly The German American State Bank; while less than $583,000 in unregistered securities were returned in a "drop" in exchange for the freedom of gangster Gus Winkler, the same Winkler convinced authorities the other $2,217,000 in registered securities were destroyed so another set was re-issued.

9/14/1930 Nazi Party elected by Germans

9/14/1930 " the National Socialists, commonly called the Fascists, won a most surprising and tremendous victory. They increased the number of their seats in the reichstag from 12 to 107, and their popular vote from 800,000 to more than 6,000,000. Their titular leader Is Adolf Hitler who being an Austrian, could not be elected to the reichstag."- written 1/9/1931 by By EDWARD V. PICKARD, in The Deming Headlight

10/18/1930 Grand opening of new Trust Department of Continental National Bank, Lincoln. Nebraska

LAY -H W- & COMPANY INC OF FLORIDA 124417 Filed 04/23/1931 DISSOLUTION 11/07/1946

5/16/1931 By BRYON SELLER, (San Antonio Express Leased Wire) Copyrighted, 1931. Consolidated Press) "Argentina will have a $50,000,000 deficit In 1931 and will be forced to some drastic measure In order to bridge the gap. Europe — and to a certain extent Europe's dollar credits — was shaken by the report that the Austrian Kreditanstalt has suspended payment. News that the Vienna government had come to the bank's rescue served to halt the decline of Austrian securities: but the negotiations for n $210,000,000 credit started in Geneva between the Austrian overnment and an international syndicate of bankers sponsored by the Rothschild Bros., brought out again the question of the Austro-German customs union."

Failure of the Kreditanstalt, Austria, in the summer of 1931 ruined banks throughout Weimar, said to have propelled Hitler into power.

William Averill Harriman was a director of the Austrian Discount Company, Niederoesterreichische Escompte-Gesellschaft, Vienna and Bank Handlowy W Warszawie S.A. (Banque de Commerce a Varsovie) Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Arthur Krupp was director of the Austrian Society of Credit for Commerce, Oesterreichische Credit-Anstalt Fuer Handel Und Gewerbe.

WALKER MINING COMPANY INCORPORATED : 193010-103 Creation : 2/15/1933 Inactive : 1/1/1970- We all know who "The Walker" is- kind of like "The Trump."

5/4/1934 Hitler and Krupp plan for rearmament required a 21 billion dollar arms budget be hidden

NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY 800278 Filed 05/22/1911 State OH WITHDRAWAL 04/30/1952 , German subsidiary acquired register and adding machine interests of Fried. Krupp for cash and 20% stock ownership

Loans of the Homeowners Loan Corporation ceased.

3/19/1936 German-American Bund

IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. 888 East Walnut Street Pasadena,CA 91101 FDIC Certificate #: 29730 Date Established: 3/23/1936 Bank Charter Class: Savings Association Date of Deposit Insurance: 3/23/1936 Primary Federal Regulator: Office of Thrift Supervision Primary Internet Web Address:

History of Indymac Bank, F.S.B., Covina, California (FDIC Cert: 29730) Note: This institution is currently part of IndyMac Federal Bank, F.S.B., Pasadena, California (FDIC Cert: 58912) Date Event 1 3/23/1936 Institution established. Original name: First Federal Savings And Loan Association Of San Gabriel Valley (29730) 2 6/28/1995 Changed its organization type to Stock Savings & Loan. 3 7/1/2000 Changed its name to Indymac Bank, F.S.B. (29730). 4 11/13/2000 Moved bank headquarters from Covina, California to Pasadena, California. 5 7/11/2008 Failed, went into receivership, and then became IndyMac Federal Bank, F.S.B. (58912) in Pasadena, California.


German International Bonds ruled worthless in America, but were deductible in 1943 for tax purposes

08/01/1941 Thyssen fund frozen- in funds of Union Banking Corp., Prescott S. Bush and E.R. Harriman Directors.

  • 8/1/1941 Pennsylvania RR and Hartford-Connecticut Trustco trust agreement executed
    • Sen Prescott Bush of Connecticut

well, that's as far as I want to go for now.


WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago
Quote [leighmf: 8/1/1941 Pennsylvania RR and Hartford-Connecticut Trustco trust agreement executed ...Sen Prescott Bush of Connecticut

Well.... don't stop There.... Not sure Where this is Going... or Even what you are Trying to say... but Don't stop There........

Calperson's picture
Calperson 8 years 16 weeks ago

Wait I'm confused again!

Which Democrats enacted the New Deal and which democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

Don't you get it, CP? No one knows who is who. All men are judged by their Deeds, not by their political party. That is why so many people are going to Hell for perpetrating the mortgage crisis of late. A lot of Bad Deeds were executed through MERS. For those caught with these Bad Deeds, it's going to be curtains.

Webmonster- I am just laying out the origins of some conjoined secret societies, relationships and banking institutions which up to the present day have always led us into war and disguised themselves as pillars of strength waiting to lend a hand to our country in times of trouble. The Klan, whose bulk membership was supported by uneducated workers, being in the lower social strata was encouraged to stir up trouble to fulfill the various goals of the yacht club set who couldn't be caught in such behavior.

In the sixties Robert Shelton announced he was moving the Klan funds into more respectable avenues of business to build a new image. A main target was infiltrating the automotive industry, also a good place to recruit, it was theorized.

As for 1964-

June 1964- North American Van Lines obtained bank loan of $8,000,000 maximum credit, $2,000,000 of which was a term loan repayable $400,000 annually for five years, the other $6,000,000 a credit loan available as needed, i.e. interest free loan- these were assets in the hands of my grandfather's cousin-by-marriage, Kenneth W. Maxfield, who aided in the concealment of the Kryder Estate by selling North American Van Lines to Pepsico in 1968 (1968 Koch Fuels merger) and selling it again to Norfolk Southern Corporation in 1985 (Disney, Shamrock, Central Soya merger c/o Baker and Damniels and Shoaff.)

6/19/1964 Senator Ted Kennedy suffered a broken back in a plane crash in an apple orchard near Southampton, Mass, en route to the Democratic convention . Senator Birch Bayh, Jr. was also on the plane. Evan Bayh later was Secretary of State of Indiana in 1987 (founding of The Carlyle Group, 1987) when he dismissed many of the corporation laws of filing established in the Depression for the protection of common stockholders and individuals whose interests needed protecting. Evan Bayh then became Indiana governor, following in the wake of the Klan governor of Indiana 1924 (see above, Ed Jackson). Evan Bayh then went to work for Baker and Daniels who also employed the Kryder estate lawyer for two generations of Kryders- all their assets are stolen and at large.

8/02/1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Now, in this little chronology alone we have represented: a republican Klan Indiana governor, and a democrat Indiana governor, Bayh, who has long been suspected of being a secret republican; a likely attempted murder of a Kennedy and Birch Bayh by republicans, being as they were flying on their way to the democratic convention, as well as participating principals from two law firms, one republican and the other democrat.


WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago
Quote leighmf: I am just laying out the origins of some conjoined secret societies, relationships and banking institutions which up to the present day have always led us into war and disguised themselves as pillars of strength waiting to lend a hand to our country in times of trouble

Yes... it is a Yucky Dirty Job to Dig through the Slime of History and EXPOSE the WEB of EVIL that has Metastasized as a Cancer threatening to Destroy the America as we Know it was Supposed to Be.

Is there More??

Quote Calperson:Wait I'm confused again!

It is your JOB to Sew Confusion...spread CRAP...and Call it Caviar.....

In the Face of FACTS... You and your Reicht-Wing Collaborators... respond with Diversion, Deceit, and an Attempt to Smother TRUTH with huge Stinking Steaming PILES of Bull-Fox.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

My information comes directly from historical documents, historical archives and accounts of local historians (like H.H. Peckham, Indiana author of Historical Fiction vs Fictional History) the papers of Indian Agents, original copies of treaties, Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Affidavits, other officially recorded state and federal documents, extensive genealogies, and Moody's Manuals of Banking and Insurance, Transportation, Industry, and Public Utilities. I have spent 17 years collecting data from these references, from county courthouse basements, and by reading tediously unfocused microfilms to assemble the truth which was never taught in school.

I have also been in contact with intelligence agents since I was old enough to play Monopoly. They gave me pastries.

It is impossible for me to tell a lie, and it is impossible to see the truth unless you look at a long time line.

I would agree that what I provide is caviar- to all who hunger for something good and salty. I only recommend not washing it down with champagne, in consideration of the world's starving ones.

I am good at sewing crafts, but when it comes to sowing, I plant mangroves and wetland species of plants for ecological restoration and groundwater purification. I also sow gardens and landscapes, on the advice of Ladybird.

'Wherevah you see a place of Ugly, plant a Bush."

As for spreading the good word, that's what I'm here for, so hang on Webmonster, if you are really interested, I'll pick up the Klan/Nazi Time Line where I left off with the Sen. Prescott Bush....


WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago

Yes..leighmf....Please Continue...I would Never Dilute your very salty Caviar of Truth with preMature Celebratory Champagne.........

Shining the Light of Awareness upon the Sickly Deeds of the Slimy Evil Ones makes them Scurry and Hide for their presumed Power over Us is Just an Illusion of the Ignore-ant.

The Depth of your Research and Analysis is 'sow' Appreciated...............

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

Well who can keep silent before such vehemence?

To summarize where we are in American History up to Sen. Prescott Bush, 1941, it is important to establish the first step on the yellowbrick road with the

1781 Charter of Bank of England renewed

First Bank of the United States, a private institution, was chartered by

Bank of England in 1791.

which connects us to our present Federal Reserve, the Central Bank, as well as a "private institution."

Hello there, Scotland Yard? Leigh here, reminding you "Whiskey Pete's" as monitored by The Federal Reserve, is code for Windsor Palace.

NIC 1901-01-01WHISKEY PETE'S CASINO, A NEVADA CORP. located at LAS VEGAS, NV was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 16 weeks ago

Sorry Ladye Leigh... was Busy... Saving the World from Evil.... Windsor Palace... and the Bank of Doing Business As.. " Whiskey Pete's Casino" registered in Nevada??? I didn't Realize that InterNational Corporate SlimeBalls had such a Sense of their Arsenal of Deceit.

….It Looks like a Corporate Shell-Game of Evil… Changing Names and Titles at Whim….disguising Sources… their Nature… and Evil INTENT.

You have More?? It is Good you are Parceling this out….Too Much at Once gives Intellectual Indigestion…


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 16 weeks ago

Yes, I know- it is hard to take. I can only stand to work on it a couple hours at a time. Sometimes I have to go to bed and sleep it off for another couple hours.

"Oh dear, so many perplexing ways to go," thought Alice.

While we are on the subject of names and numbers, the song "Secret Agent Man" sung by Johnny Rivers 1964-1966 says a lot.

Note: "The "live" version was recorded in 1966 at the Whisky A Go Go."

And I refer especially to the famous line, " they've given you a number, but taken 'way your name."

Frank Kryder died on his birthday in 1966, nine days before Walt Disney. His social security number was fabricated when he was 47,7/17/1942, the same day the FDIC created a corporation in Indiana.

This number being 315203612 , on his original application the last four numbers are handwritten.

Meanwhile, G.H.Walker & Company, Inc. chartered its entity 27908 in MO. (Missouri Secretary of State Records)

As I have shown in many places, 27908+3612= 31520.

As a back-up, 27908-14518 (Minnie Kryder's Trust Number) = G.H. Walker & Co., Inc. MO charter 13390. Minnie's account 14518 was used as a mutual fund by Lincoln National Corporation for FDIC Cert.#14518.

Since there were always double books running the country, there had to be a way of keeping track of a two-hundred year plan, devised to strip each generation for gain into the Central Vault. All this began before computers were even conceived of, so on the basic level the system began with years as numbers and with various generations of names. Thus, Alan Par-sons- "Days are numbers." Bonds are written in terms of years, so bond years were incorporated into secret numbers. The system became more complex with the invention of telephone numbers, while originally these had at first, one letter and four digits. Time has forced the use of longer and longer numbers. The "system" has been forced to adjust by filling in their old codes with meaningless placeholders, like 00000000 between essential blocks of code. Geographically, zip codes as well as P.O. Box Numbers can be used to identify and link nationally corresponding corporate and banking terrorist cells.

A great example, before the "new" FDIC offices were erected in the Don Powell Era, is the former office number of the Chief Counsel for the FDIC, Room 3011- H.

Wells Fargo, Denver CO, founded 1884 was FDIC Certificate #3011,and H of course stands for Harriman, specifically, Harrriman mining.

1884 was the founding of Harriman's Company, Mercantile Investment & General Trust, T.J. Carlyle Gifford, Chmn. The name Carlyle may ring a bell, while this T.J. Carlyle Gifford was at times also a British Treasury agent. It was also the year Scotland bondholders of the troubled Denver and Rio Grande Railway decided Robert Fleming should proceed to America to investigate and protect their interests. Fleming had invested Scottish Widow Pensions in American failing railroads.

1940 T.J. Carlyle Gifford, agent of the British Treasury, liquidated a large but undisclosed amount of British owned American Securities;

1940 brought about an essential shift in American securities holding regulations which required some scrambling about in the investment world.

"In 1940, George Jenkins mortgaged an orange grove he had acquired during the Depression for a down payment on his dream store - Florida's first supermarket." - from its own History of Publix. From this one mortgaged orange grove, Publix wiped out at least ten major food stores in Florida, maintaining the poor man's version of itself, Winn-Dixie. Publix has gradually eliminated brand name after brand name in favor of its lower-priced "Greenwise" label. One year I couldn't even find Ocean Spray Cranberry Jelly.

Winn-Dixie markets apples packaged by Walt Disney Farms, Indiana.

In 1940 new 75-year mtg bonds of the Seaboard Airline Railway were issued. (There is no longer a "Seaboard Airline Ry").

1940 and 1945, (RBC) participated in the sale of over $12 billion worth of Canadian Government War Loans and Victory Loan Bonds."

Digest this for a while.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago
Quote leighmf: Digest this for a while.

Sheesh....Yes... will need some Intellectual Probiotics to Digest That... What a Tangled Web They Hide behind... Amazing that You can Unravel all of those Threads....

express's picture
express 8 years 15 weeks ago

Here's something you can do instead of wasting time trying to do the impossible: change Calperson. You can vote to support the 99 percent movement. Click on my recent post:

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago
Quote express:...wasting time trying to do the impossible: change Calperson

I haven't Wasted ONE NanoSecond thinking about 'Changing' Rude CalDude... He is an Agent Provocateur of Ignore-ance. I wish him No ill will... nor give him Any thought whatsoEver. He will Reap the Rewards of the The Ignore-ance that he Love$ to Spread. He is Probably drinking a Diet Soda NOW.... loaded with he Conjures up a New Name for the Blog to spread The Party Dis-Information.

Evil Ulitmately ends up Destroying itSelf... the Question is... Can we keep Them from Destroying the World on their Way Out? Or We can Simply say... ENOUGH Already... Corporations are NOT "People".... Corporate Money is NOT 'Political Free Speech'... and We will Not waste Our Resources on EVIL anyMore.

Wake Up America....Smell the Roses... but if You 'Plant a Bush'.... Make SURE you pile a Lot of Manure on it...for Old-Times Sake.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 15 weeks ago

You can also thickly spread the ashes of loved ones around Bushes.

Back to 1940 and the Klan....

In 1940 "Aetna bonded the construction of seven U.S. Navy aircraft carriers — the Essex, the Yorktown, the Intrepid, the Hornet, the Franklin, the Ticonderoga and the Randolph";

In 1940 Loft, Inc. owned 79% of Pepsi-Cola's outstanding shares before stock split, Phoenix Securities owned 477,200 shares Loft, Inc.

Now above is not only some important nomenclature, but seen as separate entities existing in a pyramid with itself.

"Aetna" ( the armpit of AIG) was the first big fund in America, bonding the Hoover Dam in 1930. This was the critical moment in Bechtel History, as Bechtel was the only bidder who could come up to the government's requirement for a bond.

Aetna also PROVIDED INSURANCE COVERAGES AND FUNDS for the Manhattan Project. (1944). It should be also noted that The Manhattan Project was borne on the heels of two major railroad mortgages which became due in 1943 and 1944.

This again goes back to 1906 The Nitrates Securities Trust (as we can use nitrate for both bombs and fertilizer), Harriman's 1906 purchase of Night & Day (Liberty National Bank) and the 1906 Aetna Bank & Trust, Washington, DC in receivership.

Loft was a candy vendor of Big Sugar, and "Phoenix Securities" hails from 1901 aka Swiss Re, which raised its head 9/10/2001 as an insuror of the World Trade Center Towers, selling that day to Lincoln Reinsurance aka North American Reinsurance. In 1901, the Norfolk & Western Railway fell under the command of Capt. Michael Valentine Fleming and was assigned Document Folio -001 in Indiana. (Just so you know, International Harvester was assigned -007).

05/06/1940 Walter Bossert of Liberty, Indiana, a former Klan chief, was reported by newspapers as being the "Townsend organization's" candidate for U.S. Senator in the Republican state convention.

Referring to Indiana Governor M. Clifford Townsend, a number of Kryder securities for Fairfield Terrace Sec. A. were conveyed to Townsend's advisor Alexander N. Pursely, as Trustee. Pursley's Uncle was Bishop Leo Pursely of the Northeastern Indiana Diocese. There is a complete break in the chain of title for 22 Lots in this development now fronting Fairlfield Avenue. It is recorded realty of Frank Sr., and Minnie V. Kryder, who were Methodists.

8/22/1940 - What I was looking for precisely was The Investment Company Act of 1940 which restricted the types of investments banks were allowed to make since banks were becoming holding companies for agriculture, real estate, industry and manufacturing.

10/1/1940 d. Capt. Michael Paul Valentine Fleming, Father of Ian Lancaster, Son of Robert

10/11/1940 Kryder Company, Inc. Complaint to Quiet Title vs. Old-First National Bank and First and Tri-State Corporation; KCO owns "in fee simple" Lots 24, 31, 40, 49, 59, 63, 67, 82, 101, 107, 111, 115, 119, 123, 127, 135, 139, 143, 154, 159, 171, 177, 181,194, 198, 202, 209, 224, 229, 235, 239, 250, 257, 261, 265, 272, 276, 280, 284, 288, 292, 297, 233, 8, 18, 253, 254 Waynedale Gardens Second Addition. None of this property is accounted for in the Kryder estate.

10/12/1940 Rep. George W. Gillie, R., Ind. announced a new million dollar air station would be installed at Fort Wayne.

12/20/1940 Ohio NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES, INC. Dissolution By Merger Aug 12 1946


WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago

No.. I wouldn’t spread the Ashes of a Loved One on Anything called ‘a Bush’….Manure…Yes… Ashes…no. I would spread Sacred Ashes at the Base of a Majestic Redwood Tree….or in a Rose Garden.

Quote leighmj: , the song "Secret Agent Man" sung by Johnny Rivers 1964-1966 says a lot. "The "live" version was recorded in 1966 at the Whisky A Go Go."

As in “Whiskey Pete’s” A Go Go??

Quote leighmj: In 1901, the Norfolk & Western Railway fell under the command of Capt. Michael Valentine Fleming and was assigned Document Folio -001 in Indiana. (Just so you know, International Harvester was assigned -007)….Capt. Michael Paul Valentine Fleming, Father of Ian Lancaster, Son of Robert

This is That ‘Ian Fleming’…the ‘Shadow Community’ Insider… who wrote the James Bond series??....the money-making Sex & Propaganda franchise??....sheesh

Quote leighmj: Meanwhile, G.H.Walker & Company, Inc. chartered its entity 27908 in MO.

This is the SAME Walker Family of ‘Herbert WALKER Bush??....and Governor Walker of Wisconsin??? How come Not ONE Media Outlet has Ever mentioned that Governor Walker of Wisconsin… Campaign Financed by the Koch Brothers… is First Cousin of gwBush. Never Mentioned. The Incest and inBreeding of the Ruling .0001% is Staggering…and Explains a Lot. I wonder WHEN the Bush Family and the Walker Family had a Merger??

Quote leighmj: Waynedale Gardens Second Addition. None of this property is accounted for in the Kryder estate. 10/12/1940 Rep. George W. Gillie, R., Ind. announced a new million dollar air station would be installed at Fort Wayne.

Sooo it looks like the Government bought a Lot of Land for an Airbase that just so Happened to be Owned by the Kryder family… and Not even Listed in their Assets. A sweet “Insider Trading’ Deal TYPICAL of How They USE Government and Public Funds for their Lucrative ‘Crony Capitalism’ raiding of the Treasury… and when it is in the Field of ‘National inSecurity’…it is All 'Secret' and Hidden from the public.

Quote leighmj: In 1940 [armpit] "Aetna bonded the construction of seven U.S. Navy aircraft carriers — the Essex, the Yorktown, the Intrepid, the Hornet, the Franklin, the Ticonderoga and the Randolph"

….The Randolph??....for William Randolph Hearst???

Quote leighmj: In 1940 Loft, Inc. owned 79% of Pepsi-Cola's outstanding shares before stock split, Phoenix Securities owned 477,200 shares Loft, Inc.

Nixon was collecting PayChecks from Pepsi…when he flew Out of Dallas the Same morning Kennedy was Killed. He later Lied as to his Whereabouts that Day.

Sheesh…. Now I have to go take a Shower…..

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 15 weeks ago

These questions must be addressed fully, one by one. However, much of this crosses over to some info I put up on the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and Shevell Transportation, and Bush head of CIA I just posted. Notice Aetna, also Allied, a spin-off North American Van Line as well.

1. "As in “Whiskey Pete’s” A Go Go??"

One must understand the symbolism of whiskey in the financial kingdom of colonialists. The slave, whiskey, sugar, cotton and tobacco racket were their bread and butter. They are still mad about losing their slaves, something which temporarily altered their lifestyle. Whiskey as well as poison whiskey was an important part of Indian concessions. (Not tools or education, mind you, but whiskey). Young braves took an instant liking to binge drinking, making them unmanageable for the elders. Eventually, the alcoholic braves were made the prime excuse for having to move Indians off their settlements to reservations. White people were too afraid to live around young drunken Indian men with hatchets and rifles.

2."This is That ‘Ian Fleming’…the ‘Shadow Community’ Insider… who wrote the James Bond series??....the money-making Sex & Propaganda franchise??....sheesh"

Fleming was also from a long peerage of coal barons and the like.

Though he was also an intelligence agent for MIS during the war, assigned a task to capture the Nazi Enigma Machine. Fleming began writing in 1954 as he drank and smoked himself to death. He clearly had a conflict with his knowledge of his grandfather (Goldfinger), had been privvy to all sorts of intelligence, but not exactly in a position to rat out the family and the Queen. Fiction, plays, comic strips and movies during the fifties and sixties, were embedded with clues and symbols by the pre-Bush CIA and other agents. How else would "the public" get these symbols preserved to counteract other Cold War propaganda which was spewing out against Hollywood and the artistic community? It was their way of fighting back.

3 "This is the SAME Walker Family of ‘Herbert WALKER Bush??....and Governor Walker of Wisconsin??? "

I have not done any genealogy on Wisconsin Walker.

Otherwise, it is the same family- as Prescott Bush worked with Brown Bros., Harriman; "G.H. Walker and Company, Inc." were and are transfer of securities agents headquartered in St. Louis, MO. That is their idea of a Eugenic Society- and you see the results of inbreeding- George Herbert Walker Bush and sons.

4. "Sooo it looks like the Government bought a Lot of Land for an Airbase "

This also happened in Sebring, Florida, where the Estate of George Sebring, a developer contemporary of Frank Kryder, Sr., went off the books in 1927.

An airfield was built there, and a training base. This being because of the Barnett Bank-DuPont-Lincoln Life, Bank of America intermarriages. It is why we have the Indy 500 AND the 27 Hours of Sebring, or whatever it is called now.

In this case, I am not sure of who actually owned the land under Baer Field in Fort Wayne, but it appears the Kryder securities were caught up in the deal, maybe because they also had an insurance company which has as well gone off the map.

5. "The Randolph??....for William Randolph Hearst???"

Now you're catching on. In the Gold Rush days and thereafter, Harriman-Hearst had the biggest, most successsful, most polluting and environmentally destructive gold mines in America. They knew where the best mines were before anyone, due to the surveyors and geologists hired by The Union Pacific Railroad, and their inside information on American resources which they obtained through Officials in the U.S. Department of the Interior, responsible for the surveys which located our most exploitable pockets of resources.

6. "Nixon was collecting PayChecks from Pepsi…when he flew Out of Dallas the Same morning Kennedy was Killed. He later Lied as to his Whereabouts that Day."

Something that I found out on my own is that Allyn & Bacon, another securities dealer, purchased the Texas School Book Depository from an American General not long before the assassination of JFK.

In Manchester's book, Death of a President, a book I had to STOP reading because it set off too many bells, it was brought out that Kennedy had planned to speak at the Convention Center in Dallas. However, at the last minute, due to a bottlers convention in the Convention Center, where Nixon was in attendance as a Pepsico VP, a new location was chosen for the President's speech, which changed the motorcade route to then go PAST 411 Elm Street, in open sight of that dreadful window.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago
Quote leighmf: These questions must be addressed fully, one by one

OhMyGod.... You are So Amazing!!...Yes YOU are the One that Deserves to be Paid for your "Correct" Information.

The Heritage Foundation spends Million$ to spread Lies and disInformation across the Land...hiring unethical Slimeballs to do their Dirty Work. Who in our Society funds the disSemination of TRUTH ??

Thank You so Much leighmf..... More to Digest.........................

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 15 weeks ago

Heritage is a Lincoln Nursing Home REIT, I hate to have to say. Google up Marcus Schrenker + Heritage Wealth Management.

I have thought about this idea of being paid for the truth. If money is paid for Lies, then Truth becomes a commodity, in all fairness. But scripture says, "Truth stumbles in the marketplace."

Lies are Dark. Truth is Light. Lies are Bad. Truth is Good. Lies are Wrong. Truth is Right.

I would like to be able to just pay my rent, save my teeth, and buy $114/month health insurance, like the rest of Congress.

How much is that worth? For just 1 cent a day, subscribe to the Truth. You will automatically save 38 cents a day by cancelling your funeral insurance.

I feel a poem coming in....

Truth for just a cent a day
doesn't cost a heck of a lot.
What's a penny everyday?
We find them when we clean!.

But give one to me everyone
seven days of every week-
that's enough for Leigh to be
livin' like The Queen.

She figgered it out
and figgered it out.
With a gel pen, tax id's-
a nefarious route.

Only two years from today
we all will be so ever much less gay-
I can hear it, through Magwire,
"Only two years from today!"


Two years from today will be 10/13/2013. What predictions can we make for 2013? Based on the data:

2013 will be the 100-yr. gold bond anniversary of The Federal Reserve Act

1913 Federal Reserve Act

"Aetna began fire and marine coverages in copying the standard industry practice of a "fire agency system,"- firms specializing solely in fire and marine lines. " ; Aetna formed a Group department to sell group life insurance; The Federal Reserve Act made the Federal Reserve The Central Bank..

10/13/1913 THE UNION REALTY COMPANY MIAMI FL Number 006390 Filed 10/13/1913 DISSOLVED 11/23/1936


Both entities are The Union Pacific Railroad/Walker-Harriman/Wells Fargo interests. According to historical trends, in 2013 we should expect that huge defaults are planned on pyramided mortgage debt from 1913. Since they ARE the Federal Reserve, just think of what they can do to us when their private banking notes held overseas are called in.

5/20/1913 Death of Standard Oil and Florida East Coast Railway magnate Henry M. Flagler. He was attended at death by his third wife (an opium addict), son, and Officials of the Florida East Coast Railway.

It is most odd how various magnates have died with railroad officials attending their death beds, who then go on to release the first statements to the public afterwards.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago
Quote leighmf:Lies are Dark. Truth is Light. Lies are Bad. Truth is Good. Lies are Wrong. Truth is Right.

“Truth is Right”… just not ‘Right-Wing”. Has the ‘Right Wing’ EVER been ‘Right’ about Anything??? Darkness is an Absence of TRUTH.

Why do they spend More Money for Lies than for Truth? Because Truth IS.... LIES Are MANUFACTURED. (Probably the Only thing still Manufactured in America.)

However... because they Hide the TRUTH under Heaping Steaming Stinking Piles of Bull-Fox... You Deserve a ‘Million Pennies a Day’, Ladye Leigh, for Your Amazing Skill for Uncovering TRUTH...supported by FACTS.

Where do I send My pennies?


leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 15 weeks ago

Well, my Paypal account is somewhat overdrawn. So please use Paypal to send Leigh 1 cent a day at If necessary, I'll become a non-profit, which I already am as a sole-proprietor, so your pennies can be tax deductible.

Truth for a Penny a Day

Please, no spam from the United Kingdom offering me Pepsi and Coke Awards, as well as a grant from London Hilton.

WebMonster's picture
WebMonster 8 years 15 weeks ago

Whatta Bargain.. 'Truth for a Penny a Day'... More Truth... and In-Depth Facts... than you'll Find in USA Today... if you can Believe That.

Are Date-Spams from Nigeria okay??

leighmf's picture
leighmf 8 years 15 weeks ago

No dates. Nigerians are welcome to send as many pennies as they can muster, but they have to be real pennies, deposited in my Paypal. I cannot accept unclaimed inheritances, forgotten oil leases, or defense contract leftovers from Ministers of the Cabinet of any country's former leader.

A Penny a Day might completely tip the scales of world power, as I think about it. I will not stop with the Truth until I am richer than the Queen and the 700 Princes of Liechtenstein put together. Then we can start seeing some changes around this planet!

It's Your Money, People. I don't need so much.

Which brings me back to the Invisible Empire and 1940, where the Harrimans have expanded from Eugenics to Legalized Gambling endeavors.

9/12/1940 AP- "H a r r iman, 34, Killed In Fall From Y. M. C. A. Building. Philadelphia,' Sept 12.—Borden Harriman, 34, member of America's famous banking and railroad-building family and nephew of the XJ. S. Minister to Norway, plunged to his death late yesterday from a window of his eigth-floor room in the Central Y. M. C. A. His father died less than a month ago. Detective Harry Forrest and J. M. Thompson, .resident "Y" secretary, identified the body as Harriman's. Thompson said Harriman registered last Friday from his family place at Silver Spring, Md. In his room police found this note: "God's earth is kindlier than some men know." The body struck in a concrete courtyard. In the blue serge suit the man wore were a calling card, four keys on a ring, and 73 cents. Detective Forrest said that in the room occupied by the man was a black-bordered note from Mrs. Oliver Harriman, 34 Gramercy Place, New York. The note, dated yesterday, said: "I have no money to send you. Suggest that you come home." ' Mrs. Harriman's husband -died Aug. 14 at Silver Spring. A retired New York broker, he left most of his estate to his widow, the former Grace Carley. In addition to J. Borden Harriman, two other sons. Oliver Carley and John, survived. Mrs. Oliver Harriman is widely known for her campaigns in behalf of legalized lotteries. Mrs. Frank Carley, an aunt of J. Borden Harriman, told a Philadelphia newspaper by telephone from Silver Spring that her nephew came to Philadelphia about a week ago. The dead man was about 5 feet, 10 Inches-tall and had a full beard and dark hair. In one pocket, detectives said, was a letter consoling Harriman on the death of his father."

Some suicides are completed for the purpose of leaving a a milepost in history with a message. They are the suicides where "God calls." Now we must think about whether the "four keys on a ring" and/or the "73" cents were a clue. Did it refer to The Big Four , 1973, or?

Robindell's picture
Robindell 8 years 1 week ago

The history of America is not identical to the situation of today. The Southern "Dixiecrats" were not the same in their opinions as were most of the Northern Democrats, but LBJ, who was from Texas, was perhaps the foremost proponent of civil rights laws of any politician in my lifetime. Gov. George Wallace was a Dixiecrat who ran for president as an independent if memory serves. Strom Thurmond originally was a Democrat who became a Republican.

Many of the people on this site are not Democrats but would be better described as progressive-minded independents.

The thing about Hitler is that he was only interested in the triumph and well-being of "Ayrans" and those who were preferably non-disabled, "normal" Ayrans. According to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Germans started doing dangerous, unethical experiments on disabled people, which I assume included children, even before they began their campaign against the Jews and started opening concentration camps. In America, there are at least some protections against discrimination on the part of the government, although these need to be strengthened. Scandinavian countries are known throughout the world for taking care of their citizens with government programs, and I have not heard or read anything about discrimination or atrocities in those countries. What I have read about, and what Thom has also mentioned, is that when Iceland, which is Scandinavian, deregulated its banks, financial collapse ensued.

Right wingers will distort history through omissions and over-simplifications to justify harmful acts.

anonymous green 8 years 1 week ago

We're all taught the histories designed to make sure we misunderstand history, then they laugh about how we got fooled again.

Rodger97321's picture
Rodger97321 7 years 16 weeks ago

Ran across this in the Del Rio (TX) News Herald, Oct. 27, 1977 edition (page 3):

Two semi-related articles: Austin Schools Ordered to Admit Alien Children (nothing to do with Roswell), and

Klan Watch Generates Little Else But Noise

Picture caption: KLANSMEN LISTENING AND LOOKING - Three members of the Ku Klux Klan use a telescope listening device and binoculars near the California-Mexico border Tuesday night in their search for illegal aliens entering the country...

It's hard not to believe there's not a connection when their causes and actions persist in being so similar even decades later.

LysanderSpooner's picture
LysanderSpooner 7 years 16 weeks ago
Quote Calperson:

Wait I'm confused again!

Which Democrats enacted the New Deal and which democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

You don't get it. When racists in the Democratic Party voted for the socialistic/fascistic New Deal, their racism is overlooked. When these same racists opposed the Civil Rights Act (Republican Goldwater opposed it out of principle), they're future Republicans. The moral to the story. It's ok to be a racist as long as you are for big government.

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