The blog posts on this site need to stay in the areas of government, politics, and economics. Most people do stick to those sorts of topics, but there are some that are not of any interest or relevance, at least to me. There are so many problems in the world today, serious problems in many instances, that I don't see the justification in taking up someone's precious time with topics that only apply to the individual who wrote the post. Our society has too much narcissim as it is. On the bulletin board section, in fact, someone mentioned the book, The Culture of Narcissim by the late Christopher Lasch, which came out during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. President Carter actually invited Lasch to the White House, if I recall. I think Carter's speech on selfishness and on the need for values and also for energy conservation (he appeared on T.V. wearing a sweater) were influenced to some degree by Lasch's book. The confessional style was identified by Lasch and by others as being a symptom of this culture of narcissim. A number of daytime T.V. talk shows came into being in which people came on and confessed their misdeeds and personal obessions, interpersonal conflicts, and problems. The most conflictual of all of these shows, which is still on-the-air to this day, is the Jerry Springer Show. Springer's guests almost always became embroiled in physical fights, and had to be restrained by burly stage attendants. Even Oprah had people who talked about personal issues, such as eating too much, or spending too much money. One woman, Sally Jessie Raphael, had started out as a radio talk show host, specializing in callers who had marital and relationship issues, or emotional suffering. She was not a trained, licensed therapist, and I think she sometimes mentioned that. She later moved to T.V. Maury Pouvich I believe still has his show. I rarely if ever watch it, but from what I can see, he took a quieter, more civilized approach to confessional T.V. What we need here, to continue with this television analogy, is a Phil Donahue. Phil was and is a "classic liberal." His show as far as I can remember was about political and social issues. He didn't have people on who went on about their problems. He might have had some shows about alcoholism and/or drug addiction, but that is a public policy area, because these activities involve illegalities and the courts, and also are a medical issue that is often treated by the criminal justice system as a crime. A drunk driver can is a threat to oneself and to other drivers and I believe should be punished. Drug addiction is a complex matter which I don't think is at all desirable. Decriminalizing marijuna is a present-day issue which has been put into effect in Colorado. Talking about something like this has clear government, legal, and health-related ramifacations. On this site, people should not be taking up space and time talking about their own life story unless it relates to politics or economics in some real way.


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