Last week, a 22-year-old gumnman entered a supermarket in Elkhart, Indiana and fatally shot two women, one an employee, the other a customer. He was threatening a third person when the police arrived and shot him dead. The police did not have any motive for the shooting. It was reported that the man had a social media or Web site where he talked about killing people in general, and that he had had some previous encounters with the police. Neighbors to where the man lived reported nothing out of the ordinary and said that the man sometimes said "Hello" outside to neighbors. That same week, in Lake County, IN, which is next to Cook County, IL where Chicago is located, there were two, seperate incidents of road rage, where one driver fired a gun at another. The first man entered I-94 from Cline Avenue and cut off another driver on the expressway, who raced ahead to catch up with the other drive and started yelling at him from his car. All of a sudden, the first driver heard a bang and felt pain and realized that he had been shot in the back. The second incident took place on a busy through street in Gary. A woman from nearby Lansling, IL who was apparently driving too slowly to satisfy the driver in back of her indicated his anger and then fired a gun at the woman, who was not hit. Earlier this week, a teaching assistant at Purdue University was killed by a student firing a gun in a basement classroom of the Electrical Engineering building. The student who committed this tragic crime has two addresses listed, on in Indinana, and the other in Ohio.

Another shooting on a college campus occurred just days before the Purdue incident. A shooting was reported at a private university in Pennsylvania called Wiedner University. In a northwest suburb of Chicago called Mundelin, it was reported that a 14 year old girl stabbed her 16 year old sister to death in the kitchen of their parent's home. The girl was allegedly upset that the older sister did not appreciate all the household work that the younger sister did on behalf of her older sibling.

These tragic acts all demonstrate the combination of a severe psychological breakdown among people of different ages and different walks of life in our society, combined with a lack of moral fiber in completely rejecting violence and murder as a way of letting out one's emotions or handling frustration.

Unversities in my view need to start implementing mental health screening for all of their students, perhaps repeated on a yearly basis. Society needs to require that parents undergo some kind of training on parenting skills. Are these incidents the result of earlier child abuse or neglect, or were the parent too lax in disciplining their children and teaching them not to misbehave and to harbor destructive thoughts toward others, and what terrible results might come from such thoughts?


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leighmf 6 years 4 weeks ago

Many people who have a mental illness wouldn't hurt a fly.

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Robindell 6 years 4 weeks ago

That does not change the fact that some individuals with psychiatric diagnoses have been involved with killings. Not every killer is mental ill, and most mentally ill people are not dangerous, although there are more mentally ill people in jail for relatively minor offenses than in psychiatric hospitals in many large cities.

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