I am registered as an indepedent. I changed from democrat some years ago, no reason in particular, most dissatisfaction with both parties and government. I vote regularly and vote democrat. I want to know if you think independents could form third party which appealed to center left and center right could form a new majority, are the numbers possible?
Also, the current fight and approaches by the republicans and the tea party make me feel like I have to choose a side, either right or left, feel like the fight is forcing me to fight, to protect my rights and to protect the rights of my children. I feel like I am being attacked so I must fight back in order to protect my way of life, the American way of life, and the future rights of my children and family. Does anyone else feel like this?

I feel I must fight for the democrats, liberals, progressives since their way is the way of truth, openness, justice, fairness, compassion for all americans and does not exclude others.


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Robslaughter 8 years 25 weeks ago

Thanks for listening.

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