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Bigotry is a symptom

If bigotry is only a symptom of a form of mental and emotional incompetence, are those of us not so afflicted required to treat them with the same respect we afford to all other alter abled? We each have our own limitations. With the wide use of the internet, there is no excusing willful ignorance and bigotry in those who are not so afflicted. The deliberate manipulation of bigotry for personal power can also be seen as a form of sociopathic psychopathology. All of this ignorant behavior needs to be resisted everywhere all the time by those who know better. The peacful women's marches are the best way for now. Let's hope we don't have to man the barricades before this is coup' is over.

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Is the Move to Authoritarianism the Worst That Trump Has Done?

Thom plus logo Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are exploding across red state America right now as Republicans continue to refuse to fund programs like Medicaid expansion and sex education in school. It's just one example of the way that hard-core right wing Trump and Koch policies are actually damaging the United States.