If bigotry is only a symptom of a form of mental and emotional incompetence, are those of us not so afflicted required to treat them with the same respect we afford to all other alter abled? We each have our own limitations. With the wide use of the internet, there is no excusing willful ignorance and bigotry in those who are not so afflicted. The deliberate manipulation of bigotry for personal power can also be seen as a form of sociopathic psychopathology. All of this ignorant behavior needs to be resisted everywhere all the time by those who know better. The peacful women's marches are the best way for now. Let's hope we don't have to man the barricades before this is coup' is over.


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zapdam 1 year 42 weeks ago

I'm glad more people are starting to realize these people for what they really are ,sociopaths ,people incapable of feeling anything for anyone except themselves . Capitalism is a breeding ground for these sociopaths, because it is conducive to the mindset of take everything without thought or consideration and its never enough. For to long these mentally deranged have plundered everything, everyone in their path and have for their efforts been celebrated by society. As a result the our five billion year old planet as degraded in less than two hundred years, because there is no equilibrium in madness.

Coalage3 1 year 42 weeks ago

Those darn democrats...they probably would have done much better this election if they would have just dropped the elitist bigotry they practiced. Oh well...live and learn.

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TomDorr 1 year 42 weeks ago

Bigotry and the politics of "group grievance" were the tools of the Dems trying to get Hillary coronated.

Donald Trump is now the POTUS.

I think one will find that President Trump's actions will show no bigotry, but also no special privileges given to out of the mainstream groups that "complain to gain".

This is a good thing. Trump got elected by the mainstream middle class, who are not bigoted, but want an end to "identity" politics.

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