AUMA, Prop 64 in Cali, treat or trick?

Prop 64, treat or trick?

Why doesn't prop 64 account for or address the reality of genetically engineered cannabis?
One sentence is all it would have taken to protect California consumers from genetically engineered (gmo) cannabis being legally sold or grown in Cali.
The reason prop 64 stays quiet on the subject of gmo cannabis is because if the text doesn't specifically account for such, then it is de-facto allowable, and so if prop 64 passes, just as in Colorado, gmo cannabis will be sold without any regulatory restraints or labeling. Even FDA oversight will be non existent because the federal law still doesn't allow for cannabis.
If you truly support an END to prohibition, and the restoration of the natural human rights you were born with, then please understand this is not what you are supporting if you are supporting prop 64.
If you don't want to support corporations like Monsanto (et al), privatizing the genetic building blocks of the food chain (the commons) we all depend on, then you should not be in support of prop 64.
Prop 64 represents the evolution of prohibition from the cartel model into the corporate model, all of which takes place in the void where your human rights are being denied.
Here is a link to the text we should be passing into law before we take any further legislative action:
'The Freedom to Garden, Human Rights Restoration And Natural Seed & Plant Protection Act'
Prop 64 has enormous funding while our grass roots NO on 64 effort depends entirely on you spreading the word, thanks!

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

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