One of the most critical issues of our time is an issue 'the people' have been diverted into tragically misunderstanding to be about the 'cannabis' plant, when in fact it's about the very foundation of who and what you are as a life form on this planet and your naturally endowed rights to defend and sustain your life as such.

Are you satisfied with your current status in law with respect to your extremely fragile 'civil right' to grow and eat a carrot outside of commercial activity?
The equation of life necessarily endowed you with a human right to grow and eat a carrot, and the protection of such naturally endowed human rights is the foundational basis for the existence of the U.S. Constitution.

At present, and at the will of corporate influences, commercial jurisdiction has supplanted your human right with a reversibly fragile 'civil right' to grow and utilize natural plants, and such is the basis for jurisdictional authority to 'schedule' (regulate, tax, outlaw) beyond commercial activity.

Maybe you are satisfied with your fragile 'civil right' to live, but in your capitulation, the systematic resulting consequence of your life choice is to extinguish the natural rights of the yet unborn, so what gives you that right?

Please understand and consider the following questions:

1. Does government have jurisdictional authority to "schedule", or "regulate" your access to naturally occurring plants outside of commercial activity?

2. Do you understand that by agreeing to the government holding such jurisdictional reach as to essentially have authority to generally outlaw any natural plant species, does, in fact, extinguish your naturally endowed constitutionally protected right to grow even a carrot and that the only reason you can do so now is because they still allow you to?

3. Do you understand that by supporting and passing any "regulation" at this point (without first addressing the 1st question posed here), is viewed in the broader sense of the law as consenting to the jurisdictional authority and agreeing that government does have authority to generally outlaw any natural plant species and thereby your access to it even outside of commercial jurisdiction/activities?

The so-called cannabis issue is really a fundamental jurisdictional and human rights issue that anyone who eats food and is concerned about the privatization of the food chain should be deeply concerned about.

Considering the fact that all "legalization" laws are founded and exist entirely dependent on denying self-evident naturally endowed human rights and a continuance of the resulting crimes against humanity and crimes against the natural world we are all an inseparable part of, I'm calling for folks to boycott all dispensaries.



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DdC 1 year 45 weeks ago

1. Does government have jurisdictional authority to "schedule", or "regulate" your access to naturally occurring plants outside of commercial activity?

Gonzales v. Raich
545 U.S. 1 (2005),[1] was a decision by the United States Supreme Court ruling that under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, Congress may criminalize the production and use of homegrown cannabis even if states approve its use for medicinal purposes.

Dispensaries are saving lives. Boycotting them is like boycotting hospitals who treat gun shot wounds because you're against guns. Or evicting Democrats for groping while retaining presidents who rape. The CSA was fast tracked by Nixon and Congress while the media and citizenry were distracted by headlines of a two bit break in at the Watergate Hotel.

Al Capone and Watergate

Eating enough carrots can turn your skin trump orange. 10 raw potatoes can kill. Cannabis is a supplement of the Endocannabinoid System. The result of cold turkey abstinence after 12,000 years of use is larger fear centers in the brain, causing the sheep authoritarians love to flock around. Prohibition is a product that earns Billions of dollars for the private prisons. As it eliminates Big Pharma competition. The Bill of Reich is subject to approval of the prohibitionist profiteers. Hemp was removed for the same profits. Alcohol was temporary banned to monopolize fossil fools gasoline and steel auto bodies after Fords soy/hempcar from the ground up.

Making any natural plant illegal has little to do with safety of the citizens. Tobacco the plant has a 500 year record of safe use until artificial chemicals were added in the early 20th century and advertized by Ron Rayguns. Booze has always been a harmful artifical substance that causes the body harm. Which brings more profits treating it. Also profits on the infrastructure not required for a plant. Cannabis laws serve the prison industrial complex profits. It also maintains a racist culling of the herd.

Racism is a reason to lock people up. Or stigmatize them into a lower income pigeon hole and then eventually cage them. Same as Ganja Prohibition. Both fear mongering the sheep. To make them feel safe knowing the proclaimed bad guys are in cages. The media reads memo's to the sheep, and they bleat. Now it's not just kickback from guvmint cages tax dollars. It's a business with max cap contracts ALEC lobbied for. They need people to fill the jail cells or pay tax dollars for empty jail cells. Thats no incentive to build more cages.

Why in hell would prohibition profiteers want to make it easier to loose money? With cancer treatment profits over $300 billion there is little incentive for cures. Of coarse Ganja is better, cheaper and has none of the side effects that produce more profits. We the Profits, not We the People as written in the fairy tale Bill of Reichs.

Same as "treating" sick people's symptoms rather than teach prevention and find cures. Or stop using what is known to do harm and creates sick people, like Monsanto poisons. No "doctor" has ever sat in an Endocannabinoid class in any US medical school. But that doesn't stop the propaganda channels from hiring them as experts excerpting reefer madness. Fill in the blanks but the common denominator is profits. Slaves were nothing more than cheap labor. When the Industrial Revolution produced tractors. Lincoln "freed" the slaves.

Rockefeller lobbied for the 18th Amendment to monopolize and sell his crude oil gasoline. Electric Trollies bought up by the Oil Industrial Complex gutting maintenance till the trains didn't run on time. Bringing on crude oil buses and SMOG. Again when Enron bought up CA power plants and gutted the maintenance. Brown outs, Grey out and Arno in. Its real fascism or corporatism and none of it is supposed to make sense. Chaos seldom does.

Trump's First Year: Reign of Chaos

They never learn...

Democrats picked Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) to respond to President Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday. He was one of only ten Democrats to vote against a 2015 amendment protecting medical cannabis patients and providers from federal prosecution. He also opposed measures on medical marijuana for veterans and CBD for kids with epilepsy, putting him way out of step with voters and his party.

✦ In an interview with CNN, former Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy said that the opioid commission’s work has been turned into “a charade” and “sham.”

Where have all the Kennedy's gone. long time passing.

President John F Kennedy used Medical Marijuana for Pain

The Best Marijuana Strains for Back Pain

Teddy Kennedy RIP
The Ultimate Tragedy of Liberalism.
His Brain Tumor Is of the Type That Cannabis Might Cure.
Suppressed Research May Claim Another Drug War Victim

Trump's Wall will Keep Out Drugs?
Sackler_Faculty_of_Medicine … All of the company’s profits — totaling billions of dollars alone from OxyContin — go to Sackler family trusts and entities.

Cannabis Shown To Ease Symptoms During Opiate Withdrawal

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, speaking at a Drug Enforcement Administration graduation ceremony, claimed that increased support for legalization and ending the war on drugs has led to more drug overdose deaths.

Ignorant Jeff. Miner's Lullaby Drug Overdoses & MMJ

Is the U.S. Postal Service the new Silk Road?

A study concluded that legalizing marijuana in Washington State prevented 638 overdose deaths and lead to over 3,600 individuals seeking treatment for opioid abuse disorders."

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) tweeted, "Marijuana can be a lifesaving alternative to opioids. Over 90% of veterans want the federal government to research marijuana. I’m urging @TheJusticeDept and @DEAHQ to license growers of the plant for research."

New York lawmakers want to fight opioid crisis with medical marijuana

Scientists Re-Re-Re-Discover Cannabis Stops Metastasis!

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