It was disgusting to watch (3/30/16) Maddow misquote Bernie Sanders to set Hillary up. Hillary then went on to go along with Maddow's suggestions and imply that Bernie does not think womens' reproductive rights are important compared to economic issues. That's clearly not what Bernie said over and over again in his interview with Maddow, and Hillary absolutely knows Bernie is a life-long defender of women's rights. Also, Hillary's deliberate defamanation of Bernie's ethics last night once again demonstrates the character flaws that argue she should not be our next president.

It was also very obvious when Maddow avoided asking Hillary (or Bernie) the most important question about future delegate counts at the Democratic convention: What will Hillary do if Bernie has more pledged delegates than she does? Does she intend to demand Super Delegates over-ride the will of the electorate despite past practice? Instead we got gibberish about Hillary's vs Bernie's total votes equating caucus votes with primary votes. To state the obvious, a caucus vote requires much greater effort and thus one caucus vote represents many more easier-to-cast primary votes.

Also, no questions for Hillary about poll after poll showing Bernie beating all the potential Republican candidates with margins much larger that Hillary's, that includes the essential related discussion of the importance of Independents in the real election. Bernie wins independent's and even some Republican votes, where Hillary can not. She is a weak candidate specifically because she represents the old Corp Democratic party most voters have learned to distrust through direct experience. Center-Right has been a lie for way too many years and Center-Left does not trust Hillary.

Finally, at the end of broadcast, I got to watch the MSNBC hit squad claim Bernie was "cranky" after Maddow forced him to talk endlessly about delegate process issues when his entire campaign has been a never-ending attempt to get the media to discuss real issues and not the daily reality-TV distractions of the cynical monsters that currently engineer our political conversations. That, by the way was the real context behind Maddow's ugly distortion that Bernie had said econmic issues were more important than a woman's right to choose. Bernie was once again asking the ^%#$^&*(*^%&*(&^ media / MSNBC to address all the issues, not just the latest crafted insane distraction from Trump.

I wonder whether the folks at MSNBC really think such obvious bias is not obvious to their viewers? Why should I ever trust Maddow's judgement and MSNBC programming again?


mildredlewis's picture
mildredlewis 3 years 16 weeks ago

I agree with Ron and I stopped watching satellite tvabout 6 years. I wondered why Rachel was still there but it is painfully obvious. MSNBCThe best way to find truth is on the internet. eg thomhartmanns program (where i listen on sirius xm radio) but most of the other "progress" hosts are going the way of tv pundits. They simply have been oblivious to #BernieBlackout..i have listened to the Agenda with Ari Rabinhaft but i finally quit listening to all. Calling in (not me) to michaelangelo or mark thompson turns out to be ..ok eveyone sick of hearing about bblackout or and who yi going to support? Seems the media, even progressive media so afraid dems will vote for trump...I felt like ..this still a primary..and should give even coverage... This is why i think voters have been angry...anyway sorry..not articulating so well.. But i am in AZ and nothing whatsoever is going to be done with v suppression and purging of hearin other staes had same computer roll drop seems justce dept should be commenting on this..but nothing..and our vote count has already been certified by state of AZ. There were poor neighborhoods that didn even have polling places.

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