Today, 5-17-17, at the Coast Guard graduation ceremony, President Donald Trump, in another embarassing ramble and basically talking to himself, advised that no president in history has ever faced the critism that he has, and then went on to state that you must never, never stop fighting against your critics. The problem of course is he is fighting his own self-destructive instincts and the incredible burdens of covering up a lifetime of misbehavior, financial crimes, and perhaps even treason.

Never in his adult life has this man been forced to face his own faults. Very soon there will be no way for Trump to avoid the incredibly painful truth, short of reality distortions that not even his strongest supporters will be able to ignore. And that defines the conditions for a cascading fall into a mental breakdown that will have unpredictable consequences for our country.

Rationally it is time to openly discuss whether our political system will be able to protect our nation when such a mental breakdown happens. Shadenfreude aside and to state the obvious, without planning ahead, such a mental breakdown will be even more dangerous then it needs to be.

The worst version of this progression will be a continual step by step slide, that allows his base to adapt to even ridiculous levels of delusional behavior. That means we also need to find ways to defeat this boiled frog effect.

Ironically, Trump himself may be the answer. Somewhere in Trump's tortured mind, his collective guilt and insecurity is operating to motivate a continual stream of self-defeating and even legally self-incriminating statements. This will very likely continue and get even worse as his stress levels continue to rise. Combining this core tendency with his instinct to ignore the advice of those around him and to irrationally blame them for his own failings, and Trump is even more likely to author his own fall.


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Dianereynolds 1 year 4 weeks ago

Interesting post. I actually heard Thom Hartmann say he thought the democrats have treated President Trump with kid gloves. Singly, one of the most foolish statements he has ever made.

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Gaius 1 year 4 weeks ago

Relax Ron, madness in leaders is not the tragedy you fear. Recall King Ludwig, George ][ and George ]|[. Mad leaders have been commonplace, but only Little Boots was truly horrible.


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