For years Progressives and many unbiased political analysts have expressed anger and disbelief over continued loosing Democratic Party election strategies aimed down a suspossedly optimal middle. Why not state the obvious? The DC consultants authoring these political strategies are paid for their advice. What's the likelyhood their recommended political strategies for Democrats are written to please the same oligarchs that fund Republicans and those currently controlling the establishment Democratic Party? That would make most of our elections nothing but Kabuki theater where the opposing campaign strategies are designed to meet the goals of the oligarchs funding everything in the background. The winning and loosing strategies are designed to win and loose, or at least be weak enough for other integrated tactics like voter suppression and political ad blitzes to push voters the last few percentage points.

True Progressive campaign strategies work. They overwhelm the collective power of all the other smaller political manipulations. As Tom just pointed out in today's show, key parts of Bill Clinton's and Barack Obama's stump speaches sounded like they were written by Bernie Sanders, and they won. Trump also ran mostly as a Progressive and he was elected. All of these individuals said one thing that worked to get them elected and then did something quite different, especially Trump. Hillary Clinton talked begrudgingly like a Progressive, but after all the establishment Democratic campaign lies that went before her, few actually believed her. That, plus all the other carefully designed social media nudges and voter manipulations, turned the election for Trump. Note the obvious here. The margins were so close Hilliary Clinton would have easily won against a toad like Trump, if voters had actually believed her support of Progressive issues was real.

This has implications. Forget the national Democratic Party campaign strategies. They are most often designed to meet the goals of those who put the most money on the table for the establishment Democrats and their political consultants. Instead, work locally to develop and run your own obviously Progressive campaign platforms and work to make sure the candidates nominated actually believe in and will act on those Progressive issues. Take a clue from Bernie and all the political organizations his campaign has launched. Get in the game and don't trust anything you can not verify from the direct knowledge of people you know and trust.

The termites are firmly established in the foundations of our Democracy and we will have to politically crush each and every one of them if we want to keep the Democracy from tumbling down. This is one hell of a lot of work, but the metaphorical crunching sound is very satisfying.


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