Do You Really Think Robert Mueller and His FBI Team are Stupid?

It occurs to me that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the team of specialists he has assembled have already had extensive experience with political attempts to squash their past investigations. They also watch the news and know President Trump telegraphs his blundering moves miles in advance. So, Mueller and his team are hardly babes in the woods in political situations like this and they have had lots and lots of time to prepare.

I also would also guess their investigation is miles further down the road than we know. These guys are professionals and are now very carefully building a series of interlocking cases, detail by detail. That does not mean they don't already have overwhelming evidence for criminal indictments and impeachment in place, and could not move immediately if forced to do so.

So is there anyone who believes Mr. Mueller doesn't have an extensive and detailed emergency plan in place, updated on a daily basis, to decisively react to Trump's next attempt to interfere with their Trump-Russia-Election Interference / Trump Money Laundering investigations? Is there anyone who believes those secret Grand Juries are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs?

For that matter, wouldn't the very act of firing Mueller provide overwhelming evidence in and of itself of Trump's ongoing Obstruction of Justice efforts, and be grounds for criminal prosecution and/or impeachment? Couldn't that indictment already be drafted in secret and be immediately submitted to a grand jury should Trump make a move? Even better, a secret Grand Jury is quite likely already convened to consider the James Comey Obstruction of Justice charge, and Trump's ongoing public threats to fire Mueller would be part of the evidence that jury is already considering. If Trump now fires Mueller, that Grand Jury could then add the public fact of this new firing as clear proof of intent and bring an immediate indictment.

And then there is the timing. What do you imagine is going to happen around the offices of our congressional representatives if Trump fires Mueller over the August recess? If you thought the protests were large up until now, just wait. Trying to take health care away from kids and seniors, plus supporting Obstruction of Justice, plus covering up investigations into possible treason, are not the issues these politicians want to see screeming outside their offices and recorded for use in their next election campaign.

It doesn't manner how smart and expensive your attorneys are, if you are massively guilty of financial crimes going back decades, conspired with Russia to win your election, have no idea how Washington and our government actually works, and make ridiculous legal mistakes on a daily basis.

Stay tuned. You might even be forgiven for feeling optimistic for a brief moment or so. Trump is an evil idiot, Mueller is wicked smart, and my guess is all hell is going to break loose much, much sooner than we expect.

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