To promote competition in Ohio and many other States you have the right to buy your gas or electricity from a large number of competitive suppliers. Let's call that "content." You pay a separate completely independent fee for the maintenance of gas lines and the electrical power grid as well as your peak capacity. Let's call that "network." You do not pay a premium or get a discount for network charges depending on which content you choose to move across the network. You already paid for your access to the network and the owner of the network does not have the right to discriminate against or favor any content provider. If they tried to charge more for one content over another that would be considered a restraint on competition.

Given this well-established legal/regulatory precedent in gas and electricity networks, where previous monopolies were broken up by separating network charges from content charges, please explain why internet networks should have the right to "go backwards" and discriminate either for or against any content provider.


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Randall Paul 39 weeks 6 days ago

When the net starts charging for individual services, all internet sales and services will crash. You see Mark Zuckerberg became rich in the top ten by offering free FB. If I would have to pay...forget it. I will leave the net.

ronsears 39 weeks 5 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Randall Paul. Unfortunately you miss the point. If Network Neutrality is killed off, all the independant businesses and political opinions unwilling to pay the new tolls can be surpressed. If the messages contradict what the owners and managers of these bandwidth providers want us to hear, it will slowly be more and more difficult to hear their dissenting message. It won't matter if your individual protest action, or even the actions of millions is brought to bear. The suppression of all content in competition with Verizon, Comcast, etc. will still be in effect as the controlled content/propaganda from the companies these bandwidth providers own will be pushed onto all of us.

We already see the insane impact of 30% of our country receiving its information from an oligarch controlled medial outlet - Fox News. We have a president, his family and cabinet now clearly associated with treasonous relationships with Russian Oligarchs and their leader, Putin. No matter, all these 30% of our fellow citizens hear is the coverup propaganda pushed on Fox, so Republicans in Congress continue to ignore their sworn duty to protect the Constitution and allow these idiot/traitors to stay in power.

The Commons is the most important part of Free Speach in our Democracy and Network Neutrality protects The Commons. Either protect it or teach your kids how best to kiss the rings on our new Oligarch masters' hands.

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