Many of us, myself often the worst of all, get so upset by the latest self-destructive insanity of Trump and all the greed-heads hiding behind his fat rosy facade, that we go on long-winded tirades that very few folks who actually need to understand ever even hear, much less remember and act on. So all our self-rigeous, intellectually brilliant rantings and even talk show ratings have no net effect on anything, other then perhaps our own blood pressure.

If we are going to actually fight this oligarch coup, we need a clearing house for simple, bumper sticker length memes that everyone will understand, remember and then act on when it comes time to vote.

Think of it this way, the long heartfelt discussions and analysis we participate in are like the efforts of firemen working heroically to put out all the flames from the latest conflagration set by a gang of arsonists. Absolutely necessary work in the short term, but, until they are stopped, this gang of arsonists is still setting everyone's daily agenda and driving events. The only way we can ever actually win is to directly prevent the arsonists from setting fires in the first place. Specifically, in the case of voter suppression, gerrymandering, splitting and caging, and direct manipulation of vote counts, how do we in a few words make the integrity of our voting system "fire proof?"

With this challenge in mind and to get the ball rolling, consider my first effort to summarize and directly invalidate all efforts at voter suppression and manipulation in a bumper sticker sized quote:

"Voter Suppression is Tyrany"

I suggest the Tom Hartman Show would be a great place to locate and drive the continuous development of effective Progressive memes. Tom and his team could pick out the five or 10 top issues, like Single Payer Health Care, Voter Suppression, Climate Chaos, Promised Blue Collar Jobs, etc. and then crowdsource from his listeners the next improvements. The rules would simply be listeners either promote the most powerful sound bite so far, or suggest something better. Weekly prizes and celebrations on Friday for the best contributions? Maybe a full 10 minute discussion with Tom as the prize?

I nominate the Tom Hartman Show to be meme central for the Progressive Revolution and his website to the armory of an every improving inventory of Progressive Political weapons.


Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 45 weeks 1 day ago

Number One of the top 10? Stop the u.S.'s killing and destruction. I understand your good intentions, ronsears, but an Iraqui or Syrian or Yemeni mother, holding the shatterred and lifeless remains of her child, isn't likely to concern herself with single pay. Nor should anyone in the u.S. until the u.S.'s wanton killing stops.

As for dollars that might have been used wisely (for health care, etc.) but weren't, there's this for instance;

Fifty-nine tomahawk missiles launched from an aircraft carrier hit their target. At $1.59 million a piece, the attack cost the Defense Department $93,810,000.

There is no evidence that the Syrian government - or any other entity - used Sarin gas, Trump's supposed justification for launching the missles..

stephensolomita's picture
stephensolomita 45 weeks 21 hours ago

I like the idea, but first we must define the target. Which Republican voters do we hope to turn? It's no good to say, All of them. The Trump Democrats, who used to be Reagan Democrats, and still earlier, Wallace Democrats, will not be persuaded to return. They won't come back until they're driven back by some Republican atrocity. The country-club Republicans, on the other hand, might be persuadable.

ronsears 45 weeks 18 hours ago

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Remember this is all about owning "mind share" for Progressive values and the rules are very simple:

Dream up effective bumper sticker length memes that everyone will:

1) Understand,

2) Remember, and

3) Act on when it comes time to vote.

4) If you have a criticism, suggest a better meme.

The best memes will by definition have an impact on a wide range of targets. Also, regards the outrageously cruel "collateral damage" of our drone attacks, how about a meme on that topic that no one will forget?

The list now includes:

"Voter Suppression is Tyrany"

"Greed Kills"

"Who Decided To Call Murdered Children Collateral Damage?"


"No Investments in People, No Economy"


Please make this list better. If our cause is so logically and morally correct and we are all so damn smart, we ought to be able to use truth and morality to beat the purveyors of ignorance at their own game.

Tom Hartman, what do you think? Will you set up a section of your website to house an inventory of every improving Political Memes as weapons in our fight for Progressive values? How about a Friday review and celebration of the week's best? Non-profit T-Shirts and bumper sticker sales as feed-back investments in publicizing the memes? How about we call this effort "Mind Share for The Truth."

rs allen 44 weeks 6 days ago

American neoliberal slogan in bumper sticker size;

Yippee ki yah motherf' lead

rs allen 44 weeks 6 days ago

Too funny;

post racial- We're all on the plantation now.

What the hell do you know about plantations ronsears? What makes you think we are in some post racial society or culture? You must live in a different country than I do.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 5 days ago


Yemeni lives matter.

Iraqui lives matter.

Syrian lives matter.

Palestinian lives matter.

Trump’s lies matter.

Hillary’s lies matter.

Politicians’ lies matter.

You got him, you deserve him.


No, Trump isn’t to blame. He’s just carrying on the tradition. Read this for inspiration:

JULY 14, 2017

Yemen: The War That Isn’t Happening Even as It’s Happening



A child dies in Yemen every ten minutes from preventable causes, UNICEF reported in June.

Last week, while so many of the world's children starve, the u.S. celebrated the annual hot dog eating contest. Is it possible the u.S. could send some hot dogs to Yemen's children?

In the main event, Joey Chestnut won his record 10th championship by eating 72 hot dogs, a Nathan's contest record. Miki Sudo defended her women's title, capturing her fourth straight belt, with 41 hot dogs.

ESPN was at Coney Island for all the festivities, capturing all the sights and sounds from the Independence Day tradition.

ronsears 44 weeks 3 days ago

Thank-you for the new memes and suggestions. I will list them all together with some other new additions below. But first responses to two somewhat negative suggestions.

To address rs allen's comment, "What the hell do you know about plantations" I want to make three points:

One, my apologies if the irony and suggested unity I intended with this initial draft did not register with you. This is good feedback that the intended message needs to be less subtle. See the revised meme below. Here is the intended meaning spelled out. The scariest thing imaginable for plutocrats is a truly united opposition, and I think a powerful unifying argument is that the vast majority of Americans are now being turned into life-long financial slaves. Racism, prejudice (Calvinism) against anyone "god doesn't hold worthy of great riches" and enforced financial inequality are tightly intertwined aspects of the evil more and more Americans are now facing together, and if we are going to have any hope of fighting back, we all need to be united in our opposition.

Two, attacking someone on your side is hardly a good way to change the world. If you are serious about changing a horribly ingrained problem like the closely intertwined evils of prejudice and financial inequality, you need the largest number of people on your side as possible. Far too many social movements in the US have been undermined by purity tests in the past. In fact, it is a classic oppositional dirty trick. Ever wonder why Bernie Sanders' lifelong history of fighting racial inequality was undermined early on in his presidential campaign? Combined with his economic inequality message, it is dangerously effective in uniting large blocks of voters. You might also recall that MLK's last speaches before his assasination emphasized financial inequality.

Third, I was raised in Maryland in the 1950's, a North-South State where the ugliest aspects of racial prejudice were openly on display and in sharp contrast to exactly the opposite strongly held beliefs in equality. From my family history and stories going back to the 1850's (real plantations and practices so offensive, no one today dares to even put them down in words), from my direct experience and even a few direct actions, I actually do know a bit of the history of life on the plantation and prejudice in our nation. This history was everywhere around me as a kid. For example, after the Ingleside Mansion burnt down in 1953 and was abandoned, we used to sneak through the woods and "read" the wordless history recorded in charcoal drawings on every square inch of every wall of the servant's quarters showing decades of abuse of black servants long after the supposed end of slavery.

So, rs allen, be a little more cautious when making assumptions about the life experience of someone you know nothing about. Also, if you want to play by the rules I suggested, the thing to do here is come up with a better meme.

Regarding Alberto Ceras 2's suggestions, please be advised that any "***** Lives Matter" statements will divide, not unify Progressives. This kind of meme has unfortunately been used by too many right wing trolls intent on causing divisions within the Progressive Movement. It implies exactly the opposite of what the efforts here are all about. Try again with a bit more sensitivity.

Now back to the business of claiming mind share for Progressive causes. Today (7-17-17) on Tom's show he discussed with a caller simple but highly effective visualizations to lock in Progressive memes. For example, a picture of a graveyard labeled "Republican Health Care." It is interesting that when Progressives create such emotional appeals, they are much closer to the truth and therefore hit much harder than the contorted logic required to defend an oligarch's illogical and selfish goals. In any case, to make the following suggestions more useful, I have now added in descriptions of potential visualizations or short videos to go along with each of the draft memes.

MIND SHARE FOR THE TRUTH - An Inventory of Progressive Memes

"Yemen: The War That Isn’t Happening Even as It’s Happening"
(Pictures of destruction and family clothing mixed in rubble with USA on bomb fragment)

"Murdered Children will Never be Collateral Damage"
(Shadow of drone over empty playground equipment somewhere in Afghanistan)

"Voter Suppression is Tyranny"
(Ballots labeled "Provisional" being fed into a shredder by Kris Kobach)

"Greed Kills"
(Grave crosses covered in dollar bills and labeled Health Care, Opioid Profits, Soldier, etc.)

"A Lifetime of Debt is Slavery" (old "Post Racial - WE'RE ALL ON THE PLANTATION NOW")
(Picture of seniors with bills for their student loan debt, 24% credit card interest rates, ridiculous monthly healthcare bill, and 2 years left on their 30 year mortgage - race of seniors is ambiguous - could be white, black, or hispanic)

"No Investments in People, No Economy"
(Triple Frame:
Left Frame - Everyday couple telling reporter they have no money to spend Middle Frame - Business Executive complaining to reporter that sales are down and he
can not find qualified job applicants and sales are down Right Frame - Same Executive demanding tax reductions or he will close his factory)

"Your Money or Your Life is Not a Health Care Plan"
(Picture of Insurance Policy cut into shape of gun and pointed at kids and elderly)

"Vote Like Your Life Depends on It - It Does"
(Picture of a voter suspended over a pit of alligators by a single rope labeled "votes" - Alligators are named Health Care, Financial Fraud, Environmental Destruction, Discrimination, Network Neutrality, etc.)

"..... (your contribution goes here)"

DdC's picture
DdC 44 weeks 3 days ago

Redneck Revolt:
The Armed Leftwing Group That Wants to Stamp out Fascism

ronsears 44 weeks 2 days ago

Ddc, what part of Progressive Memes don't you get? I am talking about changing the minds of voters with the truth as pointed out with WORDS! Please take your guns and implied threats of violence and go away. I strongly recommend no one following this discussion click on the links you provide. No one should allow their internet history to be associated with anyone advocating violence.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 2 days ago
Quote ronsears:

Regarding Alberto Ceras 2's suggestions, please be advised that any "***** Lives Matter" statements will divide, not unify Progressives. This kind of meme has unfortunately been used by too many right wing trolls intent on causing divisions within the Progressive Movement. It implies exactly the opposite of what the efforts here are all about. Try again with a bit more sensitivity.

Ron, you're the first and only person ever to suggest or imply that I should be more sensitive. I'm heartily offended by anyone who presumes to recommend that I "be advised".

These statements will NOT divide true progressives, rather they will weed out the weak and unify the strong. Anyone opposed to any one of them, just as anyone opposed to the wonderful slogan "Black Lives Matter", is not a progressive:

Yemeni lives matter.

Iraqui lives matter.

Syrian lives matter.

Palestinian lives matter.

Trump’s lies matter.

Hillary’s lies matter.

Politicians’ lies matter.

You got him, you deserve him.

I wish you success in your effort.

ronsears 44 weeks 2 days ago

Alberto Ceras 2 - Thanks for wishing me success, but I still believe "Black Lives Matter" is best left for to its original use. Please consider some history here.

The Black Lives Matter movement has publically expressed their extreme irritation that anyone would dare dilute their message, given the incredible importance of their goal to stop the seemingly endless string of innocent young black men shot dead by police officers who themselves continue to go almost completely unpunished. It would be insensitive to not sympathize with their anger over anything that distracts from their core message. Unfortunately their righteous anger is being exploited to weaken their movement and the unity of the Progressive Movement overall. Right now in Columbus Ohio for example, accusations of such insensitivity to the Black Lives Matter movement are being used to disrupt the LGBTQ community.

I been around a while and believe it is way too convenient when such self-defeating controversies suddenly pop up to disrupt an evolving political movement. Such dirty tricks were used in the 1960's and they are being used now. Remember the Black LIves Movement takeover of one of Bernie Sanders' early rallys? That media image painted Bernie as somehow unsympathetic to civil rights in the minds of many voters just getting to know him. His actual civil rights credentials combined with his positions on economic inequality were too dangerous to the established political candidates at that time. Do you think that what happened was a spontaneous accident? I believe the Black LIves Matter folks were used here as pawns.

You should also consider the end result if you start substituting every injured party you can think of for "Black". You inevitably end up at "All Lives Matter" which is exactly the statement used by opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement. You dillute the Black Lives Matter Movement at the same time you bring to mind their opponent's slogan. That's not a good outcome.

Effective memes also are new and surprising and unique to both gain attention and be memorable. Why reuse something that already has various meaning attached to it? It is established with other meanings you can not control or change.

It is also obvious no one is going to see progress on any Progressive issue, including poiice shootings, until we take back out country politically, and that requires votes from everyone, not just the "true" progressives left over when all the "weak" have been "weeded out". Our political opponents know this.

In any case, while using variations of "****** Lives Matter" may feel right for some, it's a meme that can blow up in your face with many other individuals, and it opens you up to manipulations by right wing trolls. So, practically, I suggest it is unwise to use any variation that brings it to mind.

"Black Lives Matter" is best honored by leaving it to serve its original purpose.

DdC's picture
DdC 44 weeks 2 days ago
Quote ronsears:

DdC, what part of bla bla bla ... No one should allow their internet history to be associated with anyone advocating violence.

You advocate violence cowardly hiding from violent people and wealthy people buying puppet politicians. When you're not leaping to conclusions, profiling and spewing ignorance on Progressives. Hilary is a Neocon ronette. I only found the article at the progressive website yesterday chump. Stop judging people like a republican or be prepared to be told to fuck off.

Quote ronsears:bla bla bla am I a DNC PC you ask?

Nope, I certainly hope not. I passed a link that is taking a stand against the gun toting alt right. Not just whining like so called progressives in the democrat party. I have no affiliation with these blue collar workers, but I don't fear them or their guns either. I was raised with guns and have no problem as my post and anyone can support. You are a whiner and a blamer and obviously miss the entire point of free speech by praying for censorship. A very lost cause if you think I am going anywhere newbie. Is that Sears and Robuck you align with? Too many politically correct Clinton neocons have their way with saps like you. The same as the Teabaggers jumping in line to follow Trump. Pitiful. So take a stand wimp.

Clinton Asks Supreme Court To Overturn MMJ Ruling - 07/30/00

Pretty violent Proggy...

The NRA is the problem. Profiteers buying legislation. Not Yankee blue collars misnomering themselves rednecks. I was raised with the same people as in movie the Deer Hunter. I am against stupid laws, including giving civilians the right to have military weapons. I am against ALEC profit prisons max cap contracts putting the poor in cages for more taxes and profits on even more people of color. Or politically incorrect. Hilaries blind lapdogs no different on both sides of the same coin, thats a problem.

Heston died, NRA's Mandatory Minimum Didn't
Tell the NRA: ENOUGH!
NRA Slavery: Another Fine Product Still Made in the USA

Take a stand for the American people dude, not just your elitist click of DNC whiners. Hilary cheated the same as Drumpf. Bernie would have won the undecided who knew the truth of the Clintons. Whiners taking up media space and whiners afraid of upsetting GOPerverts or be seen as crude or crass. I've posted more on solving our problems than anyone I've seen here chump. Ending the drug war and overturning the bogus Nixon's Controlled Subsastance Act. That naive twits and gullible lemmings like you follow for half a century. Cowards watching poor and people of color go to long term NRA bought mandatory minimum sentencing. While you whined about what, funding abortions or maybe global warming or GMO's? Been there, done that.

Here's a bumper sticker dude/
Cannabis Food, Fuel, Fiber, FARMaceuticals.

Help Stop the Monsanto Protection Act

Don't you realize your whining only gets them drunk with glee? Being polite and cowardly passive is no way to win a fight against blind ignorance. They vote in blocks, not individually. No thinking required. You PC isolationists are the xenophobes it seems. No room for heated arguments, compromise on insantiy like Incremental cannabis laws with a bogus Nixon lie as the root of the scam gullible politicians and Joe Biden lies and cheating to pass bills that kill kids outlawing test kits.

Biden rave United Nations Drug Report Disappointing

Clinton bastardized Johnson's Higher Education Act so any kid, especially high numbers of black and Latino kids ever busted for any drug is banned for life from college tuition assistance. What the Act was designed to assist. Chump.

A Lie College Students Might Want To Tell (Souder Thread)

Make room for more don't ask don't tell compromises that will need overturned a decade later wasting more time and resources pissing off GOPers. Assuring Sodomites have the right to be what they wish or are born to be. When I have known gays since 71 and have never had a problem with them or have I ever heard of SWAT teams busting down their doors for what goes on privately. Like Polio patients using Ganja you turned your back on for decades, or your parents did. No forfeitures of homes and cars and bank accounts with forfeiture laws that don't harm gays.

Clinton Quiet About Own Radical Ties - 02/01/11 12:10:56

Some gays are harmed and we have hate crimes because of it, but for stoners the Congress spews hate and draconian state prisons are hate crimes that politically correct whiners seldom have time for. I've been a fan of Angela Davis since the May Day Demonstrations handed me a leaflet saying to set her free. Met her in Santa Cruz where I have lived since 1990, not exactly a back water swamp town crybaby.

Louisiana Dungeons are anti-American, anti-Humanity.

Organ transplants denied, Where are the whiners?
The Heartlessness of Dying for Prohibition

Even less time for the mainstream media to report actual reality about the hundreds of prohibitionist groups getting tax paid pell grant to spew just say no gossip. btw wimpy, I just ended a thread on the 2nd amendment not protecting peoples privilege of owning a gun. No one sees the comma. Maybe you should read more posts before running that mouth full of whiny pixels all over the place.

Egregious and Well-Chronicled Abuses of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Feds Admit Marijuana May Treat Opiate Crisis

Ignorant Jeff: Excluding National Commission Forensic Science

Not spraying poison round up at 5x the reg strength on Colombian kids because Al Gore owns oil under Native burial grounds.

Toxic Drift: Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia - 08/06/01
Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74 - 06/09/00
Gore’s Oil Money

Or how about the Indians trying to grow Ganja and sovereignty out the window. Or Slick Willie trying to rehash thalidomide as anything alternative to Ganja for gays wasting syndrome from AIDS. I was getting patients pot in the 80's, what were you doing in diapers? Or since except donating to Klenex tissues for your tears probably made by Kochs You don't want fossil fools and can't understand why people making a paycheck don't just go hungry and homeless in protest. You give no alternative outside of anything Cannabis, same as Clinton and Gore. So fuck your so called progressive neocon DNC whimp jam and the donkey you rode in on. I'm an American, not a political party lapdog. Love it or Leave it they used to tell me at the Nam war protests before you were even an end result of drunken orgy. Grow up kid.

Or Abortions. Anther subject the left whines about and cries foul over and over and pleads with insane people to not cut funds. When as I've shown, most of the abortions are by the Pro Life My Ass movemnt that PP doesn't want to confront. Pesticide abortions on cotton crops when Hemp is organic.

Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists...
☛Wall Street's Spontaneous Abortionists
☛GOPerversion, another Prohibition! On Women...

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
— Frederick Douglass

High on Hemp
Hemplastic or Fossil Fools Crud
Starving Babies and Illegal Food

Policing for Profit
Money Grubbing Dung Worriers
Got SqWAT?
Forfeiture $quads

Drug Worriers preferred methods of treatment…
FDA, a subsidiary of Fat Pharma
Nixon lied to schedule Ganja #1
Nixon's Drug War - Re-Inventing Jim Crow,
Targeting The Counter Culture

Y'all Come Back Now, Chahear?

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 2 days ago

ronsears, when you "dis" people such as DdC you are making a huge mistake.

And you mistake my purpose in suggesting "Yemeni lives matter" and others. Me firsters, the I, I, I, me, me, me people, need a hard, wake-up kick in the ass. Others very real and horrific suffering just might be as - perhaps more - important and far more immediate.

As for Bernie, he is a self-serving career politician (as far as I can determine he has had only one very brief job outside politics during his entire life) who could have done some good but opted to support Hillary in hopes of a cushty job under her administration.

Bumper strickers may make the stickerer feel better but they won't get the tough job(s) done. MLK knew what it took - and still takes - to effect significant change. "I only regret...", in the streets, that sort of thing.

You want bumper stickers, catchy, memorable slogans? There are lots of bumper stickers for sale, cheap, with fine, short slogans. Some sources:

Open this, then click on a few of the categories to the left of the page:

There are 38 pages of "b" stickers for sale here:

and ebay sells a lot of them:

or Amazon:

and here's one more, but there are others:

ronsears 44 weeks 21 hours ago

Ddc and Alberto Ceras 2, I am honored by all your attention and over time, I will look into the many, many web sites you have suggested. Hopefully they will have or inspire additions to this Progressive meme inventory. I anticipated attracting some potential additions to this inventory on this site, but not a focused effort to give up the project as somehow being hopeless naive.

Of course, if I immediately spend all my time following up on this blizzard of abuse you have documented so well, I would have no time left for my modest little project and its other sources. Also, if I didn't have 50 + years experience dutifully ignoring pissing matches in order to get things done, I would be tempted to give up just to avoid all the unpleasantness.

My apologies if I have misjudged your intentions, but at the same time I will not give up because I don't pass your purity tests, ever. Extreme positions may feel good, but they do not build winning coalitions. While I agree with your mistrust and irritation with the establishment Democratic Party, Hillary, wimpy 3rd way political positions that propagate problems (including state sanctioned murders), etc., that does not mean I won't follow their activities and vote for any real Progressive candidate they nominate or even a candidate slightly better than the Republican candidate. Our well-monied opponents dragged us into this mess mostly one small step at a time and the way out will involve both small and large steps. Frustrating, but necessary in the real world.

As an aside, and contrary to this last point, social / political movements that have been artificially held back for decades, when they do finally shift, tend to change quickly. The problem is such rapid change can also be violent, and only fools and those protecting their positions of privilege would consciously want to have that blood on their hands. I openly admit I am scared of this possibility with the rapidly evolving conflict pitting Trump and his administration's attempted final Oligarch coup, against a large majority of Americans waking up to the threat. Regards the "Redneck Revolt" stuff, one of my predictions for years has been that sooner or later the extreme left and right would touch, and all hell would break loose. That's not an "interesting time" I want to see happen, so I keep looking around for confidence in a non-violent way out of this.

Please remember the practical reality we all live with - elections are won by adding up ALL the individuals that vote for a particular candidate or issue you support. When you attack someone working on your side, many times you drive then away from your cause. That may be a feel good way to take out your frustration, but politically, in the long run, it is self-destructive.

Fighting with one another also amounts to falling directly for a standard dirty trick tactic our oligarch opponents are paying lots much money to support. And the ultimate oligarch dirty trick goal these days is to associate the Progressive Movement with violence. That includes reference articles with obviously violent titles and content. When Trump is impeached, which seems increasingly likely every day, i beleive he will threaten or out-and-out call on his supporters to turn to violence. The last thing anyone of us need, Progressive, Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative, Moderate, whatever, is to give these SOBs some excuse to claim they are no different than Progressives when they threaten to haul out their weapons.

DdC's picture
DdC 44 weeks 16 hours ago

Ddc shows the sincerity of your apology.

rs allen 44 weeks 2 hours ago

Yeah whatever DdC, I'm still waiting for one, just one single progressive idea to come out of this ronettes empty head. So far the only thing we've gotten is that we're all going be rescued and saved by the great white hope riding off into a sunset sporting a bumper sticker barely visible through the smoke blowing out of his neo-liberal ass.

Ronnie baby likes MLK quotes so much how about this one: "Without justice, there can be no peace. He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."

Now then ronnie boy, you connect all the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .s that leads all the way up to the witty sticker you want to put on your shinny bumper.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 1 hour ago

Tell me. Bumper stickers, catchy slogans, will change these sorts of things (below)? If only Stephen Hawking and others are right but even so it would mean another 100 years or more of increasing ignorance and inhumanity.


5 teens who recorded, mocked drowning man will not be charged in his death

Updated 22 mins ago

COCOA, Fla. --

A group of Florida teens who taunted a drowning man while filming his death from afar will not be criminally charged, according to police.

In the more than two-minute long video, the five teen boys -- who are between the ages of 14 and 16 -- can be heard laughing as the man struggles to stay afloat, police say, in a pond near his family's Cocoa, Florida, home.

Instead of calling for help, the teens recorded the incident on a cell phone, chuckling during the victim's final moments.

The teens can be heard warning the man that he was "going to die" and they were not going to help him. At one point, one of the teen boys can be heard laughing, saying "he dead." UNQUOTE


JULY 20, 2017

The Massacre of Mosul: More Than 40,000 Civilians Feared Dead


*****Current obsession with Trump is a strong case in point of a misdirection in which an individual, however much his personality, character, intellect, or coverage by media warrants concern, becomes a relative scapegoat for a system which is far more in need of “resistance” than this rich egomaniac. Trump is probably over-qualified to lead a nation nearing ruin due to its wealth, arrogance and global menace. We need to change the focus of the enterprise and not simply concentrate on who or what it employs as chief spokesperson for warfare, pet care and other things deemed more profitable than social justice, democracy and humanity.*****



Nader says: For a top-down analysis, read Peter Wehner’s searing column, Declaration of Disruption in the July 4, 2017 issue of the New York Times, regarding how the rulers at the top are now leading our country “toward chaos, disarray and entropy.”


Happy times…

rs allen 44 weeks 1 hour ago

Ah hell Alberto, the US of A leads the world in self- aggrandizement at the expense of any 'the others'.

We number one, we number one!

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 56 min ago
Quote rs allen:

Ah hell Alberto, the US of A leads the world in self- aggrandizement at the expense of any 'the others'.

We number one, we number one!

Indeed, rs allen, number one killer. It's the u.S.A.'s healthcare plan for the other. Kill them, then they have no more need for doctors, for hospitals, for medicine. Just a few more undertakers, grave diggers. Much cheaper. Saves a lot of money that can be used to buy more war machines, bombs, etc.

rs allen 43 weeks 6 days ago

Amerika teach's our children well.

Facebook makes for better social capital than saving someone from drowning don't ya know.

Sheeeet, we taught the world how to create mayham from the skies, we taught the world how to put a dirk through the heart of democrocy while shaking a hand and smiling at the same time. Drowning man? Phffff.

Golly gee, someone give me a cheeseburger.

The revolution will not be televisised:

And it sure as hell ain't go'n to be put on some damn bumper sticker.

ronsears 43 weeks 6 days ago

Again, I am amazed you guys would expend so much of you valuable time trying to shame me into concluding this one modest little project to put together a list of Progressive memes is completely useless and, by implication, should be immediately abandoned, or at least stymied as I spend all my time answering your blizzard of criticism.

Yes, it is absolutely true there is a horrific and seemingly endless list of evils to push back against, but that is no reason to rant and yell and avoid actually ever doing anything, even the small stuff. Also, to repeat what seems clearly self-evident, elections are won because you inspire ALL the voters on your side and their votes add up to more than the opposition. So attacking individuals that support your positions is self-defeating. Give others with a different view of the world some slack. Some individuals on your side are a bit more cautious and want tp avoid rhetoric that might add unnecessary violence to political conflict.

Maybe this explanation will help.

First, I certainly agree that getting angry over horrible abuses of power is important. It serves to motivate. But, once you are motivated, to be effective, you need to switch the emotion off, and start thinking as coldly and logically as possible. If you keep the anger switched on, you and all those you infuence will be less effective in coming up with projects that actually create change, especially when your opponents are in fact executing a long-term coldly designed opposition strategy.

The next steps you take need to be calmly thought out and then implemented in an unrelentless manner by the largest group of supporters you can assemble. Some parts of the effort can and should be loud, angry, and spectacular. Other essential parts will be more modest, at least appear that way. Everything adds up. Remember the relentless and completely successful Republican efforts to change the name from Democratic to Democrat Party? Seemingly a small deal, but all part of a grand strategy. Rhymes with "rat" and ends the implicit meaning that one political party is "democratic" and the other is not. It is of course no accident that Republican political efforts are in fact not democratic, more like totalitarian.

Second, the science and practical rules for changing minds is well established. If you dial down the emotion, you will get a relatively gradual change in opinion as you provide more information in support of your position. On the other hand, if you dial the emotion up and then present more and more information in support of your position to those who believe the opposite, you will get strong resistance to a change in opinion, until the evidence presented becomes completely overwhelming. Then some individuals will show abrupt changes in opinion. Others will simply invalidate all the information you present and completely lock in on their extreme positions (hide in a bubble, often facilitated by well financed propaganda).

This has two implications. First if you want to prevent contrary information from changing the minds of your supporters, you crank the emotion up as high as possible. Second, when cranking the emotion up is not working anymore, "Fake News" is the last tactic in protecting illogical opinions from overwhelming contrary information. If the last ditch "Fake News" tactic fails, you are out of options (other than massive voter suppression, and switched votes).

There is also another distressing aspect of human behavior operating here. We have a very strong inclination to make an emotional decision and then backfill with rationalizations for that decision to assure ourselves we are correct. In fact, we tend to adopt "framing" concepts that only let us hear information that supports what we already believe. And this also has a very important implication. Memes that lock in new framing can have a significant impact in opening the way to change minds and are well worth the effort as part of a complete political strategy.

An Inventory of Progressive Memes has some clear science behind it and is one useful part of a complete Progressive Strategy. That's my story and I am sticking to it. If you agree, then help me out.

One last point, to imply MLK advocated violence is an insult to his legacy. His actions and words clearly meant never give up non-violent protest for true justice.

And this discussion has triggered a new meme:

"Only One Party is Democratic"
(Documents labeled "Cross Check," "Muslim Ban," " Tax Breaks for 1%," etc.)

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 43 weeks 6 days ago

Ronsears, these (below) are just a very few slogans (memes if you must) from only one of the many sites that I suggested you visit. Maybe you haven’t had time.

As for MLK, I know very well that he didn’t advocate violence, nor do I. I wrote “…out in the streets.” Sort of like the million man march, remember? But maybe you weren’t there. I was. I was also in Jackson, I was also in Montgomery. We didn’t use or have bumper stickers. I don’t think that they will change anything at all.

OK, the few slogans of many at the site below but visit the other sites. These could be copyrighted, you should check before using them, or maybe buy a bunch of them:

Vote Democratic - We're not perfect but they're nuts.(Barney Frank)

Hillary 2020

Voting is Like Driving - 'R' Goes Backward - 'D' Goes Forward

Elizabeth Warren - President 2020

Had Enough? Vote Democrat!

Stronger Together

Don’t hate, educate. - Barack Obama

Bernie (Sanders)

Clinton 2020 - Hill Yeah! (w pic)

A Woman’s Place is in the White House

Elect Democrats - They Actually Govern

In 1776, Liberals Fought... While Conservatives Wore Red Coats

America is a Liberal Idea

Elect More Dems & You Get More Democracy

I Vote My Moral Values: Pro-Environment -Choice -Peace -Edu.

I Vote My Moral Values: Pro-Environment -Peace -Edu (w/o Choice)

I believe that as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil. -RFK

1776 was Liberal Activism

Annoy a Republican - Occupy Reality

rs allen 43 weeks 6 days ago

Listing those must have made you a little ill Alberto.

Hope you had the nitro tablets handy just in case it wasn't just a boiling stomach.

I still like my original bumper slogan but heres another for neo-liberal state;

Mine.....ALL MINE.

There's one that will unite almost all under the big tent she wants.

Or how about this one?


Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 43 weeks 6 days ago
Quote rs allen:

Listing those must have made you a little ill Alberto.

Hope you had the nitro tablets handy just in case it wasn't just a boiling stomach.

I still like my original bumper slogan but heres another for neo-liberal state;

Mine.....ALL MINE.

There's one that will unite almost all under the big tent she wants.

Or how about this one?


Yes, rs allen. How about:

Me! Me! Me!

I, I, i

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

ronsears 43 weeks 5 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions. That's all anyone could ask. Will review and edit and add possible images.

Note the selection criteria are evolving and getting tougher to meet (see later parts of other Post "Mindshare For The Truth"), so I will not use all the suggestions. I am exploring the idea that every meme should be acceptable to everyone across the political spectrum, in order to forge a common ground that also happens to unite people behind Progressive ideals. That rules out a whole bunch of smug insults as memes, no matter how intertaining they feel to some of us. Current believers are not the targets of the memes. We need recruits to win. The goal would be to directly attack the divisions that have been created in our country by the right wing propaganda machine. Obviously a challenge, but exactly the place to have the greatest impact if it can be pulled off. Maybe, with the absurdities running wild in DC under Trump and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, more people are now ready to abandon what the Republican Party has become? It's been encouraging to hear a couple of callers into Tom's show declaring themselves "Recovering Republicans" in the last few months.

Regards copyright, Creative Commons license seem appropriate.

Regards the issue of comparative old liberal chest thumping one of you raised, my credentials are pretty modest. I did march in one of protests at the Democratic Convention back in 1968, if that counts. I also sort of accidentally on purpose helped integrate a company once and have had a few personal opportunities to undo some very specific racial insults. I also remember looking out at the glow in the sky as the West Side of Chicago burned after MLK's murder, and wandering around Michigan Ave the next day with the National Guard jeeps and machine guns on Michigan Ave. None of these are good memories, just educational and motivating.

The most important parts of my background have been what I have learned about documenting supposed impossible problems and creative problem solving. Two critical lessons about solving what some call "Wicked Problems:"

First, dig and dig and dig until you have moved past the symptoms (no matter how distressing) and understand the real primary cause of the problem(s).

Second, never assume the problem can't be solved, until after you have first understood, and documented the logical and emotional needs of all stakeholders, and creatively attacked the problem with all its complexity in full view. Even if you fail to find a grand solution, you will still discover ways to make significant improvements and nurture your team's confidence and authority to move forward.

Back to work. Lately I actually feel a bit more optimistic. Perhaps this disconcerting adrift feeling is a symptom of the stall just before the poltical pendulum swings in the opposite direction?

rs allen 43 weeks 2 days ago

Yeah, well tougher is relative term isn't it ms. middle of the roader. Come on, I want to hear just one progressive thought come out of that empty head of yours.

More from MLK on peace and justice:

“I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” April 16, 1963

ronsears 43 weeks 1 day ago

You might note the date on the MLK quote, 1963, and consider the possibility the world has grown up a bit since then. There are a lot of younger individuals out there who do not have the built in prejudice of their parents and grandparents. It simple does not make sense to them. There are also a lot of baby boomers who, if they did not "get it" back then, have had ~50 years of experience to sharpen up their approach to politics.

Herding cats is a major problem if you choose to work only with cats. On the other hand, recruiting an overwhelming majority of diverse allies to your cause wins elections. In the real world, the vast majority of these critical allies will not hold the same views, and across a normal distribution of attitudes, the more extreme / leading edge political beliefs at the tails of a normal distribution, account for only a small number of voters.

If you want to win an election, you need to translate currently extreme / leading edge views into terms that everyone else can hear and understand, and then recruit the vast majority in the middle to your leading edge Progressive views. The fact many of these Progressive views have been around forever is irrelevant to those who currently don't understand or believe them. Insulting potential allies, making them angry, calling them naive, telling them they are not effective, etc., is self-destructive if you want to win elections for Progressive causes. We can no longer afford to self-righteously tell almost everyone else they are either not pure enough to play in our back yard or hopeless right wing nut jobs, anymore than we can afford to tolerate the third-way already-compromised Democrats that led us into this mess.

Get real. Middle of the road is where the majority of the votes are. Many of us may be impatient with how watered down our personal views look by the time they get into the mainstream, but our personal discomfort is not our political reality.

Eye on the prize. Figure out ways to effectively bring Progressive ideas into the political mainstream, change the opinion of an overwhelming majority and rescue our Democracy from the evils of greed.

rs allen 43 weeks 16 hours ago

What a shallow sanctimonious shell of a human being you are.

Who the f'ck do you think you're talking to? Some pie in the sky 25 or 30 year old?

You're the one that likes to quote and rest laurals a top MLK's head. I suggest you reread that last quote and think more deeply about what it means. I suggest along the way you do a bit of self-reflection over the last 50 plus years into todays world and tell me exactly how things have gotten better. Tell me exactly what your ideas are about what hasn't been bargained, compromised and traded away in the name of maintaining the so called american middle class. Which just face it (maybe for the first time in your life) means the white middle class. What morals, what values, what sense of right and wrong hasn't been subjugated for holding onto the american white middle class way of life? Which ones?

So now you propose something you only imagine as a progressive message. Because why? To buy back the middle class? Is that the same middle class that sold themselves down the river some 40 years ago foresaking all "the others" along the the way bacause after all, 'our, that white life, style and culture must be continued?'

And that brings to mind; just what were you doing at the 68 convention? Were you there to represent for the Black Panthers? SDS? The Yippies? Or were you there because there was going to be some music, some weed and it was going to be a good time? Were you there because colonial empire needed to be reined in or was it just the single war in nam you were worried about? WTF were you doing there, did you know? Did you even think about it?

You and your middle class mantra of we have to do this and we have to do that to buy back something called white middle class makes me ill. OOh we have to make peace with the intolerant amongst us to gain power again. Yeah it makes me ill. When was the last time the so called bastion of liberty did anything for or even thought of it's own black citizens, it's red citizens, it's brown citizens, much less the brothers and sisters south of boarder, our arab and black brothers and sisters in far away lands, anyone or anything else that the white middle class is built on? When was the last time liberal thought even brushed up against that stark fact? Yeah that's right, your white middle class was and is bulit on the backs and lives of the rest of the world. But at the moment things are f'cked up aren't they, hey big news baby; that's what you get when you compromise your values. But OMG, the white middle class is hurting! OMG the white middle has health issues! OMG the white middle have drug problems! OMG the white middle is lacking educated. OMG the white middle isn't...............(fill in the blank). Funny how in america nothing becomes a problem untill the white middle gets hurt isn't it?

Everybody "other" has been pounding and sceaming on the door of the liberal class for far more than 50 plus years, and what have they (we) gotten in return? Look around at what liberal compromising to the intolerant has wrought.

So.......Take your compromises and stick them where the sun doesn't shine.

How's that for a bumper sticker self-labeled ms. "progressive" middle of the roader?

ronsears 43 weeks 13 hours ago

rs allen, WOW, that's one hell of a lot of anger over one modest little proposal to come up with a list of memes that might offer a bridge and help change a few minds.

Why are you wasting so much of your time on a post that is now well over two weeks old? I suggest you wait for the next real update to the list. Fortunately, I now have a very large pool of potential additions. Maybe you will even find something to like. By the way, ad hominem attacks are not advancing your position. If my ideas are so objectionable to you, simply quit perpetuating this post. Instead, wait for something new and more interesting to come along.

Once again, any successful political campaign comes down to the number of voters on your side. All the things that you are outraged about will never be addressed as long as the current occupants of the White House, majorities in the Senate and House, and the majority of State Governers and Statehouses remain under Republican control.

Sorry, you need as many folks as possible on your side to even begin to hope to be able to fix all the countless current and historical outrages that add up to our current mess.

rs allen 42 weeks 5 days ago

Wow, aren't you the sharp one. Did you suss out that I'm angry all by your lonesome or did you have help? But what makes you think that little rant had anything to do with your stupid bumper sticker? Go ahead kill some trees and paste them on your dinosaur aged fuel fed metal monster. I'm sure it'll bring a lot of sanity to a world in chaos caused by a middle class that feels entitled to any and everything. I don't care.

The question is why? Why would anyone that wants to flaunt a word like progressive and at the same time talk about compromise? The proper word is not progressive, your want is called neo-liberal. No, I will not allow you to co-opt and distort progressive.

Compromise will accompish exactly the same thing it always has; the perpetuation of a state, it's institutions and a culture founded on and continuing to date in racism, genocide and built on the back of slavery with never a sideward glance at what it's merry dance of entitlement across the world has come to. Much less, even in their own back yard!

Yeah, your vaulted middle really screwed the the pooch this time around didn't they. So pollyanna take a hint from the wise, this american self-proclaimed entitled white middle class BS has reached the end of the line, and no I don't think it'll have the good graces to go off to die a peaceful plan accordingly.

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