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Trump declares war on Medicare despite campaign promises otherwise

If you are one of the 53 million Americans enrolled in Medicare and especially

if you are a Medicare senior who voted for Donald Trump you need to visit his

transition website: www.greatagain.gov and read the text under the "Healthcare"

heading. You will see that Trump is calling for Medicare to be "modernized". I'm willing

to wager that Trump has done a deal with House Speaker Paul Ryan whereby Ryan

will get Trump's legislative program through Congress and Trump has agreed not to

veto Ryan's cherished plan to privatize Medicare by replacing it with a measly voucher

that seniors will use to purchase a high deductible plan from the Health Insurance

industry with no drug coverage and large out-of-pocket expenses. If you want to save

Medicare you need to write a letter to Donald Trump and tell him that if he allows

Ryan to do what I've described above, thus regneging his campaign promise to hold

Mediare and Social Security "sacrosanct", (Trump's word) he will be a one-term

president if you have anything to say about it. You can write President-Elect

Trump at: Trump Tower/725 5th Ave./New York, N.Y. 10022-2523. Again, tell Trump

that if he allows Ryan to change Medicare one iota he will be a one-term president and

that you expect him to honor his campaign promise to hold Medicare and Social

Security "sacrosanct".

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

Thom plus logo The one thing that scares Donald Trump more than anything else is impeachment. Impeachment will lay bare all of his crimes, including his crimes before he came into the White House.