If you are one of the 53 million Americans enrolled in Medicare and especially

if you are a Medicare senior who voted for Donald Trump you need to visit his

transition website: www.greatagain.gov and read the text under the "Healthcare"

heading. You will see that Trump is calling for Medicare to be "modernized". I'm willing

to wager that Trump has done a deal with House Speaker Paul Ryan whereby Ryan

will get Trump's legislative program through Congress and Trump has agreed not to

veto Ryan's cherished plan to privatize Medicare by replacing it with a measly voucher

that seniors will use to purchase a high deductible plan from the Health Insurance

industry with no drug coverage and large out-of-pocket expenses. If you want to save

Medicare you need to write a letter to Donald Trump and tell him that if he allows

Ryan to do what I've described above, thus regneging his campaign promise to hold

Mediare and Social Security "sacrosanct", (Trump's word) he will be a one-term

president if you have anything to say about it. You can write President-Elect

Trump at: Trump Tower/725 5th Ave./New York, N.Y. 10022-2523. Again, tell Trump

that if he allows Ryan to change Medicare one iota he will be a one-term president and

that you expect him to honor his campaign promise to hold Medicare and Social

Security "sacrosanct".


Legend 2 years 35 weeks ago

I fully expect all of those grey haired people at his rally's to get screwed. In addition they are going to raise the age to qualify for SS and Medicare. Which screws the ones under 65. It is a matter of time.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 35 weeks ago

here's the direct link to trumps 'healthcare'


pkrause12249 2 years 35 weeks ago

A playful idea but it if it comes true this would be awesome... Trump said, "Think Big America". Keep in mind we do not know exactly what Trump will do... But Congress has a known path and history.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan costs about $25 million to get elected. The population of Wisconsin Congressional District One is about 670,000 people. So, does that mean that people are getting paid to swing their vote for Speaker of the house Paul Ryan?

These elections are getting very expensive to a point that the idea of free elections is not true. Elections are not free and the voting process is not free.

So, the playful idea...

Have 25 million people walk through Washington DC and place stickers on your favorite monument. One person for every dollar it takes to get Speaker of the House Paul Ryan elected to office.

Because of tracing your sticker purchase to its origination, any sticker you find bring to Washington DC and place your sticker.

How to organize this peaceful walk through of 25 million people?

Use social media - to get the message out to the people -

The idea needs to be foremost and out front peaceful and safe walk through...because this 25 million person peaceful walk through has never been done.

When to go?

Maybe April - depending on the weather -

Mild weather days and hopefully during the session of US Congress. July and August are too hot in Washington DC that it would make it unsafe for a massive crowd to be in Washington DC.

What days of the week to attend or time span...? That is correct 25 million people cannot show up in Washington DC all at once. A crowd of 25 million people many people would not fit in or around and it would be an unsafe for that number of people. People need bathrooms and places to rest.

If this would be possible people would show up from April 2(so, people take you serious) and continue to April 31 2017. This would put about 1 million people a day in the National Mall Area. One walk through find your favorite monument place a sticker and go see your House Representative and Senator if possible. Keep in mind that the line could be long to the see the House Representative and Senator. So, be happy to find your favorite monument place a sticker and leave.

What kind of sticker?

Any kind of sticker or use a postage stamp. Make sure the stickers are placed on subtle places. The best place would be the board that describes the monument that you are looking at or any fences.

Be respectful to the monuments of soldiers, wars and Arlington Cemetery. If you want to show that that is your favorite monument make sure the sicker is on the curb or sidewalk edges near the monument. Do not put stickers on the actual sidewalk area where people walk(Slippery).

If the House of Representative or Senate closes their doors to the people because of the massive crowd. Put that information up on social media.

There are subways and commuter rails into Washington DC. Park near a subway entrance and get your Metro Pass and head into the city. So, look at point of entries into the city other than parking in Washington DC.

Keep the flow of people moving enter one side of the National Mall and continue to the subway at the other side of the National Mall.

This 25 million person walk can be about anything you believe has been forgotten about by the United States government because the United States of America has never forgotten their people.

If you see a group of stickers in an area put that on soical media...let people know it is happening.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 35 weeks ago

Donald Drump is about to carry out the marching orders of the Republican Party and George W Bush, who stated that the biggest failure of his administration was not privatizing Social Security.

Steven PBarrett's picture
Steven PBarrett 2 years 35 weeks ago

How in hell is he going to be able to pull this off "

  • Protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, including the most defenseless and those Americans with disabilities,"
  • especially when Roe remains intact and the Medicare benefits disabled people are entitled to means just that, entitled to because they paid enough quarters out of their salaries into the system?
Robindell's picture
Robindell 2 years 33 weeks ago

Trump did not win the majority of the popular vote. Even though people did not bring about a Democratic majority in the Senate as pundits had suggested might happen, polls have consistently shown that Congress has an extremely low approval rating among the public. No one knows what Trump will do, despite his cabinet appointments so far. There are far more voters, including seniors, than there are members of Congress and cabinet officials. When something adversely affects the public, they often tend to wake up at the last minute.

Legend 2 years 33 weeks ago

Instead of draining the swamp he is stocking it with alligators.

We need to write down where the economy is at when he takes over.

Right now gas in my area is $1.97.

USA unemployment 4.9%.

USA GDP http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/gdp steady gain.


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