News Flash: Uninformed Sources are Saying: The Chicago Police have finally woken up to the fact that if they use their new riot gear to suppress free speech and the right to peacefully assemble, they are being un- American and have become demoralized and degraded to the point that they themselves might justifiably be branded state sponsored terrorists. The administration of the Chicago is returning all their newly acquired riot gear to the military industrial complex and exchanging it for olive branches, bouquets of fragrant flowers and cages filled with white doves The police claim they have developed a new strategy to deal with any protesters who might get our of hand. They plan to release the doves then hand out olive branches and flowers to pacify the protesters.


miksilvr 5 years 26 weeks ago

Dave, you forgot the "byline" ... my guess is that source was either The Onion , or a certain Andy Borowitz, or Bill Maher ... or a lesser known pundit in the Sacramento area ? Too bad, because this would be good news, if it were at all possible.

Just in case it's not true ...

Sacramento Dave's picture
Sacramento Dave 5 years 26 weeks ago

Thanks for the compliment. I am the sole source of the content posted in the above blog, unless one of those you mentioned are speaking to me by astral projection, or otherwise injecting their thoughts into my subconscious. On this website, I try to post all copied material I use to the message board where I routinely include links to any borrowed or copied materials I use. I respect Thom's integrety and do not wish to put it at risk. Thom is free to use any of the material I post on this user blog with no fear of stealing someone elses' material. I do no ask for any credit. I only want the world to be a better place for all beings to enjoy. Peace and Tashi Delek.

miksilvr 5 years 26 weeks ago

Me again, Dave ... I found this one in my inbox after my earlier reply.

I received the following email on 5/18/12 from the Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee :

Help us spread the word about this weekend's NATO protests

Iraq Veterans Against the War and our Afghanistan Veterans Against the War committee is gearing up for this weekend's historic march on the NATO Summit in Chicago. We will be leading the Sunday march with our friends in Afghans for Peace to send a message to the world: no more resource wars, end the military occupation of Afghanistan, bring military dollars home to rebuild our communities, and acknowledge the humanity of those of us affected by war. At the end of the march we will symbolically turn in our medals to NATO reps.

Tweet and post on your Facebook page

Our planned protest against NATO is garnering a lot of coverage by mainstream and independent media alike. Would you take a moment to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook or email about these stories?

This link contains a short list of the interesting stories coming out about our planned action this weekend. Check them out and click on the Facebook and Twitter icons in the story to share with your friends and networks. You also can share the url with people you know via email.

Or you can choose from a story here:

Thanks for getting the word out.

In Solidarity,

Iraq Veterans Against the War and the Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee


Iraq Veterans Against the War is a 501(c)(3) charity,
and welcomes your tax deductible contributions

P.O. Box 3565, New York, NY 10008.

All Rights Reserved.

To ensure delivery of IVAW emails please add to your address book.

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